How to clean the summer of different fabrics? Old driver teach you

The 40 -day Sanfu Tian has begun. In addition to the air -conditioned WIFI watermelon, a refreshing summer quilt is also essential.

However, due to the high temperature in summer, the human body metabolism is fast. According to statistics, the normal sweats of 24 hours a day are 600 to 700 ml. so

Summer quilts that are used closely are prone to dirty and breeding bacterial mites, so often washing


Is Xia Liang just throw it directly into the washing machine to wash it?


The answer is of course NO!

Like MM’s skin care products, different skin quality needs are different, so

The material of summer is different, and the washing care is different


Washed silk summer quilt

Silk is a delicate public, and it is not suitable for machine washing.

It is advisable to wash the temperature below 30 ° C, and use a neutral detergent


(Do not use alkaline laundry powder), the core is soaked within 5 minutes, washed softly, and drying the paved place.


Can’t dry in strong light

Because silk is protein fiber, it will cause yellowing and brittle loss under the drying of the sun. Therefore, it can only be dry and should not be exposed.

△ Laiser printed water washing silk summer was used/bird’s fragrance


Tian Si Xia Qian

Tiansi is a plant fiber taken from the European forest.

Should be washed by hand -washing or drum mode, it is not recommended to brush

Use neutral wire detergent, try not to twist as much as possible after washing.

All soft fabrics are all

It is recommended to dry it in the flat shop, do not expose the exposure

Essence If the washing is inappropriate, it will cause “getting the ball”.

△ Laiser’s pro -Jingxia was clustered by/Yutang



Plel Xia Qian

It can also be covered with down quilts in summer. Fumana launched a thin -machine -washed down quilt.

Rest assured machine washing without running cotton

Use neutral detergent, after washing,

Do not screw out, squeeze the water out, dry it in town, prohibit exposure, you can’t iron it

Essence After drying, gently pat the down to restore the fluffy and soft.


△ Washing of goose velvet printed water was washed/iRea


Pure cotton summer quilt

It can be washed with various soaps or detergents. It can be soaked in water for a few minutes when cleaning, but it should not be too long to avoid damage to the color.



The best water temperature is 40 ~ 50 ℃

You can master a small amount of multiple times, that is, it is not necessary to use a lot of water every time to rinse, but to wash it a few more times. After washing, it should be cool in the ventilation, and it is not advisable to expose it.

△ Gorgeous Printing Antibacterial Air Conditioning was used/Huaxi Yue




Fiber air conditioner

When washing with a washing machine, the water temperature should not be too high

, So as not to destroy the performance of its chemical fibers.

Soak in the washing solution for 15-20 minutes,

Washing machine mode adjustment “soft mode”

That’s it. After the air conditioner is removed, the quilt shakes around when the sun is exposed to prevent the core of the core.

△ Long velvet cotton proximity Jingxia quilt/Fengya series

To clean the bedding correctly, you can enjoy a more comfortable sleep experience!

Full of bedding to clean the dry goods, Nana couldn’t help applauding for herself.

Summer bedding should be changed frequently, and the rules of get or above, you will never have to worry about washing the summer quilt ~



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