Visit Beijing Jiuxing Temporary Moutai Hot: The price of Feitian changes once a day, and the sales staff said that “the bottle opening rate is not high.

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When the market price of Moutai terminal is “squeezing water”, can the offline retail pattern of high -end liquor ushered in new changes?

On October 28, a reporter from the Huaxia Times visited 5 wine shops in the Wangfujing area of ​​Beijing and found that in the high -end liquor of thousands of dollars, Moutai and Wuliangye occupied the absolute advantage of sales share. Many wine shoppers told reporters that despite the high price of Feitian Maotai, there are still many people who have “rigid demand” for them. These people include gifts for gifts and collection. Of course The wine industry practitioners.

On October 30, there were media reports: “Multi -type Moutai wines have plummeted across the board.” On the same day, reporters went to the wine shop to inquire again and found that the price of “53 -degree flying Moutai” remained at 2980 yuan/bottle. The owner said, “This is already a price reduction after price cut.” It can be seen that Moutai is still hot at the channel.

“Moutai price changes a day”

“These wines can be sold in less than a month.” On October 28th, a reporter from Huaxia Times visited a wine bank in the Beijing Wangfujing Commercial District. Moutai introduced reporters like this.

“Some companies have 20 boxes, 40 boxes, or even 80 boxes; there are people who come to Beijing to do things and treat, these are not enough to sell, so Moutai is not worried about selling.” The salesperson said to reporters that reporters said to reporters Essence During the visit, the reporter found that in every wine shop, you can see Moutai piled up in the store, and the main wines are also flying Moutai. On October 28, the retail price of 53 degrees flying Moutai ranged from 2900 yuan/bottle to 3100 yuan/bottle. The price of the whole box was about 3400 yuan/bottle.

However, some shopkeepers told reporters that Moutai is good or not, depending on the “market”. “Because the price of Moutai has changed every day, the rise and falling is very large, and many corresponding risks need to be borne by the store. Moutai’s bottle opening rate is not as high as other brands. “,”

On October 30, there were media reports: “The price of multi -type Moutai wine fell across the board, and the price of 53 degrees (2021) was from 3750 yuan on October 26 to the latest 3550 yuan. By 2700 yuan. “On October 31st, the reporter went to the wine shop to make inquiries again that in 2021, the retail price of Feitian Maotai was still at the price level of 2980 yuan/bottle. /bottle.

Regarding the decline of the retail price of the Moutai market, Xiao Zhuqing, an expert in liquor marketing, believes that it should be a “squeeze” process. “Moutai’s market price falls is that some speculators see that Moutai allows some varieties to not open the box without recycling the box. This operation causes market speculators to panic. Zooming, so the price of Moutai has fallen, “Xiao Zhuqing said.

The “Moutai heat” in the retail market reflected in the performance of Moutai, Guizhou, the revenue and net profit of Moutai in the first three quarters of Moutai led 19 listed liquor companies. In the first three quarters of 2021, Guizhou Moutai recorded 74.642 billion yuan in revenue, an increase of 11.05%year -on -year; net profit recorded 37.266 billion yuan, an increase of 10.17%year -on -year. Maintain a double -digit growth rate.

Who is the hottest market?

Except for Moutai, the competition in the high -end liquor market is still fierce.

Wuliangye, Shanxi Fenjiu, Yanghe shares and Luzhou Laojiao all focus on the thousand yuan. The reporter learned that Wuliangye’s “Puwu”, Fenjiu Blue and white 30, Guojiao 1573 and other products played at this price section. However, not only one wine shop personnel told reporters that the sales of Wuliangye’s “Pu Wu” are better. “Because these are placed together, the price is not much different. It must be that Wuliangye’s reputation is greater, and it also depends on the buyer’s preference for liquor.”


On November 1st, Xiao Zhuqing analyzed in an interview with the reporter of the Huaxia Times: “The fundamental attributes of high -end liquor are social attributes, Moutai, Wuliangye and Guojiao 1573, which is the carrier of the” face “in high -end liquor. The ceiling ‘. The strong fragrance -type liquor is still the largest fragrance type of Chinese liquor. Wuliangye has an unshakable status in the fragrant white wine. It is the best choice for fully displaying business consumption. “

From the perspective of performance, the fragrance represents the performance of Shanxi Fenjiu in the first three quarters. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanxi Fenjiu achieved revenue of 17.257 billion yuan, an increase of 66.24%year -on -year; net profit achieved 4.879 billion yuan, an increase of 95.13%year -on -year. It is worth mentioning that in the first three quarters, Shanxi Fenjiu completed sales of 10.271 billion yuan in the provincial market, exceeding the 10 billion mark for the first time, accounting for 60%of the total sales; 40%of sales. At present, the price section of Qinghua Fenjiu is around 500 and 1,000 yuan.

Cai Xuefei, an expert in liquor marketing, analyzed reporters that “the significant improvement of foreign revenue outside the province shows that the expansion of the nationalization market expansion of Shanxi Fenjiu is obvious. The foreign market outside the province has become a new driving force for the growth of Fenjiu, and it has occupied a certain share in the national market.”

In addition, there are also alcoholic wines that have also increased significantly in terms of revenue and net profit. In the first three quarters of 2021, alcoholic wine recorded revenue of 2.64 billion yuan, an increase of 134.2%year -on -year; net profit recorded 720 million yuan, an increase of 117.69%year -on -year. However, the reporter did not see that the internal ginseng wine pushed in recent years was sold in recent years. The boss of the wine bank bluntly said, “The price of that wine is high, it costs 1600 yuan, which is more expensive than Wuliangye. It only costs 1200 yuan for Wuliangye‘ Puwu ’.


Cai Xuefei analyzed this phenomenon, “First of all, the volume of the alcoholic participation is small, and many local market exposure itself is not high. Secondly, the niche high -end products such as internal reference are mostly sold through group purchase channels. Strong concealment, the display of market circulation terminals is not the key to product sales. “

It is certain that in the terminal sales market, the sales of sauce -flavored liquor are considerable. Diaoyutai Wine Industry’s “Treasure No. 1” and “Guobin Wine” are almost the sauce of sauce recommended by reporters, which are priced at about 1,300 yuan/bottle.

“Huaxia Times” reporters learned that Diaoyutai Guobin Wine, Guofei Wine and Xi Jiu are mostly sold through the “group purchase” channels, and the company will purchase unified procurement. “Normal selling may only sell 1 to 2 bottles a week, but if you buy a group, sell 10 boxes and 20 boxes at a time. It is not a problem to sell wine at one time yesterday.” A wine manager told reporters that “Xi Jiu is not famous in Beijing, but the sales volume is very good in the national market and the price is moderate. At present, there are more circulation on the market. Shandong and Henan markets are developing very well. “

Generally speaking, the liquor market is still hot in the first three quarters of 2021, but while optimistic about the trend of the liquor sector in 2021, Xiao Zhuqing also pointed out: “The industry is currently facing a common challenge -first is the sauce -flavored liquor. Wait for the squeezing of other incense white wine; followed by the squeezing of traditional channels for new retail (e -commerce channels), and also pay attention to some companies crossing traditional dealers and selling wine through circle of opinions. The impact of the business, wholesale department, and traditional wine banks; in addition, the listed company of the regional winery and the first -tier brands (Mao Wuyang Lufen) will gradually open the gap, and the emerging foreign capital enrollment sauce wine and high -end light bottle wine may also be It will bring performance squeezing to the regional winery. “

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