A coach of the United States University of the United States has a pro -Trump Media Logot shirt to provoke controversy, player dissatisfaction: unbearable

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[Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] “I can’t tolerate this.” On June 15, local time, Qiuba Hibard, a member of the Oklahma State University of Oklahoma, local time, pushed the team coach Mike Gan Gan Di.

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What makes Hobel “tolerate”?


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This will start from a T -shirt. According to “American” on the 15th today, Gandy recently wore a T -shirt with the word “OAN”. According to the introduction, OAN is the abbreviation of American online media “One America News Network”. The media was established in 2013 and is famous for inciting conspiracy theories. In addition, the media also has labels such as “extreme right wing” and “support Trump”. According to public information, at the beginning of its founding, OAN said that its goal was to provide factual news for conservatives and middle rightists in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that Trump also quoted the content of the media. During the protests caused by the death of Freud, a 75 -year -old man in Buffalo City, New York was pushed down by the local police to bleed his head after the ground was pushed down on the ground, causing huge controversy. Trump’s report on “One American NEWS Network” was quoted at the comments that the old man who was pushed down may be the “Antifa Instant” and said that the incident was “might be a trap.”

In this context, Gandy wore a clothing with the word “OAN” to make Hobel angry.

“I can’t tolerate this,” Hobrd wrote in the tweet. “This is completely indifferent to everything that is happening in society. This is unacceptable. Before the situation changes, I will not be Oklaho. Mazhou University does anything. “Hobel also paired with Gandy’s photos in tweets.

It is reported that Hobel’s tweets have attracted the attention of nationwide and have received the support of many predecessors and current players, which has also attracted the attention of the leadership of the school. The principal of the school said in a statement, “It is now a time for unity to face racial discrimination and injustice. We will not tolerate any indifferent behavior of Russia’s Clarhoma State University.”

Gandy also responded quickly.

Later that day, Hobel released a video. In the video, he stood next to Gandy. Gandy claims that he has realized that this is a very sensitive issue involving what is happening in today’s society. He said he was willing to start from himself and make changes.

In the video, Hobel first apologized for his tweet, and then said that he would focus on changing with Gandy. “I first want to say that I Twitter is a wrong way (expression).” Hobdley said, “I’m not the kind of person who has to be pushed to make changes. I should go to him like a man …… “

Habard added, “From now on, we will focus on changes. This is the most important.”


It is reported that this 51 -second video ended with Hobel and Gandy to embrace.

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