The taste of the Spring Festival is thicker, and the baby at home will prevent “small troubles” and stifle the risk in the cradle

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The New Year should be a happy event, but one thing happened in the New Year last year made everyone change this year. I still have a cold sweat when I recall it. My mother reminds my brother early.

The New Year this year must be kept on the child, not so lucky every time.

I remember that it was more than twenty lunar months. Those relatives at home should come home. They were very lively. The sister -in -law would not play mahjong. In the afternoon, she was free to do it. Half an hour, suddenly called, crying crying and saying that the child lost. If you don’t care about the situation, an old and small collective rushed to the mall, and when he saw the sister -in -law kneeling on the ground and crying.

After finally soothing it, this was roughly figured out. She said that she asked her child to sit on the chair,

When she went to buy milk tea, I found out that it was gone after I bought it.

I thought it was just a naughty child. I ran away, but I found a lot of lap, but then panicked.

As we called the police, we arranged people to look for it, and went to the mall to watch the surveillance video. Fortunately, in the end

Stop the trafficker at the station.

To be honest, the child can find it. It is pure luck. The second brother has a wide range of people. It happened that people who knew the station happened to send the child’s dress and photos for the first time for help. Call the phone, say,

People pressed it, and the child had no accident.

“I have long seen the woman’s wrong, sneaky, I am particularly impressed.” I can’t imagine. If one step is late, the child is really abducted. How can my brother’s family live?

This incident was also worried about this year. The family always told the children to keep the children.

There are still many hidden dangers around you

Many people have experienced experience, and they should have been happy, and they will always be broken by unexpectedly.

The more lively and joy, the more cautious.

1) Cases of child loss

In the past, people were playing at home in the New Year, playing mahjong, playing cards, playing cards, and children watching TV in the house, but now they are different. Parents in many cities like to take their children to the mall.

Many shopping malls and Chinese shopping malls were not closed, but more lively than ever.

Once the crowd concentrates, the probability of problems will rise sharply. As long as the mother pays attention to it, the child will lose. The crowd is so dense, and it is very difficult to find it. In case you encounter unique illegal elements, the situation is more complicated.


Safety prevention measures:

As long as you go out, don’t release your child’s hand. When you encounter a dense crowd, you can hold it up. If you can’t hold it, you can buy the special rope, tie it to the child, and walk as much as possible. The probability of danger will be greatly reduced.

In case you really encounter a sudden situation, don’t be busy crying, you have to shout loudly for the first time. If you can’t find it within 3 minutes, he will call the police, and find a mall staff for help. You have to arrange your family to go to the railway station immediately and the bus station to intercept Essence

2), gunpowder burns

A firecrackers have to be set up in the New Year. This is the tradition of our country. It is because of this that children appear every year.

Cases of being injured and burn to play firecrackers.

Do not underestimate that big firecrackers. If the child accidentally nests it in his hand, the power is enough to break his fingers. Children can’t play fire, and the “ancient training” that has been circulating for so many years is not nonsense.

The best way is not to allow children to play, and to eliminate danger from the root cause. If the child really wants to play, someone must also take care of him, give him a fragrant, and be responsible. Whether it is burns or injuries, parents should not handle it easily. One is unprofessional, the effect is not good, and the other is

The gunpowder injury is easy to leave scars, which is not worth the medical expenses for the province.


3) Pet bite incident

Now every family has good conditions. Many people choose to raise pets at home. For their families, they are really polite and do not attack casually, but for those strangers (relatives and friends), they are not necessarily. Especially the native dogs in the countryside, the sense of guarding is very strong, they don’t know what loved ones are,


If the child feels messy, he doesn’t feel mercy.


There are pets at home. Parents should communicate with their children in advance so that they should not approach casually, or let the owner accompany the child to touch, and the child will not make any trouble.

If you are really attacked, don’t hold the fluke, even if it is just a small wound, you must go to the rabies vaccine. You must know that the latent period of rabies virus is very long, but you dare not neglect.

There are also dietary problems, fire problems, schedule time problems, etc.

There is no more talked about here. In short, for the sake of the child’s safety, parents must pay more attention to their children during the Chinese New Year. Don’t just care about themselves.

Moms, do your baby have encountered high risk in the past New Year? Share your story to discuss together,

Be wary of everyone to prevent it, please pay attention to the knowledge of mother and infant childcare. If you like articles, please like or share it with more people!

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The taste of the Spring Festival is thicker, and the baby at home will prevent “small troubles” and stifle the risk in the cradle


Safety prevention measures:

Safety prevention measures:

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