The man’s life year, wearing these 5 red, unexpectedly holding a beauty!

Hello everyone, I am a clothing with a lot of money! 2018 is the year of the editor. Wearing red panties in this year has always been the tradition of Chinese people. Xiaobian did have experienced two or three life risks. Fortunately, it was finally resolved by peace, so temporarily thought that it was to dictate the crisis for himself. At the beginning of the 18th year, Xiaobian not only wanted to wear red underwear, but even the jacket wanted to be red. I remember looking at a red coat at that time, I always wanted to wear it, but I was too expensive to buy it. Therefore, in this issue, in order to be the male compatriots in the 19th year, there is no regret, and they have specially shared several red items and matching to enhance the men’s aura, which is fierce!

I do n’t talk much about underwear. Every man has his favorite brand, and there are no styles to talk about it. Let ’s talk about how the red clothes should be worn throughout the year.

look 1 -red coat+khaki pants+printed shirt. The coat is naturally worn in winter. Red was already eye -catching, and there was noble temperament. Therefore, when matching, this aristocracy is the strongest with gorgeous printing or metal accessories. Of course, if some friends can’t accept this flower shirt with this sense of design, then it is more fashionable with a black turtleneck sweater.


look 2 -red leather jacket. Leather’s locomotive is full of motorcycles, and some rebellious teenagers love the most. It usually appears in black, but wearing a red leather coat is a tough guy that looks more ghost and mysterious. Leather with porn jeans is a classic match, plus some metal chains, and some punk feel. Of course, in our daily life, it is often a separate red leather jacket plus black T -shirt and black ripped jeans. Applicable to wear in spring.


look 3 -Red pilot jacket. Suitable for wearing in the late spring and early summer. This is a bit of a hip -hop. It is very casual with a white T -shirt, a cave denim, and a peaked cap.

look 4 -red suit top, suit is a must -have item for a man. In fact, this item needs to be prepared regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter. If it is worn by a suit jacket, it is not so serious with black jeans, and it is not so serious, and you should move closer to Yayi Fengfeng. Avoid white shirts, replaced with checkered shirts, or wave dot shirts, all of which are small taste.


look 5 -red suit suit. Of course, sometimes your career is also when your career is just red, and there are many occasions that need to wear formal clothes. The red suit caters to your life year, and you can also highlight your personality on important occasions. When the red suit is matched with a tie, it is also the most harmonious feeling with a tie with a tie.


Red is also the favorite color of Xiaobian, enthusiasm like fire, but also ghostly and mysterious. It is very charming and can attract the attention of the goddess. Except for suits, these items can be bought online. As for the suit, Xiaobian is recommended to customize. It is best not to wear cheap suits bought online casually, because the suit is most particular about fit. If it is not customized, it is difficult to buy fit. The custom price is similar to the price of buying a good suit.

In this fate, which of you, which of the New Year’s Red Gangs? Not a friend of this year, what did you wear to spend your life year? Welcome to leave a message and discuss the comment area!

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