Grandpa youth back! Garnett KG boots upgrade and return! Ferry + new technology is luxurious enough

As the Winter Olympics approaches, Anta recently brought a championship series, re -shaped classic shoe types with high -level materials, showing extraordinary texture.

爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华

Recently, this series has one


爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华

On sale.

爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华

Old players who follow Anta shoes must recognize it. This shoe is based on Anta.


爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华


爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华


based on.

▼ Garnett KG1

At that time, Garnett and domestic brand Anta joined forces to achieve a good story. Now this shoe type returns, I believe many players will call Ye Qing back.

爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华

The general design continues the hardcore details of KG1, retro style, and double -shoe tongue magic stickers, which are all talked about.

However, because Anta and Garnett collaborated, the KG Logo was not continued, and the details were changed to pay tribute to Garnett’s No. 5 logo.

The upper is made of high -quality leather. The smooth texture and scales are combined to bring a rich sense of layering.

The biggest upgrade is the midsole. The retro -sneaker style rubber shell is used to built the latest Anta nitrogen technology, bringing a comfortable and soft -footed feet.

Continuing the classic KG shape, both texture and foot feel are upgraded. Old players who like KG must not miss it.

Now it has been launched in the official online store of Anta, priced at 799 yuan.

By the price 599 yuan

, Friends who like it can start.

Anta Champion Series

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爷青回!加内特 KG 战靴升级回归!真皮 + 新科技够豪华

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