Manuscripts “Girl of the heart” in the end what to write (b)

Pervasive process is not smooth, “the girl’s heart” widespread since the 1970s, the public security authorities raided repeatedly informed of major works. Many readers because private copies of the paper being denounced, even by a “hooliganism” reeducation through labor, but the bunkyū forbidden without a break.

Long-term commitment Literature “Cultural Revolution” Yang Jian noted that the Central Academy of Drama, until the mid-1980s as well as young people in copying, read “girl heart” manuscript is its unique way folk widespread.


Zhou Qing is the study of the “Cultural Revolution” manuscript expert, in 2001, in the “undercurrent —” his collaboration with publishers Baishi Hong Cultural Revolution “save handwritten text,” a book, Zhou Qing took the lead ten interviews with search form several manuscripts collectors (published only three), and wrote up Liangwan Zi of “a summary of the Cultural Revolution and the expression of manuscripts,” the article.

Zhou Qing access to a “Mr. X wood”, the “certain Mr. Wood” tells the story of his experience Transcription is obvious that private copies of manuscripts of the scene:

“It was Transcription is very subtle, get the manuscript, you divide a few pages, I divided a few pages, and then combined with carbon paper, you can print a fifty-six copies, copied and then put away and from a good spell, then and then set a book, which became, so writing a manuscript written down are completely different. “

“Sichuan has many small hills, a small number of sporadic grave wrapped in the hills, we went to a small package up to copy tomb, where people go too small, usually boys love to do this kind of thing, more than a cover girl, helped take notes, the teacher has not been caught before. If caught, it’s terrible, this is some capital letters repair, check the ingredients you have at home, cancel your hardship assistance. “

Manuscripts of private copies, at that time also has certain risks. Zhu Dake had a student paying for it:

“I have a classmate, after reading” after the girl’s heart “, fiercely pursuing his own elder sister, his sister was crying and sent him to the police station. He savagely beaten in the police station after being put out his knife and stabbed the night of her sister’s belly.

“Before he was shot in the school playground open public rallies, the first time ever we have witnessed this terrible chill scene. Police and heavily armed militia, guard, loudspeakers in increased aid to read out the crime, and those of us half old child in fright listening. “

Many years later, Zhu Dake can clearly remember the students who died by the expression: he carefully scanning the crowd for the position in the class, and then down on us a license to music, revealing yellow teeth.

At the time, the school for “Girl Hearts” and “second handshake”, they are not allowed to spread there are three, namely: no see, are not allowed to copy, not allowed to pass; immediately report teacher.

In memory of Li Gongming, after 1974 years ago, there have been cases with sensational, because there is a young private copies “Girl Hearts” was sentenced to death.

Zhou Qing wish to review some of the literature documented in scientific research at the Northwest University of Politics 1982 (focus on the incidence of such cases) May mimeographed “Northwest Juvenile Delinquency Collection”, Qinghai Province, Xining City Public Security Bureau Youth Office “On the crime causes of teenagers stumble” mentioned in the article, as a young woman surnamed Jia borrowed from a friend a “girl’s heart” treasured manuscripts, when friends ask, she also lost as an excuse to refuse, read all day, and began to look for rogue male.

Henan People’s Publishing House in January 1985 issue of “the face of all kinds of cases,” a book about the case because reading the “heart of young girls’ manuscripts and sexual crimes are also at great length, in particular a” one color behind the Paper “even more bizarre.

Write a paper named Li Jun servicemen, holding a day of “Popular Film” skin color packets have copied the book “Girl of the heart” such as like crazy to stay, first tracing the girl into the ladies room, near and in public bullying the car, then trying to shift his comrades to visit the troops raped and killed his girlfriend, the death penalty was last carried out.

Read a dozen different versions of the “Girl of the heart” of Zhou Qing believes that although “the girl’s heart” in the course of private copies of constantly adding personal feelings and imagination scribe, but its subject matter is sexual narrative language, or details of the description, do not go beyond “barefoot doctors Manual” category related to physical health introductory text line drawing portion.

“At that time the spread of folk and” girl heart “relationship rogue case, to a certain extent ‘confession format’ due. I found the jail absolute majority of the criminals ‘guilty’ or ‘repentance’ material, almost immutable word of mouth is not the heart of the ‘three constantly read articles’ — Description of the criminal process, root out the root causes of crime, unlimited exaggeration of self humiliate, and then determined to catch up with the pain cliches like, because reading “girl heart “and the crime may be most obvious motive for the crime at the time of digging a reason, because” the heart of young girls, “we all know.”

Zhou Qing society does not agree to sex crimes are attributed to a book, literary texts should not have a big effect, “and if so, can be easier to find in the books of today, the rape incident is clearly an event should be more and more, but that is not true. “

4. author who in the end is that no one has been clear

Because in the private sector continues to make private copies, in the plot changes inevitably occur, even far from everyone will read the version.

“Compare a dozen versions, it has a clear imprint of the times, I remember the 80’s popular dress shirt also appear on the description of the hero Manna.”

On the title is diverse, Zhou Qing read version in addition to the “heart of young girls”, “Manna memoirs”, there are “Mei Ru Memoirs,” “Me and my cousin,” but, some versions did not write the title, or simply add a slipcase.

In 2004, once came to be published Bai Shihong “Girl of the heart”, and get a release from the Danish female reporter Ye Fengying (Perrylink), about the origins of this “maiden’s heart”, said the book is signed “small “author of” I think “in the jail the account of the material, make private copies out later, was finally named” girl of the heart “, and later became the” Cultural Revolution “period of” poisonous weeds. “

Zhou Qing also had received a call, saying he has a relative is a Shandong Procuratorate cadres, have had this case.

“It was received this call, I’m excited,” the authors girl’s heart “is a mystery, and I was Baishi Hong tried to find the author. So, I quickly contact each other and then, but he can not provide this information, I said I can immediately rushed to Shandong, see the prosecutor, who later would not contacted me. “

However, Zhu Dake thought that the girl’s heart can not be “confession”, “From my experience of decades of research literature point of view, it’s not as text confessions,” the girl’s heart “there are still some literature sex.”

“In this book itself, it is a low level of pornography, straightforward description of sex; but in the ‘Cultural Revolution’ which, it has a progressive rebellious, it is rebellious ideology and digestion, but also to the whole social ideology of rebellion, a challenge to the detention of society. “

Moro had written a preface to organize Baishi Hong version of “Cat at that time, Yu Jie limelight Masamori, Bai Shihong by a friend to find the Cat, I hope he can write sequence, at the time, Cat’s order can directly boost sales.” Zhou Qing told reporters.

In the preface, Moro highly praised “girl heart” that “girl heart” Conception is not rendering the so-called yellow, and ridiculous in the performance of sexual taboos and mental harm caused by the distortion of human nature and bring to the public.

Moro also speculate author probably has a wealth of cultural resources humanism, like Zhang Zhongxiao, Huang Xiang, Zhao Yifan, North Island, like others, was the most educated, most thoughtful people.

“This order at the time caused large controversy, many people think of a novel yellow overrated, do not fly. In the” heart of young girls “on the evaluation, showing a polarized situation.”

But who the author is, why she wrote this book for both sides it is still a rather curious mystery. “If we had found the author, perhaps a good thing, perhaps not necessarily.”

Zhou Qing read “second handshake” two versions of “manuscripts” second handshake “Only eight or ten thousand words, but the publicity was later expanded to hundreds of thousands of words, if the” girl of the heart ” still, I do not know how she will expand, but I certainly would not have much interest in the audience, has been gradually eliminate ambiguity, we are even able to see the naked body of advertising on television every day, and has no intention the outpouring of sexually suggestive. “

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