“Small high collar” is really a leader in autumn and winter.



#What to wear today#

Many people say that there are many items in the season, but the most popular one is still the most popular.

Small high -neck

Intersection Simple and versatile can also make you concave different shapes. Combining with coats and any other clothing can show a different sense of fashion and let you wear different fashion feels.

When you don’t know what to wear inside, one

You can get all the wearing

It can be shown to show high force when it comes to hard work.

But every time many sisters hear the small high school, they will be discouraged about this item. They feel that wearing is more picky, the neck is short, and it looks very bloated, but this is not the case.


As long as you choose the right collar type and clothing version, you can wear different temperament. After all, the small high collar is an invincible and fashionable and temperamental clothing.

Will not step on the thunder.

If you really think that the small high collar is very stepping on the thunder, half of the high collar is also a good choice, revealing half of his neck, giving a blankness for clothing and wearing, so that it will not look bloated visually.

Demonive and thin



“Little high collar” is really upside down in autumn and winter. One with all coats, the focus is still not stepping on the mine. It is very suitable for everyone to wear in daily life and be superb.

Why do you recommend that you wear a small high neckline

In the autumn and winter seasons, with the cold of the weather, some skin -exposed items are not recommended to choose from, such as V -neck and Fang collar, which will look a little cool, which is not conducive to keeping warm. After this problem, wearing it

Keep warm

The effect, care for the neck of the neck is not invaded by the cold wind, put on and put on

Let the warmth double.


The small high school also has a certain charm. When the retro and lazy wind are used wantonly, the small high collar also perfectly fits the advantages of clothing to wear. ,Too

The magic weapon to enhance temperament.


It does not pick age, does not pick the crowd, there is always a “cross -century” dressing effect. A good -looking small high -necked neck can be worn with his mother with a sense of advanced.

Small high collar single wear

Suitable scene: indoor/workplace


When the weather is slightly cold, it is not so cold, Xiao Gao can show it as a single wear to show

Different charm and gas field

The effects of wearing will also be very natural. Everyday and workplace wear will look OK.

Don’t think that the small high collar has only two colors of black and white. Occasionally, special design methods, or different details, will look better.

Blue colored small high collar+jeans

Blue is a very eye -catching and bright color system. The use of this color in autumn and winter can well change the old earthy feeling of wearing, and it can also sweep the monotonous effect of black. Join various forms of color strips, and it seems that the costumes are very good


, Loose high -necked forms, do not straighten their necks. The lower body is paired with a pair of black straight jeans. It is very casual and wears a sense of casualness.

Very delicate.

Little high collar+black loose pants

Compared to the small high collar of solid color, the contrasting series can indeed get rid of the monotonous sense of wearing. While increasing the temperament, the dressing will also look good.



, The design that can be slim,

It is recommended to wear a thin girl on the upper body

, Not fat. The lower body is paired with a pair of black straight trousers, which is more suitable for girls with thick legs. It has a thin effect and is very straight.


Small high -neck stacking

Advantages: Exquisite/layered/no earth

Not only can we wear it alone, the small high -collar and other clothing are overlapped, which will not only look very fashionable, but also create more texture. The focus is on the use of clothing items to be used well, so as to create more refined and more exquisite and more more exquisite and more more exquisite and more more exquisite and more refined and more more exquisite and more refined Charming effect.

Shirt+small high collar

Nothing can wear more fashionable ways than shirts+small high schools. It looks good and exquisite, and it can also shape

Strong eye -catching

Like a blue striped shirt, the loose version is worthy of everyone’s attempts, and it is also suitable for micro -stars to wear.

The small black high collar is used as an inner, color in color

Not very fancy

It is very in line with the way of wearing in autumn and winter, lazy and casual, and it looks very atmospheric.

Little Black Skirt+White Takaitar

In the past, the awareness of the small black skirt stayed at the level of elegance and dignity, but sometimes it also appeared very different.


Feeling, with the pocket hip hip fishtail hem, it looks very distinctive.

Inside the black skirt, with a white turtleneck, the overall black and white contrasting color, there is a certain


Feeling, dressing is very chic.

Little Gao


Suggestion: The best -fitting version is the best

The last way to wear is to make a small high -necked inward, which will double the warmth and can also wear a full tone. Although this is the most common form of matching in autumn and winter, it does not affect its beauty. Not bloated and fashionable.

Coat+small high collar

I have to say that the coat and the small high collar are really a natural match, and the temperament that can be displayed is difficult to refuse. With both fashion and atmosphere, it can also show

Advanced charm


The point is not bloated.

The white long coat, with the small white high collar, the different white tanks also created different levels, which can be described as unknown at all.

Suit+small high collar

What kind of immortal existence is in a suit? Needless to say that everyone will know more, especially the black leather suit. The cool effect is really very poke.

When the black leather suit plus the small black neck,

Big Woman Fan Full

However, because of the addition of bags, it also looks very stylish and layered, and it comes to wear a lot.


It can be seen that this year’s winter is not popular, and the “small high -necked” is worn in the inside. It is suitable for everyone to wear.

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