Marathon athlete: First runner should pay attention to “these issues”

How to start running? The Argentine Buenos Aires Economic News Network reported on March 27 the Argentine marathon athlete San Diego Garcia’s suggestion to the first runner. The specifics are as follows:

Before running, everyone should have a physical examination, whether it is a sedentary person or a often exercise. Examination will tell us your physical condition, the limit of the initial running, or whether there are taboos. It will never be too much to do such a check.

Start running

Whether you do other exercises before or completely exercise novice, you start running the same: wear running shoes, find a park or square, wearing a watch that is not necessarily running. Formally start the starting point of exercise as a gentle warm -up. After arriving at the starting point, you can start jogging steadily for 20 minutes, then slow down to walk, and after the breathing adjustment, you can try jogging for 20 minutes again. If necessary, walk again.

Some tips

Don’t forget to replenish water before and after running; don’t wear uncomfortable shoes; don’t wear coats; do stretching exercises after running, and even each node during running practice. After each run, you can feel the physical condition carefully.

Be able to do

The first runner can take a day after running and perform the next exercise. If the body allows, the jogging is gradually increased during the alternation of jogging and walking to reduce walking. Without a month, you can feel changes, feel the joy of running, the sense of security brought about by progress, and confidence in your body. Do not stop training, and do not over -train.

Keep motivation

You can get motivation by recording the feelings and completion methods of running. Formulate a timetable for yourself, do not interrupt training. The ideal thing is to join a team running together.

If you don’t need a long time, you can see your progress, which is the beauty of running: no matter how much you pay, running will bring you a return. Many people have changed their lives through this sport, and maybe the same thing will happen to you.


A man runs through a bridge in Berlin, Germany. (Xinhua News Agency)

Source: Reference Message Network

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