Taiwan people sigh “the year is sad”

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The price increase of the Taiwan Chinese restaurant “small Shanghai” posted. Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Ruiqing

“It’s a mess.” Whether you go to the supermarket or a traditional market, whether you buy fresh or packaging food, or dine in the restaurant, you can hear the people of Taiwan complain that life cost is getting higher and higher.


Located in the traditional market market in Songshan District, Taipei City, in the early morning, I have poured into the residents who came to purchase. “Half a high altitude has more than 100 yuan (new Taiwan coin, the same), a tomato 80 yuan, fruit is also ‘Guisen’, really can’t buy it.” A customer complained about the reporter. According to a vendor in the market, fruit papaya, the banana has a maximum, up 40%, and the vegetable tomatoes, ginger, celery, and eggplant have also increased by 35%.

The burden on the expenditure of the people out of the meal is also increasing. The reporter often patronized the “small Shanghai” “small Shanghai” posted the price increase, from January, the small cage package is raised 1 yuan per capsule; the balcony of the table-style chain store also announced that the pot sticker dumplings increased by 0.5 yuan, the pasta has average 5 yuan; expensive restaurant brand, like Wang Pin Group, McDonald’s, Ding Taifeng, etc.

Taiwan Media “Equility” investigates 46 chain catering brands in Taiwan, and found that 68% of food workers and 67% of caterers have increased prices or within half a year; “Another network survey shows that 85.6% of the people think that the food and beverage meals are raised, and the fresh food part has a total of 90.6% of the people.

“Rising” sounds four, and it can be seen from the data. Since this year, Taiwan Consumers Price Index (CPI) has been 6 months more than 2% of the warning line, and in November, it rose 2.84% from the same period last year. It has been a new high in 9 years; the consumer “high frequency purchase goods” At least 1 time in the month) rose 6.62%, “rising” is amazing.

“The rise is rising, all things have risen, the people’s purse is awkward.” Mr. Li, who is a new restaurant, said, “This year, the restaurant is also bigger, it is worth it, it is good at eating at home.”

What is this wave of inflation caused by this wave? Expert analysis believes that this year’s inflation is global, many commodity prices are continuously introduced to recent peaks in recent years, many commodities in the interaction of energy prices, global climate abnormalities and ineffective balances, and the imbalance in the inflation of the epidemic, and many commodities are continuously introduced to recent peaks. It is expected that Taiwan inflation will continue next year. .

It is different from the people to feel that there are two things in the world. The Taiwan authorities have repeatedly emphasized the “price stability” in the island. It is called oil fees, transportation fees, and fruits and vegetables, etc. A big big force is bigger. “

In the face of the so-called “short big rising” price, the competent retailers of the Economic Affairs of the Taiwan authorities have set up the “anti-rising area” in the supermarket store. It was “this place without silver three hundred two” and wanted to cover up the price of prices. However, it released the signal that has soared.

What makes the people in the island are that the price increases, the cost of life is increased, but the actual income of the people has not increased, and the unemployment rate of the people, repeatedly exploring the new year-end bonus, but also makes the days in snow, the people have sighs This year, the year is sad. “

According to the survey of human resources industry in the island, Taiwan will only pay a ranks next year, and it is expected to be called only 3.1%. Taiwan authorities hope to resist inflation with salary, but the company does not follow, no response, the result is “fake action”. “I haven’t risen salary for four years. The price of price has not risen, but I have to eat a meal, but I am really worrying.” Said Mr. Blue, the staff of the reporter’s residence apartment.

In addition, it is impact on the epidemic. The unemployment rate in Taiwan is 4.11% in May this year. It is also a service industry that is closely related to the people’s livelihood in 7 years and a half, and most of the work position is also closely related to the people’s livelihood. The critics believe that the Taiwan authorities only take care of “beautiful” economic data that is high in high-tech manufacturing, lack of relief measures on the end of the desperate service industry, and can’t inspect the pain and helplessness of the underlying people’s lives.

Near the year, office workers look forward to the issuance of year-end bonuses. Taiwan 1111 Human Bank’s latest survey conducted by the enterprise year-end bonus showed that 23.7% of the interviewed enterprises frank this year to determine that the year-end bonus will not issue the year-end bonus, and the respondents will be issued, and the average distribution base is only 1.13 months, for 11 years. New low.

“The underlying people can’t live, why don’t you care about the political struggle? This is an anger of the underlying. The official is in a variety of political achievements, but I am so embarrassing, I don’t know how the people are all difficult.” Mr. Lu, a taxi driver.

Lost years, “glory” politicians, people are a portrayal of Taiwan’s real society.

(According to Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, December 27, Electric Reporter Xu Ruiqing, He Siki)

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