A week’s male star wearing suit “different news”, Chinese male stars are more than just walking

“One week male star wearing”


The content of the content has not been written for a while. For the reason, Ye Zi felt that everyone could not be dressed in the first two months. The highlights were difficult to find.

Fortunately, their performance has improved recently, and many foreign characters have been written for a while. Let’s take a look at our own domestic men.

The title has been given. The main style of this issue is a suit.

When talking about a suit, everyone must first have a brain to make up a body that is dressed well but slightly serious, and there is nothing to say.

But don’t worry, I don’t know if the stars have been sufficient to “erosion” of such stereotypes. Recently, they have chosen the style of style.

It is no longer a classic serious and serious. Breaking the routine from the colors and patterns, making their respective images are bright and full, more personalized, and it can make people look more delicious.

Not much to say, let’s take a look at the “suit differentials” of the male stars recently:

TOP 01

Wang Jiaer

The first Wang Jiaer, purely handsome, this suit from FENDI’s 2021 spring and summer series. The most beautiful place is the conspicuous gradient staining design.


Deep gray and white gray gradually dyed the traditional formula, creating a vivid sense of quiet, weakened the tough formal lines, and the wearing of abandoning the tie, also added a bit of comfort to Wang Jiaer, faded away, faded away The thick dull feelings are dressed lightly.


Bai Yu


Many times the “old flowers and suit” are all greasy products, and they will do it accidentally. This style from Balmain is also the same, but fortunately, Bai Yu, who tied the ponytail, controlled it.

After leaving the ponytail, the breath also changed. Compared with the previously calm and formal suit, this old flower suit can more highlight Bai Yu’s unique temperament to a certain extent. It is sexy and sexy. The complicated and nostalgia of Laohua was transformed into unruly and mysterious, and the combined black match also gave him a male filter in the old movie of the “Bad Boys”.



Ning Zetao

I have to say that the athletes wear a suit and wearing a suit. Although Ning Zetao’s Guuci dark stripes suit is the lowest -key style of the male star suit style in this issue, the things shown in it are not just healthy.

The dark stripes are simple, which can assist the littering LOGO pattern, which also makes his original low -key body dazzling, but it will not lose coordination because of excessive exaggerated elements. In addition The atmosphere of retro literature is a “steady and advanced” style.


Zhu Yilong


Blue is one of the usual color selection of everyone’s suit. Compared with more common black, elegant and quiet, but once the blue of the suit is rising to blue -purple, it is difficult to control.


And Zhu Yilong chose the LV’s blue -purple suit this time. What is even more unexpected is that it is paired with a dark green shirt. The perception of the contrast between the two colors is obvious. Fortunately Simple, the suit was wearing a strong and playful body, which was also unique.



Liu Haoran

The white suit has not been common in recent years, but the full white suit has to make people weigh again again. The transparent white feeling is not that ordinary people can control it at any time, but for Liu Haoran, trying to try as much as possible can become his full white suit. Style logo.

From top to bottom, you can see that Liu Haoran’s body chooses pure white show without exception. Suites, shirts, and shoes are extremely transparent. The solemn sense of the suit, when you are young, will not sound the “wedding song”.


TOP 06


Xiao Jingteng

Xiao Jingteng, who appeared at the airport, won the essence of ATHFlow style. He chose a hoodie to match the big suit, leisure and the streets.

What is even more picky is from his suit jacket, a light taro purple, which subverts the arrogance of Oversize suit, showing more fresh and elegant feelings.


Wang Kai

Wang Kai, the tie of the shirt system, is not a suit jacket, but a Gucci knitted cardigan. The self -made style makes Wang Kai interpret Gucci different from the style of the brand model. But more of his own freedom of literature and elegance.


TOP 08

Li Shi


Since then, “Chinese male star who is most suitable for Chanel women’s clothing” should be added with Li Xian.

The bright and smooth white shirt is combined with the black soft woolen coat of the brand logo. The simple black and white match has not many complicated skills, but it is also this purely achieved Li Xian who put on Chanel, naturally and elegant, free and easy, free and easy And sharpness is a necessary characteristic of a man wearing a chanel.

Which male star do you prefer this week?



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