Putting children in winter is not as much as possible. The warmth of these three parts is the key

Recently, the weather has become colder and colder. I woke up in the morning and hid in a warm quilt, brushed Weibo, and suddenly found this picture. The baby’s expressionless expression was really real ~!

There is a kind of “cold”. Grandma thinks you are very cold, and the child’s face is “incompetent”

I remember when I was young, every time I went to the house, I would like to wear too little clothes and worry about his cold. He had to wrap him out of a coat outside. Instead, it was cold. Therefore, when taking care of the child, just wear it. Do not cover the child too much. Not only is it inconvenient to move, reduce the cold resistance of the child, but also sweat a lot.

It is not as much as possible to wear clothes for children in winter.

Many parents are curious, how should I wear children in winter? Generally speaking, as long as these key parts are warmed, the child will not be frozen and can easily spend the cold winter.

1. The child’s head and neck

Children’s head blood vessels are relatively abundant, and they are in the superficial surface of the skin,

30%of the children’s calories are distributed by the head

Essence In other words, if the head is cold, the child’s body’s calories will emit very quickly. In addition, the subcutaneous fat on the neck of the child is relatively thin. If this area is cold, it will also reduce the child’s resistance and increase the risk of a cold. Therefore, the child’s head and neck must keep warm.

It is recommended to prepare a hat+scarf

△ Hat:

Prepare a warm and comfortable hat for your child. When you go out in winter, you can keep warm and reduce your child’s physical calories to avoid the child’s cold. The material of the hat is very important. Try to choose cotton flavors. The hat of the wool can easily stimulate the skin and cause skin discomfort. Try not to wear it for children.


△ Scarf:

The skin of the child’s neck is very sensitive. The scarf must choose soft and comfortable, and do not have too many decorations, such as buttons, small velvet balls, etc., otherwise the child may be eaten by the child. If you prepare a fluffy scarf for your child, pay attention to whether there is a hair loss. Once the child inhaled, it will cause cough and poor breathing.


: When parents buy hats and scarves, it is best to try it by themselves. If you feel comfortable, you can buy it without any problems. Do not look cheaply. Buying is not suitable for children. After buying home, you must wash it frequently, especially the scarf. In winter, many children like to cover their mouths and nose. The bacteria in the scarf are easily inhaled into the body, so it is necessary to ensure that the scarf is clean and tidy.

2. Children’s abdomen

Children’s abdomen is also very important. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, you must pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen. Once the abdomen is cold, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and indigestion may occur, which affects the child’s health.

It is recommended to prepare children: underwear+strap pants


△ High -waist cotton underwear:

Underwear can play a basic warm -keeping work, and cotton underwear with good sweat absorption and breathability is not only comfortable to wear, but also allows the air to keep the air around the skin, block the loss of body heat, and prevent children from getting sick. But underwear must

The size is suitable, the material is comfortable, it is best to protect the belly with high waist

Essence If the underwear is too large and too fat, the wind can easily enter the cuffs and neckline, and the warmth effect will be greatly reduced; if the underwear is too small and too tight, the child will be uncomfortable; while the high waist underwear, the waist of the pants is relatively high, the pants can be relatively high, and the waist of the pants is relatively high. Covering the small belly, no matter how active the child is, it will not expose the stomach, and the warmth effect is better.

△ Warm -keeping strap pants:

If the child has not been in kindergarten, or if he is very capable, you can prepare a few warm strap pants for your child, because the clothes are worn more in winter, and the pants are easy to decline. The decline can also prevent children from getting cold. However, there is a disadvantage of the strap pants, which is more troublesome to go to the toilet, so it is recommended that children who have not been in kindergarten, or children who have a great ability to take care of themselves can prepare strap pants; as for those children who have been in kindergarten, they are not very good at self -care. It is recommended not to wear strap pants, because the child is more anxious, and the pants are likely to pee their pants.

Note: Children’s pants can choose velvet and cotton. Too much pants in winter, inconvenient activity, and easy to drop their pants, so parents can wear thicker autumn pants for their children, and then add a bar with a velvet plus velvet plus velvet. The pants are good for keeping warm, easy to move, and it is not easy to drop pants. (Especially children in kindergarten, the pants outside at noon need to take off, it must wear a thick pants in it)

3. Children’s foot

As the saying goes, “the disease starts from the cold, and the cold is born from the feet.” The distance between our feet is the longest, and the blood supply is the least. If the foot is cold, it is likely to reduce the volume of blood circulation, resulting in low resistance of the child and increasing the danger of children’s illness; It will cause children with diarrhea and not conducive to children’s health. Therefore, parents must do a good job of warmth in their feet, especially in the winter weather. Unless the family is warm, the child should not let the child walk on the cool ground.


It is recommended to prepare children: thick socks+warm shoes

△ thick socks:

The thick socks here are not cotton socks, but a slightly thicker socks. After all, the weather is cold in winter, the children’s clothes are thickened, and the socks must be thickened, but unless it is particularly cold, it is not necessary to wear a particularly thick cotton for the child. sock. When parents buy socks, try to choose

Suitable size, loose socks, good elasticity, and comfortable socks

It can not only keep warm, but also allow the child’s little foot to move freely in the socks. It will not be too tight or uncomfortable.

However, the child’s metabolism is relatively strong, and the little feet sweat more. Wearing socks all day may be humid and easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, children’s socks need to be washed and changed. Give your child to wear it again.

△ Shoes:

A while ago, I wrote an article about children’s cotton shoes. Generally, parents are not recommended to wear snow boots below 3 years old, which is not conducive to the development of small feet. For details, you can take a look at [https://www.toutiao.com/i6756470015148442120/]

When choosing shoes, you must be comfortable, not too big or too small. The soles must be non -slip. After all, the road is slippery in winter and the shoes are not good at slipping. Children are prone to wrestling.

It is best to bake the children’s shoes at night, bake the humidity inside, and the child will be more comfortable and warmer when wearing it again.

Use the “onion -style dressing method” to change the child at any time

The so -called “onion -style dressing method” is to wear clothes like onions one by one. The inner layer can wear well -sweat -fringed clothing. The middle layer chooses the clothes with good warmth effect. The outer layer is waterproof and windproof effect. These clothes can be worn and removed at any time to facilitate various weather changes.

Take the past few days, the weather has become colder and the north has begun to heating, but the temperature difference between early, middle and late, and indoor and outdoor is very large. Cold cold. At this time, parents can use

“Onion -style dressing method”

Give your child to wear: first wear three clothes, one underwear, a thick sweater or sweater, a down jacket, and then put a cotton vest at school.


On the way to school in school, it is also the coldest time. Children can wear down jackets, warm, and not afraid of the cold environment outside. If it is still too cold, you can also put the vest on the school at the outermost; After arriving at the school, there are heating in the classroom. The down jackets can be taken off and wearing sweaters. In the morning and outdoor activities, you can put on cotton vests to keep warm without restricting your child’s activities.

Specifically, you can choose according to the temperature of various places and the children’s preferences. Do not cover the child too much. Do n’t talk about it. Cruel things.

How to judge whether children’s clothes are appropriate

Now that you know the way of dressing, how can you judge whether your child’s clothes are suitable? Many parents like to touch their children’s small faces or small hands and feet. They feel cold when they feel cold, and quickly add clothes. This method is wrong. Take small hands and feet, the child’s limbs are the farthest, and the child’s heart skills are weaker than adults, and the blood of the limbs will be less, so it is normal for small hands and small feet to be a bit cold.

The most reliable way is

Touch the child’s back neck temperature

Essence When the child is not active, put his hand in the position of the child’s back neck. If it feels warm, it means that the clothes are more suitable; if you feel cool, it means that the clothes are a little bit less. Many sweats, indicating that the clothes are worn too much, pay attention to reducing the clothes in an appropriate amount.

Ding Maisu:

The weather turns cold, parents must pay attention to their children’s wear, don’t be too cold or too hot, never give children a lot of wear, too bulky, otherwise it will not only affect the child’s daily activities, make the child unhappy, but also be unhappy. It will reduce children’s cold resistance and increase the risk of sickness.

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