Light and simple to wear in early autumn, short tops with bottom pants, fresh, beautiful and generous

Quietly autumn is here. In the early autumn days, you will find that as long as you have underwent a few autumn rain, the weather will gradually become cold, showing the phenomenon of cool morning and evening, noon, so in this season It shows the phenomenon of “chaos”. There are both the matching and the combination of autumn. So how to match autumn, in fact, you can try to wear leggings, with a short top, which shows both body and coolness, beautiful and generous.


Just like this younger sister, the upper body wore a black long -sleeved shirt, the short version of the slimming cut, thin and figure, with gray leggings, wearing simple beauty, Let’s take a look at this matching style together. In the early autumn, feel the light beauty.


Black short long sleeve tops wear autumn coolness


Short tops are very popular in summer, because it can cooperate with the lower dress to enhance the waistline to divide the tall proportion of the body. At the same time, the thinness of the waist can be highlighted, both cool and figure. The black short sleeve top wearing this lady not only considers the coolness of autumn, but also wears warm and beautiful, and the short version takes into account the coolness. The black lining is both thin and figure, beautiful and generous.

Gray leggings have good body shaping effect, light and beautiful


Belo pants have always been the favorite of girls, especially in the autumn, the dressing rate has gradually improved, and the leggings have thin and thin models, and there are also velvet models. The characteristics of the clip can be matched with different tops to wear simple beauty. Because the younger sister chooses black to match, the next dress is gray, which can not only ensure the thin effect, but also bring a layered beauty, full of beauty, look good and show figure.

Patching of shoes

In the matching of shoes, everyone’s starting point is different, so the options in matching are also different. For example, girls who love shopping will choose sports shoes to match, so that they are comfortable and light. If you want to wear a tall and thin effect, you can choose high -heeled shoes, which is both fashionable and generous and wearing self -confidence. Therefore, you can choose the shoes you want to match according to your actual needs. Show your most beautiful gesture.


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