Ruisheng Technology released a master SLS speaker, proposed an ultra -thin TV acoustic solution

IT House News on November 27th, Ruisheng Technology (AAC) held an acoustic seminar on November 26 in Shenzhen. At the meeting, Ruisheng Technology released the master -class SLS speakers for the first time, sharing audio solutions including smartphones, cars, wearable devices, and laptops, and demonstrated a variety of application instances.

The newly released SLS speakers are committed to solving the problem of insufficient energy density of traditional mobile speakers. Ruisheng said that this new type of speaker has a small volume of large -volume large amplitude characteristics, which subverts the traditional internal magnetic circuit system architecture and has high energy density technology.

The size of the SLS master BOX is reduced by 50%compared with the classic product, which can effectively save stack space. At the level of sound effects,

瑞声科技发布大师级 SLS 扬声器,提出超薄电视声学方案

The highest amplitude of this speaker is 0.65mm

, Increased by more than 85%compared to the same specifications of traditional speakers. The low frequency loudness increased by more than 100%compared with the same specifications of traditional speakers, a larger amplitude, and larger sound, ensuring less distortion and more pleasant effects.

At this conference, Ruisheng also released acoustic solutions for ultra -thin TV design:

The maximum thickness of the entire speaker system is only 15mm

Essence This system has algorithms such as nonlinear distortion compensation, bass compensation, and speaker array control to provide users with the effect of home theater.

In terms of headphones, in response to the general characteristics of semi -in -ear headphones, the characteristics of poor bass performance and more distortion, Ruisheng launched “

瑞声科技发布大师级 SLS 扬声器,提出超薄电视声学方案

Φ13 headset solution

“, With NLC and EQ algorithms, after multi -level volume debugging and optimization, ensure that users wear comfort, they can get surging bass comparable to ear -in -ear headphones. The overall thickness is lower.

The IT House learned that Ruisheng Technology’s turnover in 2020 was 17.1 billion yuan, and the number of employees around the world reached 33,700, of which 4,335 R & D engineers and technicians.

Ruisheng Technology also shows the car -oriented smart cockpit immersive audio solution.

Use miniaturized, lightweight high -energy density speakers modules

The volume of the full -frequency speaker is reduced by more than 50%.

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