The national standard of infants and young children needs to be introduced urgently

There are many types of infants and young children’s wet towels in supermarkets. Beijing News reporter Wang Lu

The standards used are no different from ordinary wet towels. There are many marketing concepts and functional publicity names

Children’s growth and health are most concerned about each parent. With the improvement of living standards, parents are more inclined to choose to marked infant wipes products such as “infants and young children, children” and other words.

The Beijing News reporter recently visited the various infantile towels sold in Beijing supermarkets and malls, and found that most infant and young children’s wet towel marked the standards used only “Disposable Sanitary Products Sanitary Standards” (GB 15979 One 2002) and “Wet Wet Wet) The standard of GB/T 27728 1) has no standard specifications specifically for the safety level of infants and young children.

Experts call for the national standards for infantile towels as soon as possible. At the same time, enterprises should also start from quality. They should not exaggerate or falsely publicize the “universality” of the product without clear or lack of national standards. Misaclation of consumers.

The standard of infant wet towel is mostly different from ordinary wet towels

From June 1st to June 2nd, a reporter from the Beijing News visited a number of supermarkets and shopping malls. Wet towel products in shopping malls found that these products were used in ordinary wet towels, kitchen cleansing wet towels, wet toilet paper, etc. There is no difference, but the price is not equal. The low is only 0.08 yuan/piece, and the high is 0.55 yuan/piece. The average price of a single piece is about 2 times higher than that of ordinary wet towels.

In the pregnant infant and child and child areas of Wuyuan Store in Wumi Supermarket, I am curious about HUGGIE, good children, Vida and other brands such as infantile towels. Scarf “standard. In the Ouantong Supermarket Xihongmen Store, Leyou’s Pregnant and Infant Great Xinghui Store, Quannong Revolution Central Store, etc., Qingfeng, Heart Seal, Johnson & Johnson, Hao, Xido, Cotton Age, Pigeon and other brands The hygiene and product standards used in wet towels are also the above two items.

In addition, the “Qingfengbao Beilin Skin Skin Scarf” produced by the Ouanto Supermarket, which is marked as the “Qingfengbao Beilin Skin Skin Scarf” produced by Jinhongye Paper Group Co., Ltd. The company commissioned the product execution standards of “Youbeng Babies Wet Scarf” and “Yiris Baby Wet Scarf” produced by Zhejiang Huashun Technology Ancient Wind Co., Ltd. Part of the cool towels sold by Kami Supermarket Zaoyuan Store did not even indicate the product standards used.

Some children’s wet towel claims not to add alcohol and fluorescent agents

The Beijing News reporter noticed that some children’s wet towels also sold through concepts and exaggerated publicity. For example, the “Coolpad Baby Softening Wet Towel” produced by Xinxiang Zunzhici Technology Co., Ltd., the packaging indicates “non -alcoholic, weak acidity, and allergic testing”, and “must not produce adverse irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. “It is the most basic requirement in the national standard. In addition, the “Little Angel Infant Portal Care Wipes” produced by Shanghai Le Rui Baby Products Co., Ltd., the outer packaging says “99.9%pure water+0.1%food -grade raw materials”, but in the main component column, food, food Grade raw materials are just one of the sweeteners.

It is understood that, as a wet towel for one -time use of sanitary products, the national standard has not been limited to the limited edition requirements of phenyl chloride. The “Disposal Sanitary Products Sanitary Standards” also only made hard requirements for the size, pH, and microbial indicators of wet towel products, but there was no regulation in the national standards for preservatives, fungicides, and moisturizing agents in the products.


In March of this year, the enforcement health industry standards issued by the former National Health and Family Planning Commission, “Sanitary Wet Towel Health Requirements”, was officially implemented. Compared with the “Sanitary Standards for Disposal Sanitary Products”, although this standard increases the quality related to product quality, human use of safety, pH, packaging sealing, metal corrosiveness, and effective ingredients content, but and also, and also, and the content of effective component content, but and and, There are no relevant requirements for the safety level of infants and young children.

Experts call on infants and young children’s wet towel national standards to introduce as soon as possible

Wu Xiaowei, Secretary -General of the Promotion Committee of the China Quality Wanli Promotion Association, said that the composition problem was repeatedly mentioned in the sampling of infant and young children’s wet towels many times that the national standards for infantile wet towels should be issued as soon as possible. At the same time, enterprises should also start from quality, and should not exaggerate or falsely publicize the “universality” of the product without clear or lack of national standards, misleading consumers.

Parents should also buy infantile wipes from regular channels. The main components of wet paper towels are non -woven fabrics, moisturizers, water, antibacterial agents, and other additives. For sensitive people, especially infants and young children, even if they are nominal food grades can be used for sensitive parts such as oral cavity, they must be cautious. Under the condition of conditional conditions, the skin can be washed with water after using wet towels to reduce the residues of chemicals. Parents should pay attention to the appropriate amount.

Beijing News reporter Wang Lu

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