Magic Capital Airborne super long beach towel Koronna beer creates the most beautiful sunset party

The 98 -meter super long sand towel made a stunning appearance.

Lie on the ultra -long sand beach towel to enjoy the most beautiful sunset party

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

Entering the enthusiastic sandy beach created by Colonica, the summer atmosphere of the face surrounded people. The sunset party brings together the five experiences of beaches, music, beer, food, and game: accompanied by dynamic and cheerful music, people enjoy Korona while dancing. The enthusiastic dancer danced with the audience with the free and cheerful drummer. Or stop in the creative market and various experience areas to experience the Mexican style. Columba cocktails prepared by a professional bartender are intoxicated, and at the same time, the unique Mexican cuisine is indispensable.

The guests experience the most beautiful sunset on the spot Mexican style pictures are from the brand

On the day of the event, the 98 -meter super long sand towel, which was specially customized by Colono, has undoubtedly became the focus of attention. This stunning crowd’s long beach towel was consumed by Colonica for a year and was carefully created for the sunset party. The sunset is getting closer, and the guests may gather on the observation platform to look at the beautiful view of the long sand beach towel on the beach on the riverside. The fatigue of a week faded with the sunset of the setting sun, and the pleasant time of beaches, music, beer, and parties had just begun.

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

Invited guests lying on Colonica 98 meters super long sand towel, indulging carnival pictures from the brand

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

Feel Korona’s pleasant sunset only for this moment

In everyone’s heart, summer is always inseparable from the sun beach. You can be lazy at home at any time, but summer is to go out with sweat, hug the beach sunlight to take good care of good times. The enthusiastic sunset party, paved with the warm sandy beaches, and a bottle of Colona, ​​a lime, the guests present seemed to be away from the city.

Ms. Guo Yan Ping, Director of Public Relations of the North District of Baili Asia -Pacific, said that “with a refreshing taste and innovative scene experience, Colonica Beer has always been loved by Chinese consumers.” This time the Karona event is to reflect ‘on the one hand. At this moment ‘brand spirit. On the other hand, Colona Beer also hopes that in a large market environment, it will continue to enhance more diverse scenarios and more interesting consumer experiences, so that consumers can feel the fresh charm of Colona beer in different atmosphere. “”

In order to continue this comfortable experience and make consumers who have not come to the scene also feel the charm of the event. Columba also carefully created an online H5 game. Synchronous sale.

Limited designer cooperative beach towel beer set will be sold in to sell pictures from the brand

魔都空降超长沙滩巾 科罗娜啤酒打造最美日落派对

Inspiring at the time of sunset, Colona created this ultra -long sand beach towel event to give the demon capital a perfect reason to go out in summer. At the same time, it also encouraged everyone to slow down the pace, walk out of the outdoor to hug the summer, enjoy the pleasant sunset, for nature, and for nature Toast. Just like the “just moment” spirit advocated by Colonica beer: at the sunset in every ordinary day, return to the most relaxed state, regain the comfort, and feel the real life.

About Colonina

Korona was born in Mexico in 1925. Ten years after the birth of the brand, Colonica became Mexico’s best -selling beer with its unique flavor. Even today, Colonica is still the pride of every Mexican. Today, it has become an important beer brand owned by Budweiser. As the world’s largest Mexican beer, Colonica’s figures are all over 120 countries around the world. It is the first place in the United States imported beer ranking, and it is also the sixth largest beer brand in the world. Columba, who has a translucent color and translucent color, perfectly interprets fashion and romance, has become more and more loved by young people, and has become a representative of excellent quality and high -end taste. The “This is Living, the spirit of this moment” advocated by Colonic Beer has also penetrated into the hearts of every fan: “Every day at sunset in every ordinary day, return to the most relaxed state, regain cohesion, feel the most rustic feelings The original intention of life. “

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