The leadership seat is arranged. How can the administration arrange in various occasions?

The leadership seat is arranged. How can the administration arrange in various occasions?

At work, as administrative, we often encounter formal meetings and work banquets.

Whenever this time, everyone starts to worry about how to arrange the seats of the leaders.


Some friends who have just joined the industry may rely on the feeling directly when they encounter this situation. As everyone knows, the seats in a meeting are not well ranked, and the promotion and salary increase will not be available.

There are many “hidden rules” in the workplace that cannot be explicitly said, and the arrangement of seats is also one of them.

Today I will share with you how to arrange for our administration about the number of seats in various occasions.



Session of the conference chairman

The podium is arranged,

When the leader is a strange number

The main leader is in the middle. The leader No. 2 is the left -handed position on the No. 1, and the leader No. 3 is the right hand position of the No. 1 leader; see the seats in the figure below:

Presidential table arrangement,

When the leader is even

Leaders No. 1 and 2 are in the middle of the same. Leaders No. 2 still have left -handed positions on No. 1, and the leaders of No. 3 are still on the right position of No. 1 leader. See the seats in the figure below:


Banquet seat arrangement

Chinese food

Banquet guests, generally the Lord is accompanied by the door of the door, the deputy owner is accompanied by the Lord, No. 1 guest is accompanied by the right hand with the Lord, No. 2 guest is accompanied by the left hand with the Lord, and No. 3 guests are accompanied by the right hand accompanied by the deputy leader , No. 4 is accompanied by the left hand with the deputy owner, others can be casual. See the seats in the figure below:

Many times, it can also be arranged like this:

Western food

If it is a western food, the dining table is different, so the seats have changed. See the seats in the figure below:



The location arrangement during the photo

The seat arrangement of the attendance chairman of the meeting is consistent

Essence See the seats in the figure below:



Small conference in the sofa room/business contact

Talk with foreign guests

Talk to superior leadership



Long table meeting/business contact




Signing cooperation seat arrangement

Signing cooperation needs to pay attention to the sense of ritual.


The podium area usually has a background board, a signing seat, and a speech seat. It is necessary to identify landmarks, categorize and issue the station diagram in advance.

It is necessary to focus on the standing positions of the visa preliminaries between the two parties, which is relatively loose and cannot produce a sense of distance. It not only takes into account the overall shooting effect, but also consider the distance of the background board in the rear, and the LED screen is easy to heat up.

Signing seats are set up, simple atmosphere, and the distance between the front and rear is moderate.

The seat arrangement is the right seat, and the main seat is on the left.


The signs of both parties stand on the outside of the signatures of all parties.

Others who participate in the signing ceremony of both parties shall be arranged in a certain order after the signatures of all parties.

Subordinate area

There are two ways to adopt the area under the stage.

1. Conventional signing

Essence use”

Symmetrical desk

“The venue, set up the left and right guests for the podium, and retained the single channel in the middle.

2. Sign signed


When there are more discussions and spokesperson signed by the contract, you can use “

U -shaped class table

“The venue, as shown below.




Arrangement of seats when taking a car





The No. 1 seat is on the right side of the driver, the No. 2 seat is behind the driver, and the No. 3 seat is next to the driver. (If three people are riding in the back row, the No. 3 seat is in the middle of the rear row).



The main seat is in the first row of the driver, and seat 1 is located in the window.

2. If the owner is driven by himself, the right side of the driver’s seat is the first place, the back row is second, and the left side is again, and the middle seat in the rear row is the last seat.

3. When the master couple drove, the host couple sat in the front seat, and the guest couple sat in the back seat. If the owner couple was equipped with a friend of a friend and wife, she was invited to sit in the front seat.

4. The owner drove himself, and there was only one person who took the guest and should sit next to the host. If there are many people in the same person, the guests who take the front seat in the middle of the seat will be changed to the front seat in the back seat. This etiquette is the most negligent.

5. The station wagon picks up the guest: The first row of the driver is the first row of the driver’s seat, that is, the front row is the respect, and the back row is small in turn. The respect of the seat is decreasing to the left side of each row.



Elevator position arrangement


Take the elevator (box type) stand:


When there is a button on the right side of the elevator, as shown in the figure above, No. 2 is large, No. 4 is two, 3 is three, No. 5 is four, and No. 1 is five.

Note: If there are buttons on both sides of the elevator, you only need to exchange positions with position 5.

The location arrangement during the photo

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