There is no secret behind the security of Volvo’s new S90

There is no secret behind the security of Volvo’s new S90

What is luxury?

沃尔沃新款S90上市 安全背后没有秘密

I believe that many people have emerged in their brains during the purchase of a car. But in addition to measuring money, more ordinary consumers are not keen on luxury.

Beijing is outside Beijing, Nordic in the car, Nordic

On August 10th, in the melodious Rachmaninov’s second piano concerto played by the Global Brand Experience Ambassador of Volvo Automobile and the international piano master Lang Lang, “only love and life must not be disappointed -Volvo S90 brand night” ” begin.


Volvo announced the official listing of the new S90, and launched a total of 7 models of 7 power configurations, with a luxury version of 40.69-559 million yuan, a sports version of 40.69-449,900, and 499,900-613,900 yuan in the recalted hybrid version of Recharge T8.

Volvo’s new S90 inherits the essence of Nordic design. As a masterpiece of the Nordic luxury flagship, the design is renovated. The newly upgraded large -sized wheels use diamond cutting process. The front face retains the iconic “Thor’s Hammer” LED headlights, which is combined with the penetrating chrome trim below the bumper to perfectly interpret the beauty of Skina’s design.

In the car, the Cleanzone clean cockpit of Volvo Motors can quickly dispel the volatile gas accumulated during parking, allowing the car to recover fresh and clean air in the car. During the driving process, the IAQS intelligent air circulation control system is monitored in real time, automatically switched the air circulation of the air, and purified the ideal external air. Let the ridicule of “Beijing outside Beijing, the Nordic in the car” become a portrayal of reality.

Go further

In terms of power, Volvo’s new S90 is equipped with a new generation of 2.0T turbocharged engine. The cylinder body is made of high -voltage aluminum. It has higher strength, lighter weight, and wider generality. It makes full use of fuel efficiency. B5 turbocharged gasoline engine outputs the maximum power of 250PS and the maximum torque of 350Nm, while the 0-100km/h acceleration only takes 7.2 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers requires only 6.6 liters. The T8 dual supercharged gasoline engine and electric motor power combination of Volvo Rechargy T8 plug-in hybrid, with horsepower output up to 390ps, peak torque of 640Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration only 5.1 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 1.8 liters. In the pure electric mode, zero emissions are achieved, with a range of 53 kilometers to meet the daily commuting needs. Not only that, through the braking energy recovery system, hybrid vehicles can be charged by themselves during driving. If you use a charging pile, the battery can be filled within 3-8 hours. To put it simply, the Volvo S90 can meet users with different vehicles, and make vehicles driving further in more scientific, more comfortable, and more economical.

Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong

Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong also shared in the dialogue session. Has driving the Volvo hybrid models to drive 800km, which expressed full affirmation of the Volvo hybrid mileage. And further revealed the details of cooperation with Huawei and Volvo, saying that in the future, Huawei HICAR will help Volvo to create a smarter and smarter user experience.

Behind millions of sales

Ten years since Geely’s acquisition, Volvo Motors can be said to have entered a period of historical development. Global sales have doubled, and it has become a few car companies that really have a complete system including design, production, research and development, procurement, and sales in the three continents.

沃尔沃新款S90上市 安全背后没有秘密

Volvo Automobile Asia Pacific Headquarters

At the same time, as one of the fastest car companies after the epidemic, Volvo has achieved double -digit growth year -on -year sales for 4 consecutive months. At the event, Luo Jin, a Volvo S90 promotion ambassador, will become the best news of Volvo’s 1 million Chinese car owners.

沃尔沃新款S90上市 安全背后没有秘密

The Global Senior Vice President of Volvo Automobile Group, Yuan Xiaolin (right), president and CEO of Volvo Auto Asia Pacific, and Luo Jin (left), the Volvo S90 Promotion Ambassador, will allow consumers Keywords such as luxury are closely connected with Volvo? I think that it is not only technology and innovation, but also their minds and patterns. 60 years ago, Volvo invented a three -point seat belt and shared it with the world for free. According to the WHO report data, the correct use of seat belts can reduce the mortality of traffic accidents by 60%-70%.

Volvo three -point seat belt

Not only that, the use of the three yuan catalytic device in Volvo -invention of the oxygen sensor caused response in the field of environmental protection and circular economy. It reduces the vehicle by more than 90%of harmful gas emissions. It has decreased emissions that have been reduced for more than 40 years since the invention, which is equivalent to the carbon monoxide produced by 1.2 billion cigarettes. The end is connected, which is equivalent to the earth’s back and forth more than 100,000 times. Trilateral catalyst with oxygen sensor

From a three -point seat belt to a ternary catalyst with an oxygen sensor, from invention to sharing, Volvo’s people -oriented scientific and technological innovation is pleasant. As Yuan Xiaolin, the global senior vice president of Volvo Automobile Group, President and CEO of Volvo Automobile Asia Pacific, said: “The pursuit of safety, health, and sustainable development is the distinctive definition of luxury and public. Understanding life and a sense of responsibility is also a precise portrayal of the image of Volvo car owners. This article is reproduced to Tiantian Automobile.

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