Start the ultra -popular smart electric sofa: 8H masters, powerful and easy to use cost less than one cannot be less than one

Start the ultra -popular smart electric sofa: 8H masters, powerful and easy to use cost less than one cannot be less than one

Foreword | Why is a smart electric sofa?

I believe that the popular electric sofa is obvious to everyone. Whether it is an e -commerce platform, or some short video platforms, you can see the active figure of electric sofas everywhere. The electric sofa is not just came out. In fact, in some high -end cinemas, first -class lounges, etc., electric sofas are already standard. It is well known to make users more comfortable.

However, it is more popular outside, and it is not as good as an electric sofa in the family, which is more casual. There is an electric sofa in the home, which can give your body and mind a thorough relaxation after busy work; drinking a cup of coffee on the electric sofa, watching a movie, and thinking about it is very beautiful. The electric sofa has been added to the wish list, and the idea of ​​having to have an electric sofa is getting stronger.

So how do you choose the last question, the home electric sofa? In my opinion, it should be selected from various aspects of brands, appearance, functions, and prices. Through comparison, Master 8H Master’s smart electric sofa is comprehensive advantage, big names, appearance advantages, and comprehensive functions at the same level. Finally, I started this product. Below, share the experience.

Appearance | Extremely exquisite, workmanship is a highlight

In fact, this is not the first contact with me with 8H; the previous 8H single -group sofa used for more than a year. I think the brand’s product is trustworthy.

And this 8H MASTER smart electric sofa (hereinafter referred to as 8H electric sofas), first of all, the appearance is more stylish with the overall style of the home, which is a more stylish style.

I chose the color matching of “Mediterranean Blue”. In addition, there is the color of dream blue and Roman rice gray to choose from. It depends on the style of home.

In terms of design style, there are two remarkable features of the 8H electric sofa: the corners are clear, and the separation is 14mm.

It can also be seen from the side that the style of the 8H electric sofa is tough. Of course, this time it is only a single -person sofa that you buy. If you buy a full set (three -person/four -person+concubine couch), you can truly feel the charm. This is the next goal.

From the perspective of appearance, in fact, the 8H electric sofa and ordinary sofas do not see much difference.

However, when the headrests and seats are all unfolded, you can see the charm of this 8H electric sofa: the sofa that can lie down in an instant transformation.


Then, talk about the 8H electric sofa, what are the highlights worthy of attention:

In terms of appearance, there are very few square shapes such as 8H electric sofas, which are very beautiful; but not only the overall appearance, including headrests and handrails are designed with edges and corners, which are more formal. It is very suitable for use in the office;

At the same price, even a lot of products that are higher than this price are not designed with the function of separate headrest adjustment, and even no headrest;

High configuration, dual motor+unique framework+remote control+Mijia intelligent control;

Among similar products, the price is kind and has a comprehensive function.

Deformation process | Quiet and stable, easily meet various needs

I believe everyone will definitely be very interested in how the electric sofa deforms. Let ’s actually show the entire deformation process through a few animations.

It can be seen that the entire “deformation” process is very smooth.


As mentioned above, the 8H electric sofa is not only unique to the design, but also rely on the ability of stretching, and has unique accomplishments in terms of comfort.

After stretching, the 8H electric sofa can achieve up to 8 positions of ergonomic support, namely head, shoulder, neck, back, lumbar spine, hip, thighs, calves, ankles. That is, you can get a scale with your whole heart. With the internal 25D sponge (the hip is 38D sponge)+Darcon fiber (global historical fiber brand) and the Schcott latex of the hips, the configuration is very rich.

In addition, it is a adjustable angle, which is too rich.

The adjustable angle of the headrest reaches 90 ° -205 °; the seat is 103 ° -160 °. It can be seen that the leg support position of the seat can be easily adjusted to


The motor is smooth and mute. From the perspective of the official website, it is less than 45 decibels; and the thrust of the motor reaches 100 kilograms.


Back to the above, the headrest of the 8H electric sofa has a separate motor, so it can realize the separate adjustment of the two.

Such an inflexible adjustment allows users to find the most suitable position for them.


Details & Configuration | Technology comprehensive skin is beautiful and durable, and the rebound is comfortable

Since it is a sofa, the top priority is comfortable. And comfort, I think it is mainly related to two factors: surface materials, and internal materials. The internal structure and support are the basic hardware of these structures.


First of all, the surface material. The science and technology comprehensive skin, the touch and the leather are somewhat different, and the appearance is also very similar.

You can see that this is a real picture after two weeks, there is no fold, very durable. In addition, the fabric is rich in micro -pores of 10000+, and it will feel breathable in summer.


The supporting head pillow is a silver telescopic bracket, all metal material, reliable and durable. The entire back is also a stiff style. Compared with the curved design of some similar products, the perception is much better.


The internal filling material has been mentioned above, the actual feel is hard and elastic.


The composite material of the latex+high -back sponge+independent bag spring is very flexible and flexible. Return elasticity is particularly sufficient. This design allows the body to completely relax and rest.

Although the overall design is relatively square, it is very rounded in the transition. It can be seen from the details that the 8H electric sofa workmanship is excellent and the needle is fine. The full skin on the surface has the texture of litchi patterns.

The entire 8H electric sofa feels the designed linear and very smooth streamlined. And the factors of no pole regulation, so the leg support can stay in any position, which is convenient for finding the point that suits you best.


The legs+ankle support, the details are in place. Especially the position of the ankle, such a transition will be more comfortable.

The foundation of the entire deformation is the new rod structure design of the headrest & seat.

As we have seen above, the entire telescopic process is smooth, and it has a great relationship with the connecting rod of this reinforced iron bone. It has been used for more than two weeks without any stutter.

This tight design is really excellent. It turned out that the sofa sweeping machine at home could not get in at all, but the 14mm departure ground clearance of the 8H electric sofa can easily make the sweeping robot “pass”.

Even if there is no sweeping machine, this design is convenient for daily hygiene cleaning.

Another design details: remote control. This remote control uses the method of magnetic adsorption, placed on the right side of the sofa, and it feels high.

From the perspective of the remote control function, it is not only supporting the automatic mode (leisure mode, movie viewing mode, two sets of memory mode), but also the headrests and seats can be adjusted at the same time.

Moreover, the 8H electric sofa is connected to the Mijia and supports the Mijia APP! Therefore, whether it is using a mobile phone app or using the little love speaker at home, it can be easily controlled; control is more visual, which is also the smart design of this product!

Finally, let’s talk briefly, the internal material that cannot be seen from the appearance:

Cushion frame: The bottom frame of the fiber fiber, the same material of the BBA luxury car collision beam;

Wooden frame: Multi -layer plate+Russian imported deciduous pine, sturdy and durable.


I know this material in advance. After all, the internal structure cannot be seen outside. The so -called one penny, one penny, believes that it is too cheap to use such excellent raw materials.


Use | The biggest feeling is at will, you can enjoy the tranquility after the busy work

Answer a question firstly: Is electric sofa, use?


I believe that many people will have such questions. Is it useful to buy an electric sofa thousands of yuan? The answer is yes, especially some young people who are tired of dealing with work during the day, and the daily work pressure is great. After returning home at night, you can lie on the sofa comfortably to watch TV, and you can really drive away the fatigue for a day. The electric sofa is to make yourself sitting and lying more comfortable, and your body is better relaxed.


You can sit and read the book quietly, and the wide sofa provides a very comfortable sense of wrapping and immersion.

So, there are noble concubines at home, how does the 8H electric sofa provide a different feeling?


In this regard, I think the first is the headrest and seat dual motor, which can find the most comfortable feeling based on your preferences. Whether it’s watching TV, watching movies, listening to music, reading books, etc., you can find the most suitable angle for you.


You can even lie down for a while, and it is not necessary to treat it as a lunch break in the office.


More free, more comfortable, more comfortable. This is the feeling of using the 8H electric sofa. After use, it is a strong sense of satisfaction.

Summary | There is no perfect product, but the 8H electric sofa is worth having

About the 8H electric sofa, it has been said a lot. Of course, there is no perfect product. In my opinion, there are two places that can be improved or upgraded at 8H electric sofas: ① Lack of USB charging port ② Lack of functions such as swing.

However, as shared in the article, the purpose of this product is to let the user completely relax and rest; Obviously, the 8H electric sofa has done it, and from the appearance, workmanship, function, price, etc., the overall is very good, it is worth having!

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