Differences between BB cream and CC cream

In the cosmetics, the cream is something that must be painted before the small fairy goes out, and the cream is divided into BB cream and CC cream and other types of cream. It is difficult to see the name. What is the difference between two creams, then BB What is the difference between cream and cc frost? Let’s introduce it to you.

1, the hiding power is different

BB cream and CC frost are very different in terms of concealer. The most important function of BB cream itself is to cover, cover some of the places on the face, so BB cream is strong in the cover power, CC cream In addition to the concealer, there is a certain repair function of the skin. In the effect of concealer, the CC cream should look more natural, and it does not completely cover the flaws on the face, and some more obvious scars cannot cover very well.

2, oily


BB cream and CC cream are also different in terms of oily, BB cream is more important because of implicit covering, so there is more oil in the face, and there is more oily on the face, and the CC cream itself is not only limited to Concealence, so there is no raw material for the comparison of oil in the selection of materials, so the BB cream in oily is greater than CC cream.

3, different water solubility

BB frost because of its own oily problem, plus texture is relatively thick, so it is basically not soluble in water in water solubility, and one of CC cream is hydrating, so the CC cream can basically do it completely dissolved in it. Water, CC cream in cleansing makers must be more winning, use BB cream, you need to remove it with specialized lotion, CC cream is easy to wash your face with water, apply it to the face on your face. To be lighter and more refreshing.

4, the season used

BB cream and CC cream are different from the seasons suitable for use. BB cream is more oily, and thicker, so if you use BB cream when you use BB cream, you will be very poor, makeup It is easy to spend more, it is easy to make a lot of skin problems, and when you go to winter, choose BB frost not only to cover dry, there is a certain warm effect, so that your face is not easy to be blown by wind.

5, suitable population

BB cream and CC cream itself are different, BB cream is relatively thick, and more oil, more suitable for friends, more friends, more friends can also choose to use BB cream, and it is compared to itself There is less white, and the friend who is more oil can choose to be a more refreshing CC cream. The CC cream itself can suppress the skin and it seems more natural.

There is a misunderstanding here, and many friends think that the face of the face is because of the lack of oil. In fact, the face is more dry, and the oil skin is also the same, because the face moisture and oil are uncoordinated, Therefore, the hydration of CC cream is more applicable to dried skin and oil skin. These two choices are mainly to see part of the area and severity of the concealer.

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