Huarui Co., Ltd.: global well -known electric tool replacement supplier supplier

Huarui Co., Ltd.: global well -known electric tool replacement supplier supplier

Huarui Electric Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the R & D, production, sales and services of small power motors and micro -mocalists. The company’s main products are widely used in electric tools, automotive motors and home appliances. The company’s trademark was rated as “Famous Trademark in Zhejiang Province”, and the company’s directional product was rated as “Zhejiang Famous Brand Product”.

The industry growth space is broad

After years of development, the company has become a world -renowned electric tool -changing supplier and has a high market share in the world. The main application field of the company covers the flashlight drill, corner grinding machine, cutting machine, various chainsaws, electric plane, and cutting machines of electric tools; automotive motor windows, air -conditioning systems, scrapers, oil pumps, brakes, brakes, brakes, brakes, brakes, brakes, and brakes Anti -cherishing system, starting motor; home appliances vacuum cleaners, washing machines, waxing machines, food mixers, etc.; Motor -based military motors, wind turbines, locomotive motors, aircraft motors, golf motors, etc.

According to the statistics of the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association’s Electric Tool Branch, the output of my country’s electric tools accounts for more than 85 % of global output. With the increase in demand in the field of electric tools and the increase in domesticization rates, it provides a rare for the my country -directional industry to replace the directioner industry. Development opportunities. The areas of household electrical appliances, automotive motors, and other fields have also shown the same trend. The development of these industries has also injected a steady stream of motivation into the development of the directional industry. At present, the company rely on the industry’s leading full -shaped and one -forming production process, more than 20 automatic production lines, diversified products and customer systems, in the field of changing directions, especially the field of inserters and widers. Market competitiveness and brand awareness.

High self -research and development capabilities

The company took the lead in developing full -shaped products in the domestic industry. The production process of the full -shaped wiper is currently the most advanced directional replacement production process at home and abroad. Compared with the old process, this technology has formed the product at one time. It is possible to achieve real automated production. In order to cooperate with the company’s product strategy, the company has developed a full -automatic production line in combination with the full -shaped process. The production line uses the world’s most advanced automated production process, which can be produced in batches of full -shaped wiper products. In recent years, craft innovation and equipment automation innovation have greatly improved production efficiency and material utilization, improved the consistency of product quality, greatly reduced and alleviated the dependence of employees, and the per capita output increased significantly. At present, the company has 58 domestic patents, including 13 invention patents and 45 practical new patents. The company has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and ISO/TS16949 automobile production supply chain quality management system certification.

Flexible production products are rich

The company adopts a flexible production model, which can quickly and effectively convert production product varieties and realize multiple varieties of large quantities. In addition, the company also took the lead in launching products such as mass -produced resin reinforcement conversion, mass production spring lining switching, mass -produced full -shaped wiper and other products to meet the needs of different customers. The company’s rich product types not only meet the needs of customer centralized procurement, reduce the company’s market development costs, but also increase the level of product technology to a certain extent, and reduce the market operating risk brought by a single product. In the process of choosing a wiper supplier, customers have set strict screening conditions for potential suppliers’ production scale, product quality, synchronous technology research and development, and subsequent support services. In addition, before the offset supplier officially enters the customer’s global procurement system, it is necessary to perform strict qualification certification procedures. This process often requires a long time for both parties to cooperate. Therefore relatively stable.

在产品品质过硬、客户服务到位的双重作用下,公司客户多为业内知名企业,主要包括德昌电机(JOHNSONELECTRIC)、博世集团(BOSCH)、法雷奥(VALEO)、牧田(MAKITA)、喜利得(HILTI), Weiling Electric, Dongcheng Tools, Ruiqi, Pet Lae Electric, ISKRA, BSH, Hubei Kami ) Wait, products are sold to Germany, Italy, France, Britain, South Korea, the United States, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Japan and other countries and regions.

Funding and investing in production capacity bottlenecks

After continuous innovation and improvement, the overall output of the company’s wiper has risen from 18.702 million in 2013 to 226.21 million in 2016, which is still on the rise. In recent years, the company’s output and sales have increased simultaneously with the increase in production capacity year by year, with the production and sales rate of more than 90 %. In order to meet the growing demand for customer orders, the company’s raising funds are intended to invest in “Jiangsu Shengke Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. annual processing 75 million -directional projects” and “Ningbo Shengke replacement device Co., Ltd. added 30 million new one Full -shaped directioner technical reform project “,” repayment bank loan project “and” supplementary mobile fund project “. Some fundraising projects have been implemented and invested in the early stage, all of which have achieved good results. This fundraising project is conducive to enhancing the company’s existing market’s penetration capacity and business scope, expanding the company’s production capacity, adjusting the company’s product structure, improving product quality, and reducing operating costs, and bringing long -term stable income to the company, generating new profits Growth point will effectively enhance the company’s core competitiveness.

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