Only the mascara is used in the bag, the fashionable almons have begun to use “eyelashes to bottom”

Everyone knows that I am not a person who loves to use online buzzwords

But today I want Amway’s eyelashes to base

I really blow! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

I have made any shortcomings. No shortcomings are found.


Thinly coating super natural thick coating is like receiving the eyelashes

Now as long as you are too lazy to make up

Apply a eyelashes to the bottom and wear a mask and go out

The whole person is very energetic, no makeup, no makeup, there is makeup

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

Don’t dislike me! Full faceless makeup only painted with eyelashes and bottoming

To be honest, I did not pay attention to the eyelashes before


Once my own eyelashes are not short

Secondly, I feel that the mascara is fake and it is easy to fly legs

It’s troublesome to get into the eyes when you knead the special

But since trying the eyelashes base

I really cry, it’s just my dream mascara

The curl is dense and clear, the true roots are clear and the root is clear and the root is clear and the root is clear and the root is clear.

If you can only buy a mascara in this life

Really buy this, right it is right name–


ETTUSAIS Audu Sanno Natural Curly Curvile Clamp Bottom

As the name suggests, it is a layer of things that you apply before you apply mascara

But I personally think after applying this

No need to apply mascara at all

Unless it is a heavy European and American eye makeup

There are many fibers in the bottom of the eyelashes

People with particularly short eyelashes will be much longer after applying it

Then apply the mascara to last long -lasting

After ten hours a day, you won’t be dizzy at all


It can also prevent the flies phenomenon of mascara

It is worth buying for a lifetime! Intersection

The origin of its name is also very interesting:

“ETTUSAIS” Audu Semon comes from French

It is a greetings for young girls to share messages

It means “Hi! Do you know?”

As a young brand of Shiseido

I won the first place in the 2017 COSME Awards Landlash Department

COSME Beauty Awards is a cosmetics ranking selected by consumers

It is one of the most authoritative beauty cosmetics rankings

It can be seen how good its consumer reputation is!

The fiber it brushed out is very, very detailed

It’s really better than the hair on the hair, which will be firmly attached to the eyelashes

And you will find it the most unique point:

Its fiber and gel are both black

And other brands of eyelashes base are white glue -like

(For example: kissme and kate)

Because the paste is black, except as a base

It can also be used directly as a mascara

Especially when the face is

It is like the eyelashes of your own body

Special naturally, more slender and thicker

It is equivalent to you spend 1 piece of money and buy 2 mascara

Pursuing natural makeup effects for not like heavy makeup

For friends who take time to work in the subway to work

It’s a large benefit


In addition, it adds vitamin E,

Components of sodium hyaluronic acid, arginine

Make your eyelashes more convincing and smooth


While beauty, it can also play the effect of daily maintenance

Two -in -one

These ingredients often appear in high -end shampoo,

Mask, skin care products

But rarely added to the mascara

It can be seen that the Audulis brand is very careful

The brush head of Audu’s eyelashes is very different like a small comb

When the sawtoral brush head is removed each time

The paste will not be stubborn to the mouth of the bottle.

It’s not too much, and it is easier to apply to the lower eyelashes


There are also details such as the end of the eyes


Brushing eyelashes is as refreshing as combing hair

There will be no flies legs particularly suitable for novices!

In addition to the beauty of the “plain artifact”


Waterproofness is also very excellent

Crying into tears and people will not be black with both eyes


What winter to eat hot pot? I am particularly easy to sweat.

It is not hindered when it comes to rainy days

Someone must have asked the waterproofness so good

Is it difficult to remove makeup? totally not!

Just use the ordinary eye lip makeup remover gently and gently remove it. It is OK

The whole process does not exceed 10 seconds

It is worthy of being a brand of Shiseido


In addition, all sisters with short eyelashes

All of them buy me eyelashes to increase liquid

Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

It has been N times before, I have been on N times

Today, taking advantage of the eyelashes to the bottom, let’s review it again!

When I recommend blush and nasal shadow before

Many people in the comment area held my collar and asked:

“Aunt’s eyelashes are so beautiful! How can the eyelashes look longer!”


No one cares about blush and nasal shadows at all

Let me be very good at Taiwan?

When taking the two pictures below

I just used it


About a month


(After all, it was taken for blush and nasal shadows at that time.

I have no need for P eyelashes)


Early, I have also done tweet sharing

Since the voices are so high, I will be Amway again

Just look at the picture if you look at the picture

(Please ignore the text tutorial in the figure below to see the eyelashes are over)

Before encountering this eyelashes growth solution

I have been fighting on the road of eyelashes

Who makes the congenital conditions uncomfortable

If you are sparse and short and you can’t move, you will drop it

Fortunately, I am perseverance and tough

Let Cangtian know that I don’t admit defeat!

Over eight hundred kinds of mascara:

Always worry about halo makeup, do not leave a chance to stay in love

As soon as the makeup remover, it is beaten back to the original shape


Try all the recommended false eyelashes in the beauty class:

It’s unnatural to look sticky, and the straight man can see that it is false

The waste of time that is not sticky is purely technical job

The two eyes can be tinked for half an hour, and they are always worried about falling down

It is a good choice to connect the eyelashes:

But if you don’t want to hurt the eyelashes, you will be flawless

No 1,000 yuan can’t be made, and at most, it lasts for a month

I have to be careful to wash my face, and my eyes are all money.

After all, there are still rich games

Finally, I glanced on the eyelashes growth solution

The younger sisters studying in Japan recommended it to me


It has sold the first in Japan for four consecutive years in Japan


At the same time, it is also the product of the COSME Awards Hall -level


Through my two consecutive months of trial

Now transforming into an electric eye eyelashes!

The picture above is the recommended eye mask a while ago

I was held again with the collar and asked the eyelashes.

I will tell you today!


Don’t ask anymore in the future!

ANGFA is a brand that is specializing in preventing hair loss in Japan

It contains red roots extract and rich amino acids

The hair growth factor can improve the blood circulation at the root of the eyelashes


Increase the hair follicles so that the eyelashes are thicker and stronger

Eyelashes are actually the same as hair

All will experience growth period, degradation and resting period

The growth period of eyelashes is usually only 1 month

There are 3-5 months in the dormant period

No matter how gentle the eyelashes, it will inevitably be pinched one or two

The growth rate of the eyelashes itself can not be kept far away.

It is said that the eyelashes are a lasting battle

In fact, as long as you choose the right “weapon”, you can quickly decide

The following one I use the effect of Angfa three weeks later:

(Speaking of three weeks, but there are always more than ten days, forgot to apply)

○ Auntie is too real shot without applying mascara for three weeks of effect.

In fact, you can feel a slight change for a week

Because Angfa created “Lash D” technology

This is the world’s first nanotechnology:

“Nanomification” of effective ingredients such as hair and amino acids and amino acids


Make the molecule of the ingredients smaller

Can better penetrate the keratin and exert the greatest effect

Especially the lower eyelashes, the foreigner of the foreigner

Visible naked eye visible to the naked eye

In addition, it also contains “widlash” formula

It can keep the eyelashes long and dense

It consists of three ingredients: biomantic trice peptide-1, vitamin original and glycerin

Just like making hair (here is a serious hair)

Can enhance the gloss and elasticity of the eyelashes, make the eyelashes stronger

Unless it is hard

The interference of the eyelashes can still be easily confronted

Can effectively alleviate the situation of eyelashes

2016 Angfa eyelashes cosmetic solution in PLAZA, Dongyu Hands, and LOFT in Japan are the first sales

It is also mentioned that its brush head is very eye -catching, which is very protective

Humanized arc and soft materials are just right

Eyes and ends can be taken care of and the ingredients are safe

I accidentally touched my eyes without tingling

The liquid in it is colorless and tasteless, transparent

Like the use of mascara, there is no foreign body sensation at all

It’s like applying nutrients

Every time I was asked if the eyelashes were really or fake

Every time I was asked what brand is the mascara

There will be a dark in my heart


“Natural Beauty” that can go out with two eyelashes can be clamped at the same time

The above two products are all 2 % off for a limited time to mix and match

You can also use Valentine’s Day red envelope ~

You may miss the list of hands you might miss

Click the picture below

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated


○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

○ Auntie is too actual and stealing pictures must be investigated

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