Dumbbells to buy full strategy

Dumbbells are an indispensable fitness equipment for our daily training. Whether you have used it before, as long as you want to reduce fat, want to increase muscle, and shape, you should prepare it.

How should I buy dumbbells? What heavy dumbbells are suitable for you? According to my many years of experience, I summarized a set of dumbbells:


1. Look at regulatory

Dumbbells are divided into adjustable dumbbells and fixed weight dumbbells.

Fixed total dumbbell

The fixed -weight dumbbell combination is generally used in the gym or fitness studio. The advantage is that it can improve training efficiency. After practicing a set of actions, if you want to change weight, you can continue. Break time.

However, the use of ordinary families, with a set of dumbbells, is not cost -effective, and placed dumbbells also occupy space.

Adjustable weight dumbbells

Relatively speaking, adjustable dumbbells are more suitable for family fitness.

Because different people in the family can use different weights, even if they are used in the same person, the weight that can be used in different parts can be used differently, and the weight of the dumbbells that can withstand with the growth of strength also increases. At this time The dumbbell with weight is particularly important.

Although adjustable dumbbells saves space, family use is basically not occupied, and it is relatively cheaper, because it is enough to buy a pair, but if you want to change the weight in the middle, you need to spend time assembly and disrupt the training rhythm.

2. See weight

How to choose a dumbbell weight that is suitable for you? This may be the most facing a novice.

If you have experienced a gym exercise before, or you know your extreme strength, then it is easy to handle. Buy one comparison of your limit weight of 5 ~ 10kg. It’s right.

But if you know nothing about weight, you can only use the general selection method to choose according to your height and weight.

Note: The weight marked in the picture is the total weight of a pair of dumbbells.

In particular, one thing to explain is that if there is one of the above criteria, it shall prevail.

For example, 165cm tall and weighs 65kg. According to the above rules, you can choose a adjustable dumbbell with a maximum weight of 40kg.


However, the same height is 165cm, but weighs 75kg, it is recommended to choose a adjustable dumbbell with a maximum weight of 50kg.

In addition, if you are 175cm tall, but weigh only 65kg, it is still recommended to choose a adjustable dumbbell with a maximum weight of 50kg.

There is also a detailed question here to pay attention, that is, some businesses may be purely in the case of virtual standards, such as 20kg. The dumbbell you receive may be only about 17 and 18kg. It is recommended to consult before buying. How much is the fact that the merchant’s weight is avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings. In fact, as long as there is no special explanation of the real weight, it is generally a deficient mark.

3. Look at the process

The process of dumbbells is divided into: Guming dumbbells

Glue dumbbell

Plastic dumbbells are used more at home, because it is plastic or rubber outside, which has certain elasticity and can protect the floor without being smashed. Of course, some gyms will also use glue dumbbells to reduce noise and ensure safety.

Because the quality of the rubber used in the rubber is different and the internal materials are different, the price is very different. Merchants with conscience are made of new glue, which inside the raw iron; the black -hearted merchant uses recycled plastic as a glue, which is irrigated in the cement or inside Stone powder.

The price of about 5 yuan/kg is generally irrigated cast iron. The lower price is generally filled with cement and stone powder, so try not to be cheap.

Electroplated dumbbell

Electro -plated dumbbells are shining with metal light because of the plating layer on the outside, so the face value is relatively high. It is recommended to the family of family fitness.

The reason why the plating is better than the glue is because it does not have the irritating plastic smell of the gum, and because it is first cast with a raw iron and then plated, the material is more realistic, and the price is generally about 10 yuan/kg.

However, it is still inevitable that the black -hearted merchant uses the chemical coating of the bottom cost, and even uses paint with paint to counterfeit electrophladic plating. It is best to see whether there is a decline in the evaluation before buying.

Baking paint dumbbell

Because the cracking dumbbell is more environmentally friendly and healthy, the price is more expensive, about 15 yuan/kg.

The lacquer dumbbells are first cast with raw iron and then painted, so the weight is very solid, the volume is moderate, and it is more convenient to train. Basically there are no obvious disadvantages. Many gyms are fixed weight paint dumbbells. Of course, it is also very suitable Family fitness is used, but it is best to put a cushion on the ground to protect the floor.

Immersion dumbbell

Plug -plastic dumbbells are soaked in the outer layer of cast iron, so it is very sincere in weight. The price is expensive. Most of them are small dumbbells. It is suitable for small sisters’ families or gym -private diocese.


For ordinary fitness people, family fitness, you can choose to adjust the weight of the glue and electroplating dumbbells.

For strength training enthusiasts, fitness at home, it is recommended to choose to adjust the weight paint dumbbells.

For young sisters who want to reduce fat, choose electroplating small dumbbells or immersed small dumbbells.

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