I also found a amateur blogger who can wear “jeans”, age reduction and foreign, and it is worth learning from

I also found a amateur blogger who can wear “jeans”, age reduction and foreign, and it is worth learning from

With the development of fashion, more and more middle -aged people or elderly people love to wear, not only will wear clothes and match as a hobby that can make themselves happy, but also shares the dressing experience with others, showing the middle -aged and elderly people, to show middle -aged and elderly people. People are confident, young and energetic.

For example, the 50+ amateur blogger who shared this time is simple. Although it is over 50 years old, it is a teenager with successful “age reduction”. Let’s take a look at the “jeans” of this 50+ amateur blogger this time! Age reduction and foreign, worthy of reference!


1. Jeans style

As the most important member of the classic items, jeans have many styles and colors, so which jeans are more friendly to 50 -year -old women and help reduce the sense of dullness?

1. Blue slit wide -leg jeans

The first thing to recommend to everyone is the blue slit wide -leg jeans. This is also the favorite style of bloggers. In its spring match, these jeans have a very high appearance rate, which can basically take the closet, and there are many advantages.

First, blue jeans are easier to reduce age than black models. Second, wide -leg pants are far better than tight jeans in shaping the sense of casual fashion. While creating a young state, a 50 -year -old woman does not have to worry about exposing her legs. Disadvantages. Coupled with the slit design, add more details.

2. Blue high -waist straight jeans

Straight jeans are also very suitable for middle -aged or elderly styles. The straight version of the straight -line cutting is often easily shaped.

In addition, this type of jeans use high waist design, and wearing straight long legs is not talking at all.

2. Demonstration of slit wide -legged jeans matching

Although these jeans can be better than most pants styles in early spring, fashionable and versatile, not all the methods are mainly about age reduction. For 50+ women, it is recommended to try the following two methods to create ” A sense of “dressing.

1. Sweater+slit wide -leg jeans

When this type of jeans are leisurely, you can easily shape the young and fashionable female image. Especially for sweaters, everyone should try more short sweaters in early spring, combined with the high -waisted design used in jeans, showing tall legs and long legs.


We must try to balance the looseness of wide -leg pants with daddy shoes, and look more street feeling.


In this combination, everyone should pay attention to a few points to show higher -level good clothing. First of all, the sweater style should be used as a priority as much as possible, so that the advantages of high -waisted jeans can be used to the greatest extent. Second, the color of the sweater can be selected for white, or the beige, apricot color, and the jeans are more refreshing and natural.


Of course, if it is other color sweater, you can improve the sense of layering by stacking white long -sleeved T -shirts or white shirts.

Finally, when wearing a “sweater+slit jeans”, don’t be limited to the basic method of the foundation. On the basis of simple and generous, add some fashion accessories to create memory points, so as to avoid passers -out.

For example, with a baseball cap to strengthen the casual fashion style, or with a colored small square bag, age and playful.

2. Short leather clothes+slit wide -leg jeans

This type of jeans must choose more short models on the coat. In addition to short sweaters, black short leather jackets are also suitable. This pair of partners can interpret both 50+ women’s unruly and very comfortable age reduction.

We also have to strengthen the dress style by matching shoes, such as daddy shoes, or canvas shoes here.

Third, straight jeans wear demonstration demonstration


Women who really know how to dress, wardrobe items are often not as much as they are. They prefer to use a single product to create a variety of styles, and this amateur blogger is no exception.

1. Short trench coat+straight jeans

The blogger is simple and very good at using the “one clothes to wear” to play fashion, like a simple -age -reducing blue straight jeans, can create multiple sets in her hands.

The short trench coat is classic and refreshing. With blue straight jeans, it is not only refreshing and impressive, but also emphasizes the proportion of three -seven. How can it be loved?


2. Small incense wind short jacket/knitted short cardigan+straight jeans

Like the slit wide -leg jeans, straight jeans should also be matched with short tops. In addition to short trench coats, small incense wind and short jackets or knitted cardigan are also good to optimize the body proportion.


However, it should be noted that in addition to pairing with shoes and canvas shoes, you can also replace it with Lefu shoes, emphasizing the elegance and formal dress.


It can be seen from the above that even if a woman is over 50 years old, you can also wear jeans to be reduced and fascinating. If you like it, you can learn from this blogger’s matching ideas!

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