What are the misunderstandings of turtles? Select the standard of filtering and 6 common filtering advantages and disadvantages analysis

What are the misunderstandings of turtles? Select the standard of filtering and 6 common filtering advantages and disadvantages analysis

Some time ago, a little master asked me, why is the water in your turtle tank so clear? What filter is used? Of course, the water in my turtle tank was clear, because it was just changed …

However, this question also made me think that there are indeed many small owners who have first entered the turtle pit to be confused about whether turtles need to be filtered and what filtering. Then, let’s talk about the related content of the turtle tank filter.


1. Misunderstanding of filtering turtles

In fact, many people have some misunderstandings about the use of filtering turtles, and they feel that they are all good at filtering. When the water is clear, the water quality is good, the turtle will not get sick, and you don’t need to change the water. But this is not the case. The following is a simple answer to several questions that everyone often raises.

1. Do I have to filter turtles?

In response to this problem, I can tell you very clearly,

Tortoise is not necessarily filter

Essence Everyone chooses to use the cause of filtering different. Some small owners are used for filtering, the water is clear, and it is more convenient for themselves to use turtles. It is also because the tank is too large or too heavy, so it is not easy to change the water, so they choose to filter. The Lord feels that the water quality is used, so the filtering turtle is used … In short, the reason is that the reason is not enough.

But for the turtle, we can ensure the water quality of the turtle life by regularly changing water. Of course, everything has two sides. Using filtering may be more convenient for you to watch turtles and reduce your workload of water change.

But at the same time, we should also pay attention to the tile duration of the filter pump. If the turtle is too small or weak, the filter pump tile count is high, it is possible to suck the turtle, causing the turtle to be drowned and drowned. At the same time, using filtering in terms of noise and money is also a question we need to consider.

Therefore, there is no excessive obsession for the water, and if you want to simply raise the turtle, you can change the water regularly.


2. After using filtering, is the water quality?



Water is not equal to the good water quality. Similarly, water dirt is not equal to poor water quality.

We all know that filtering is mainly divided into two parts: physical filtration and biochemical filtration. The effect of physical filtration is visible to the naked eye, such as feces, food residues, etc., can be filtered out well to make the water in the tank look clear.


Biochemical filtration takes a certain time to cultivate nitrifying bacteria and allow a good ecosystem to establish a good ecosystem to ensure the clear water quality in the cylinder. That is,

Only when this ecosystem is really established in the later period, we can say that the water quality is good, and the simple physical filtration in the early stage, we cannot call it good water quality.


The formation of this benign nitrification system is closely related to the reasonable use of our filtering equipment, feeding volume, breeding density, etc.

With a more popular way of understanding, your breeding environment and the amount of nitrifying bacteria in the filter box decompose the amount of harmful substances, and the output of the harmful substances in your breeding cylinder reaches a balance.

Therefore, if you have more than a dozen turtles in a small tank, and then use a small filter box to feed yourself every day. In this state, filtering must be overloaded, and how to form a good ecological circulation system?


Therefore, it is not good to use the filtering water quality, but it depends on whether the biochemical filtering has formed a virtuous circle.

3. Do you need to change water after using filtering, just add water?

Many people think that after using filtration, we only need to see less water and add some. There are indeed many people do this. But in fact, most of the nitrification system established by most filtering systems can ensure that the turtle tank does not change the water for a long time but still has good water quality.

Mainly because

If it is not changed for a long time, the content of ammonia nitrite in water cannot be reduced, which may cause turtle to get sick.

Therefore, even if we use filtering, we must make regular water changes for the turtle tank situation.

How to choose filter

After understanding some misunderstandings of turtles using filtration, there must be some small owners who need to use filtration. After all, sometimes the turtle is large and large, and it is indeed a burden on changing water. Then I will share with you the four aspects that need to be considered when we choose the filter.

1. The matching degree of filtering and turtle tank

The use of filtering is bound to be able to achieve the effect of water clearing and establish a stable ecosystem, so you need to filter well with our turtle tank. This match

On the one hand, the size of the turtle tank.

A large cylinder of one meter two, with a small filter, is obviously not enough. And a small tank, if a large filter is used, it is obviously unnecessary.


Therefore, before buying filtration, it is better to consult your turtle tank size and breeding density to consult the seller’s filtering. Don’t buy it all by feeling.

On the other hand, the height of the turtle tank.

At present, the wall -mounted DIY filter with a relatively high usage rate on the market is required for the height of the turtle tank. Generally, it is required to be at least 20cm.

Therefore, when we choose to filter, we must also consult the seller, whether there is any restriction on the size and height of the turtle tank.

2. The matching degree of filtering and pump pump

Many people buy it separately when they buy filtering. Sometimes it will cause

The maximum flow of the filter box that can withstand is lower than the flow of the pump than the pump

Essence The ending can be imagined that no matter how you put it, the water will overflow from the above the filter box.

Therefore, when you buy a filter box, you must understand the maximum water flow that the filter box can withstand. At this point, many businesses will be labeled in product details. If not, you can ask privately. Make sure that the filter pump and the filter box can be well matched.

3. Water circulation effect

After using filtering, many people find that the impurities in the tank have not been solved well. So do you think that the Watshu of the filter pump has been small? After that, you will try to replace the filter pump of large tile digital. Then I found that the filter pump of large tile digits has no obvious effect.



The reason why impurities are not fully filtered is mainly because there is no good water circulation in the cylinder.

The establishment of a good water circulation system, simply from the perspective of filtering, on the one hand, the problem of the filter pump and filter box, on the other hand, the problem of setting the water outlet of the filter box.

In terms of placement,

You can combine your actual situation to make the filter pump and filter box at both ends of the turtle tank, or the two are as far as possible. In this way, a relatively good water cycle can be established. Imagine that if the outlet of the filter box is very close to the water outlet from the filtration pump, it is equivalent to only the water area near them, and the impurities in the distance cannot be sucking.

In terms of water outlet of the filter box,


We can choose the filter box that can adjust the direction of the water outlet. In this way, even if the filter pump and the filter box are very close, we can make the filter box coming out of the water direction and the direction of the pump to achieve the purpose of the water circulation.

Of course, if your turtle is already relatively large and the feeding density is more reasonable, you don’t need to worry about the problem of water circulation. The turtle itself can drive the water flow and fully filter the water in the turtle tank.

4. Personal needs

When choosing filtering, we must also determine in accordance with our own needs. For example, the ticking box filter is required to place a relatively large space above the raising cylinder. If there are more turtles at home, you must measure the space above the turtle tank with a shelf. Then determine whether you can use the upper filter box.

Another example is to warm up turtles in winter and need to use filtration. It is best to use the filter box hanging in the turtle tank, so that we add a lid to the turtle tank.

In the end, when choosing filtering, many people also need to need colors. Although they are filter boxes, they always hope to be beautiful. So for this type of small master, what you need to remind you is,

It is not recommended to choose a transparent filter box

Light has a great impact on nitrifying bacteria, while ultraviolet rays have more damage to nitrifying bacteria. Therefore, nitrifying bacteria have a avoidance of light. In darkness, the efficiency of nitrification is much higher than in light.


Therefore, individuals recommend that you choose a dark filter box. If you don’t like dark, then at least don’t buy that transparent. After all, we use filtering to cultivate nitrifying bacteria, and then form a good and stable biochemical filter.

Third, 6 common filters of the advantages and disadvantages of common filters


Next, I will share some of the filters I have used with you. The main description of the advantages and disadvantages and some precautions for purchasing can be considered as careful of my personal use.

1. Low water level filter

This filter should be a small master who enters the turtle pit. I also used it at the beginning of the turtle. Later, when I raised turtle seedlings, I did not want to change the water, and I tried to use the tortoise seedlings (I was naive at that time). Many problems were found in follow -up.

Low water level filter


Small volume, easy to place. Suitable for low water levels.



① It is impossible to form a good water cycle. Inhale water at the bottom, and the top of the top of the water can basically only filter a little water nearby.

Some can not even take away the dung residues nearby


② This filter is basically a filter board. There is a little activated carbon in the filter plate.

It is impossible to cultivate, and it is unlikely to form a good biochemical filtration.

Even if some can add a little filter material, it is not obvious;

③ Many people use this filter for turtle seedlings, but because some low water level filters are still relatively high, so

The water outlet flows down and it is more impactful

For turtle seedlings or turtles that are weak and sick,

It is very likely to cause the turtle to be the water


☞ Summary:

Although the impact of water out of water can be relieved by using small boxes or stones, in general, I still feel that this filter is more chicken. Even for turtle seedlings, it cannot be used for a long time. Well, more than twenty pieces, seemingly not expensive, but compared with that DIY filtering, poor practicality and low cost performance. Therefore, individuals do not recommend everyone to buy.

2. Raining filter

I personally felt very useful when I came into contact with this filter at the beginning. Of course, it is mainly used for turtle seedlings. When using it, it can not only ensure the basic needs of all submerged filters for the filter, but also achieve the low water level required for turtles. However, in addition to this issue, this filter also has some other problems.

Rainy filter


① Small volume, easy to place. It can be used at low water levels, and high water levels can also be used up to use;


② Rain pipes out of water and choose the right tile digital. The water out of the water will not be very large, and it will generally be within the tortoise tolerance. If the choice of watt count is large, you can adjust the direction of the water gonorrhea out of the water, so that the water flows to the wall of the cylinder to reduce the impact.

① Because the volume is relatively small, there is only a small piece of biochemical cotton and a small box of activated carbon. therefore,

It is not suitable for giant turtles or high -density turtles.

In popular terms, it is more than the tolerance of this filter;

② This filtration is generally used more for turtle seedlings, but the filter itself still has a certain thickness. Therefore, although it can be used for shallow water, the water depth is normal. Empty. But in this way, the depth of water is about 7 cm. If it is weak, it can only be relatively unsuitable for the small turtle seedlings raised at shallow water levels;

③ This filter is placed in the turtle tank, which actually plays a role in the sun. Some turtles prefer to climb up. But in this way, we need to consider whether the height of the turtle tank is high enough, and whether the turtle is likely to have jailbreaks; on the other hand, the temperature of the spring and autumn seasons is unstable. turtle. Therefore, this filter is not convenient;

④ We all know that biochemical cotton actually plays the role of bacteria, and its filtration effect on impurities is not good. Therefore, it is not possible to play a good physical filtration effect.


Many times, we seem to be clean in the cylinder, in fact, dirt is in the gap between the filtering and the wall of the cylinder. And once you cut off the power, these impurities will be full of tanks, which is also a very headache.

⑤ The real filtering is separated from wet and wet, and this filter needs to be immersed in the water, that is, everything it filter is actually in the tank. Such filtration can also be imagined.


At first glance, this filter seems to be much better than a low water level filter, and it is easy to clean up. In fact, they are actually the same work. Moreover, at the beginning of this filtering study, it seemed not to be designed for turtles, but for fish tanks.

Personally, it is not suitable for our turtle partners to use

3. Drip Water curtain Filter


Because this filter looks good, the partners should not be used. It is actually similar to DIY wall hanging filtering, but it will be better aesthetic.


Drop Water Call Filter

① The appearance is exquisite and small, and it looks good;

② A layer of bacterial houses can be placed in the box. A layer of biochemical cotton and a layer of filter cotton can meet the basic needs of the filtration;

③ The height can be adjusted. There are different height hook tanks on both sides of the filter box, which can adjust the height of the filter box as needed.

① This filtering point is mute, but I personally match the pump of Star 303. The actual operation is difficult to mute. If you want mute, one method is that the water level is high enough, and it is natural to be mute.

However, if your tank itself is deeper, on the one hand, whether the turtle can be accepted on the one hand; on the other hand, the water has just come out from the filter box and returns directly into the tank. The impact will be relatively small. In this way, the water circulation in the cylinder will be worse.

Another method is to pinch a piece of biochemical cotton at the outlet, so that the water flow can flow down with the help of biochemical cotton. The main reason why this filter box is not silent is that the water flow cannot be done under the wall of the tank, so the noise is relatively large.

Of course, if you replace the pump into a small watt count, it will not be ruled out that the mute effect can be achieved. However, I personally think that the pump of Chuangxing 303 is not very large for turtles. If this is not mute, this filter is quite a headache;












☞ Summary:

② This filter is connected to the filter pump at one end of a water pipe, and the other end is directly placed in the filter box. This directly leads to the filtering cotton in the direction where the pipe exits the water outlet.

And if the water pipe is inserted in the filter box is relatively short, it will easily fall off. Therefore, if you choose this filter, I personally recommend a rainy pipe in the inside of the filter box,


Do not use the water pipe connected to the pump directly to get out of water


☞ Summary:

This filtration can probably meet the needs of some small owners for the face value of the filter box, but in terms of its mute effect and the rationality of the design (the water outlet pipe problem and the box are transparent), I personally think that it is still lacking.

For small masters with high mute demand, I don’t recommend this one

Essence And if you just put it on the balcony and use it at will, you can consider it. However, because the filter box is transparent, it is not conducive to the formation and decomposition of harmful substances. Therefore, it is best not to let the sun shot directly. For me personally, this filter box is a one I will not repurchase.

4. Drotter box filter

This filter box was actually bought at the beginning of my turtle. The filtering effect is relatively good and the quality is also very good. However, compared to DIY filtering, the cost performance is slightly lower.

Drit box filter



① Relatively speaking, it is relatively beautiful;

② Because it is layered layer by layer, we can increase the number of layers according to our own needs, which is more convenient;

③ Comes with iron racks, easy to place. at the same time,


The iron frame can be retracted and can adapt to the turtle tanks of different widths

Generally speaking, even if you replace the relatively large turtle tank later, you can continue to use it.



① Because the outlet is the kind of duckbill, if it is placed in the water, the turtle will prefer to pick it up, and sometimes it will get rid of the water pipe. And if it is not put in the water, it will not achieve the mute effect. Therefore, if the turtle is often lying on it, you can consider removing the duck brap part or fix it with glue;

② Because the capacity of each box is relatively small, if this filter is used in large cylinders, there may be more boxes that need to be stacked. Personally, it is not so beautiful;

③ Because it is an upper filter, we need to consider whether the space above our turtle tank is enough.

This filter should be regarded as beauty and practicality, but in comparison, the price is a bit expensive.

For a small master who requires aesthetics, this one can be considered.

DIY wall hanging filtering

5.DIY wall hanging filter

This filter is the one I used most after a period of time to raise turtles. The cost performance is relatively high, and the practicality is also very strong.

① Small volume and better placement;

② The water outlet can be adjusted according to the requirements to make a good water circulation in the cylinder. However, during the use process, it was found that some traffic (mainly because the pipes of the outlet are thin) DIY wall hanging filtering,

If your tank is relatively short, it is best not to connect to the adjustment direction at the water outlet, otherwise the filter box will have a great probability that the overflow will occur.

③ Wall -mounted filtering,

The filter box is flat with the cylinder

Essence On the one hand, we can facilitate us to warm the turtle to the turtle tank in the winter; on the other hand, we can also greatly facilitate the use of a small master with more shelves to raise turtles, because the filter box is equivalent to the turtle tank built -in. You only need to consider the height of the turtle tank and reserved sufficient space for the sunlight to illuminate the tank;


④ Since the filter box is inside the turtle tank, you will find that many turtles will use it as a avoidance, which can be regarded as one thing;

⑤ The capacity of this filter box is still available. Generally, a few bacterial houses can be placed, a very thick biochemical cotton, and finally placed with filter cotton.

It can fully meet the filtering requirements of turtle tanks within about 50cm

① Since this filter is equivalent to built -in filtration, therefore


There is a certain demand for the height of the turtle tank

Essence After personal practice, it is recommended that the height of the turtle tank is best above 25cm, so as to ensure that it will not overflow. If you use a turtle tank of about 20cm, it is recommended to add a flow regulating valve at the connection between the pump and the water pipe to avoid the occurrence of the overflow;

② The material of the plastic used in this filter box is relatively thin. Therefore, in the case of frequent sun exposure, the large one, basically a summer, is touched and broken. The trumpet can be a little longer. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone in the process of use,

Try to block one side of the filter box in summer to avoid exposure

③ Because the filter box itself is not very large, it is not suitable for too large tanks. Personally, the cylinder with a length of about 70 cm can be considered to consider this large size. And if it is a one -meter or one -meter tank, it is recommended to use a rotary box filtering.

Two contrasts

I personally prefer this filter, strong practicality and not occupying places. There are two filters I have used at present. I recommend this one (as shown above). Because of the large traffic, I also feel more reasonable. Basically, there will be no overflow.

6.Diy turnover box filtering

I used this filter since last summer. As the turtle grows bigger and bigger, the original turtle tank is not enough to accommodate them, so they bought one meter two tortoise tank. Recommended by friends, with this filtering, the effect is still very good.

DIY turnover box filtering

① The internal capacity is large, and many filter materials can be placed, so even a relatively large cylinder can achieve a good filtration effect;

② You can choose the location of the water inlet and outlet according to your own needs;

③ Most of the filter boxes on the market are dark and non -transparent, so the effect of cultivation is still good.

It’s not easy to place.

In this type of rotary box filtering, we can only choose to customize the shelf of the filter box, place it above the turtle tank, or place a chair taller or flat at the end of the turtle tank, and place the filter box on it on it. Essence Relatively speaking, occupying space;

The water circulation effect is average.

Most of the small masters using this filter are relatively large. If you want to achieve a better water circulation effect, it is best to place the filter pump and filter box on both ends of the box, but in this way, a water pipe is over the turtle tank and will be ugly.


My treatment method is to add a self -filter sterilization light to the other end of the turtle tank. With the timer, this sterilization light is turned on for 4 hours a day. It has both bactericidal effects and the role of wave -making pumps. The effect is pretty good.

Although this filter also has some shortcomings, I personally like it. Durable and durable, and as long as the problem of water circulation is treated, the filtering effect is still very good. Of course, if your space is limited, it is not easy to place, or a small cylinder to raise turtles, it is not recommended to this!

Fourth, conclusion

Regarding the filtering problem, for the time being, I will share with you so much.

In fact, if you are a small environment to raise turtles, or you can move the turtle tank, and you have no cleanliness. I think it is better to change water regularly according to water quality.

Why use filtration? It is undeniable that the reason for using filtration is often to facilitate ourselves.

In the end, I guess someone should ask me the question of the swamp filter. I really don’t know this, because I haven’t tried it. Many people say that the formation of swamp filtration takes more time and it is more troublesome. After all, I am such a lazy person, how can I try it? Haha ~


So, in the text, are you using filtering turtles? Is there any useful and affordable style to share with us? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!


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Love turtles, we are serious!

I am a turtle little master-Su Nuan,

Follow me and exchange more turtle experience.




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