If you want to work high efficiency, you have to have a good chair if you want to work high efficiency

If you want to work high efficiency, you have to have a good chair if you want to work high efficiency

I graduated from graduate school last year and ended for eight years of studying medicine and officially became a resident. After work, I work hard. I have to work overtime almost every day. One thing better than reading is that I have a corresponding income after work. In the evening, you have to learn, scientific research, and writing papers at night.

During the study period, I was sitting because I was sitting for a long time, and I was not good since I was a child, and it was difficult to correct it. Therefore, I always had back pain. In fact, I would like to know that my lumbar spine was wrong, but I could endure it when I was in pain, so I didn’t care about it much. Essence

After work, except to the toilet and inspection, the rest of the time was almost sitting and knocking on the computer, and often worked continuously for more than ten hours. From the previous two months, low back pain seemed to be getting worse and worse. For a few days, it was so painful to sit, lying down, and standing. I almost had to take painkillers. Fortunately, it took a few days to rest.


In fact, our office was not alone in low back pain. A colleague also had surgery because of low back pain. After taking a full three months, he returned to work. After she came back after the operation, she changed the office chair and changed a seat. After using it, she felt very good after use, so she strongly recommended it to me.

However, I think I am working for the hospital. Why should I buy a chair myself?

For today’s workplace people, more than one -third of the time is sitting. Sitting for a long time is easy to get back pain. This is because the general chair is difficult to provide sufficient support for the waist. When we sedue for a long time, the muscles behind the waist have been stressed for a long time, which is easy to strain.

After experiencing some pain in myself, I was afraid that I would be seriously surgery, so I finally decided to replace the wooden bench of the hospital, and I bought it on my own.


After using it, it is really better to have back pain, and the office efficiency has improved a lot.


I bought a ergonomic chair, which is a full -scale regulating function that can effectively support the waist, shoulders, and necks that support and have a high reputation and cost -effective ergonomic chair.

There are many advantages. It is especially suitable for sedentary people in the workplace. It is really a conscience product for waist protection. As a doctor with bad waist, it is really recommended! Please look at its advantages:

First of all, it has a two -way adjustment of the waist pillow, and the support is: the waist pillow can move up and down, adjust back and forth, help the waist find the support level to provide the right support for support, reducing the intervertebral force.

Second, diamond -shaped chair back design, scientific and reasonable: combined with human health spinal firing rate, decentralized spine pressure, more easy to fit the neck, chest, waist, 骶 骶, and let people maintain the natural curve of the human body.


Third, the lifting rotation of the head pillow, holding the neck shoulder: the headrest adopts the combination of human bionic neck arc design and multi -directional angle adjustment. It can be adjusted at 9cm lift and 45 ° large rotation angle. The height and arc can help maintain the natural curvature of the cervical spine, and the neck shoulder and shoulders relax.

Fourth, 3D regulating handrails: adjustable handrail support height and angle, alleviating the user’s arm and shoulder pressure. 5


Fifth, 126 ° backward adjustment: The back -to -back angle of the seat meets the ergonomic standards. As a chair with dual -use rest work, the actual backward angle not only considers the use of work, but also takes into account the comfort during the rest. Essence 6

Sixth, the telescopic foot (only foot travers): hidden scaling foot trading, you only need to take out the pedal when you need to rest, the bed can be changed in one second, providing users with a more quality lunch break. 7 full dragons. Tattoo special network material, skin -friendly and breathable: four -dimensional structure, refreshing and breathable, not easy to deform.

In the end, the cushion of this engineering chair has built -in mechanical structures that can be lifted independently. You can adjust the lifting of the back brackets on both sides without tools to make it more comfortable. With the design of 306 breathable holes, even in summer, it will not feel sultry.

Now, doctors with low back pain in our office have changed the bench. If the worker wants to improve the efficiency of work, there must be a good chair!

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