Old tea guests all love these 6 pieces of tea sets

For a person who loves tea, in addition to starting some good tea, it is also necessary to equip some beloved tea sets.

There are many types of tea sets and different types of instruments. So, which tea sets do senior tea customers love?

【Cooking Water】

Many tea needs to be soaked with high temperature boiling water to control the temperature, which is the basis for ensuring the taste of tea soup.

It is commonly used in ancient wind stoves or charcoal stoves in ancient times.

Iron silver pot boiled water

, Simple operation, convenient and safe.

Iron kettle

The water cooked by the iron pot,

Soft and sweet


Mountain spring

The taste. It turns out that the water cooked by the iron pot can be released

Binary iron ion

, Sofeled the water quality, thus rushing tea to improve the taste of tea.


▶ Sato Satsuko Treasure -type cherry -patterned sand iron pot

Iron pot boil water

Higher temperature at the boiling point

It is 2-3 degrees higher than that of ordinary stainless steel, and the insulation time is longer. Use high-temperature water to make tea.

Can stimulate and enhance the aroma of tea


Especially for


Pu’er old tea


Cooked tea

In the case of, due to the time of aging and fermentation technology, the high -temperature water can fully exert its internal Chenxiang and tea rhyme to the fullest.


Silver pot

Cook the silver pot, you can

Release silver ions

Remove impurities, odors, bacteria in water

Wait, it can make the water quality softer and thinner.

▶ Xiaoshong Silverware Magpie


In addition, it is clean and tasteless, and the thermal chemical properties are stable, not easy to rust, and will not make the tea soup stain. Silver

Clean and tasteless, water purification, sterile, health and beauty

The upper cleaner.

【Zisha pot】

As the protagonist of the tea table, there are many types of teapots. A senior tea guest, how can the tea table be missing on the tea table.

The purple sand pot is made of tea, the advantages are endless:

1. Purple sand pottery is a pottery refined from the sand hammer. It does not seize the aroma of tea and has no cooked soup.


▶ Xu Zhiping’s original ore golden section Wuzi Nafu

2. The sandy teapot can absorb tea juice and use it for a while to increase the “tea rust”, so the boiling water is injected into the empty pot with tea fragrance.

3. It is easy to wash. It does n’t need to be used for a long time. It is inevitable that it smells. You can use boiling water to burn it twice or three times, and then pour cold water, and then make the original taste of tea unchanged.

▶ Yang Jianpeng Dragon Blood Sand Spring Pot

4. The cold and cold acute metamorphosis is strong. The month of the cold winter is injected into boiling water and does not swell due to the sudden change of temperature (pay attention to the warm pot); and the sandystock heat transfer is slow, no matter the handling is not hot.

5. Purple sand pottery is resistant to roasted tea in winter, and the pot is not easy to burst (note the warm pot). This is why people who pay attention to tea drinking in ancient and modern times particularly like to use purple sand pots.

【Cover Bowl】

Cover the bowl, also known as

Three cups


Essence Covering tea on it, it is called “


“; Tea is below, which is called”





▶ Jingde Impression White Porcelain Cloud Sancai Bowl

Bowle with a bowl



Two functions can be used directly in the cover bowl, tea can also be made in the cover bowl, and then it is divided into more people in the gray cup. When choosing a bowl, pay attention to the bowl cup type, and choose the capacity and size that suits you.

【Pinpin Cup】


The tasting cup is

Used to drink tea

Small cup. The texture is porcelain, pottery, purple sand, glass, etc. When choosing a cup, its style and texture should echo the teapot.

▶ Changfu white porcelain plum orchid bamboo chrysanthemum cup

Pinpin cups will come in different uses due to the master’s mood, purpose, preference, etc., with

Masters’ atmosphere

And more unique style and charm.

【 Fair cup 】


Fair cup, tea cup, teapot

It is the three main characters of Kung Fu Tea. The fair cups include porcelain, purple sand, and glass texture. Among them, the fair cup of porcelain and glass texture is the most commonly used. The fair cup is matched with the teapot and tea cup. Generally speaking, the fair cup should be slightly larger than the teapot and bowl.

▶ Jiu Duan Miao Hand Blue and White Road

Because the tea brewed in the teapot, the cup is directly divided, the upper and lower are different or there may be tea residue. Pour the tea soup into the fair cup. You can

Ensure that the concentration of the tea soup in each tea cup is basically the same

Every guest can taste the same taste of tea.

【Tea Disk】

The tea tray is a shallow bottom utensil for teapots, tea cups, tea ceremony, tea pets, and tea food.

The first is the rules of tea set

The second is to undertake some tea soup and tea leaves

▶ Laos big red rosewood leaping Longmen tea tray

Tea tray


Mainly, there are other materials such as metal, stone, and jade. No matter what kind of tea tray, you only need to grasp the three points when choosing:

Width, flat, shallow

Not wrong.

▶ African ebony and Accord tea tray


, The number of guests is large, you can put a few more cups;

Pan flat

, Can make the tea cup stable, not easy to shake;

Be shallow

, Can set off tea cups and teapots to make the whole beautiful.

In addition to drinking tea, it can make people feel pleasant, as well as the atmosphere of tea with a peaceful and peaceful mood. Boil tea in a clear and high -clean environment, where he is at ease.






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