4 small tricks with glass, as long as you remember one, the glass can be as bright as new

In winter, it means that the year is coming soon. Many friends will clean up the windows at home at the end of the year. There is also such a habit at the Huahua family. At the end of the year, they will wipe the glass again, but after wiping It is not so easy to wipe. When we rub the glass, we often touch the glass and the flowers, which is too crazy. However, don’t worry about flower buds. Today, Huahua will teach everyone how to rub the glass to wipe clean and translucent. Flowers can also collect this article and wipe the glass when you keep the New Year ~


1. Beer and white vinegar, the glass is translucent


After mixing beer and white vinegar, it has a very good cleaning effect for glass, and these two things are very easy to get in our house. First of all, we prepare two liters of water, then add a small half of the vinegar in it, and then add half a can of beer. After stirring well, it is best to use gauze to dip the liquid to wipe the glass. It will be found that the glass wiped by this method is clean and translucent, and it will not leave watermarks. White vinegar can clearly remove dust and other substances. This method is simple and effective. You can try at home ~

Second, alcohol rubbing glass, bright as new


We can also wipe the glass with alcohol, that is, we can use alcohol that we generally use. If there is no alcohol, we can also use the white wine in the home. Yeah ~

For dust, alcohol has a very good cleaning effect. Basically, you can see that the effect comes. If we use newspapers to dip the wine to wipe the glass, the effect will be better ~ Do not throw the newspapers in the flower buddy’s house, it is particularly good to raise flowers ~

Third, white vinegar and laundry fluid, dissolve dust

White vinegar and laundry solution are really good to rub the glass, because white vinegar has the effect of dissolving dust, and the laundry solution itself has a clean effect. Spray it on the glass and find a soft cloth to wipe it twice, and the effect is basically good.

When we are spraying the solution on the glass, it is best to let it stand for a while. Do not spray it and then wipe it. After a period of time, the dust can be dissolved, and the glass will be cleaner.

Fourth, the soft agent wipes, clean and bright


When we usually maintain flowers, we can wipe the glass with a wet cloth first, and then use the soft agent that often use when washing clothes. The effect is also very good. The softener has the effect of dissolving dirt. In fact, many of the dirt on the glass we look at is adsorbed because of static electricity. The soft agent can remove static electricity, which reduces the attachment of dust. However, when the flower friends use a soft agent, they must pay attention not to use too much, otherwise the glass will be wiped and the flowers will be cleaned.

Are these four kinds of tricks that Huahua said today, did flower friends remember? Now that it is the end of the year, the flower friends can save it, and it can be used when it is cleaned ~

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