The early spring of Koreans is really stylish, both cool and fashionable, and they are particularly advanced when they look at it.

Clothing and dressing often show a variety of different options according to the different season changes. The style of wearing in winter and early spring wear is particularly obvious. Not only is the style of clothing changed a lot, but also a variety of temperament.



It should be prepared in early spring, learning the matching skills of Korean people, fashionable and daily, and daily good -looking wear is the fashionable dress that is more in line with the public.

Essence The early spring of Koreans is really available

Fan, both cool and fashionable, look particularly advanced. There is a reason for Han Liu to be popular for so long.

Good -looking and practical

It is their collocation criteria.

▶ Long suit+skirt

When everyone is preparing for the early spring clothing,

Light -colored clothing

It is the first push with the skirt. After all, the changes in spring can be felt from the temperature, and the design ratio

The more refreshing clothing,

It will show the high -end aura of clothing more naturally.

It’s like wearing a thin suit jacket, with a loose design skirt, or with white trousers, it feels special in spring.


Gray suit and black skirt

It is also a fashion choice that can retain some winter aura. Color, bags, or


It can also be matched, and colorful accessories are also particularly young.

▶ Light brown combination

There are many light -colored clothing. Everyone must remember to choose elegant light -colored clothing to keep their clothing matching high -level. For example, apricot clothing and light brown are good


, The color tone is very warm

Soft, the effect that can be presented is also special


Light -colored coat matching

After light -colored wide -leg pants,

There is also a lady fan and retro fan. At this time, if you want to become more advanced and handsome, you can match black boots. If you want to show the free and easy gas field, you can try it with white sneakers.

▶ Checked coat

After entering the spring, more people are willing to wear a coat to go out when they are warm, making their aura more advanced. Put on the spring more

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Clothing can also make the lady fan more prominent.

The clothing is recommended to choose color, light yellow and light pink are good choices. The lighter color will be matched with

Checked coat


After that, it shows a more stylish effect, and it can also magnify the pure temperament in temperament.

▶ “Dew legs” short skirt

It is still a bit early in wearing a short skirt in spring, but when you need to make your aura more advanced, you can still try one more try to make the aura black version, or a high -end one, or a higher level.

The style of small incense wind.

The short skirt with thick light leg artifiers can prevent the effect of wearing old -fashioned, and at the same time, through matching


Senior clothing

It can also show a stable aura. It’s like wearing black boots, or white shirts and so on.

Colorful shirt

It’s not bad, but choose a classic retro color.

▶ Lazy and casual color combination

When winter, wearing lazy clothing can prevent wearing fat and warm. Wearing lazy clothing in early spring will show a free and easy feeling. Therefore


It’s like a blue striped shirt, beige pants, or

Green sweater

And white wide -leg pants, etc., the color can also maintain the cool feeling of clothing, especially at the air. Choose a little


The style can also wear a thin effect.


▶ Handsome and neutral match

Spring can be so valued by the fashion industry. Thanks to the temperature changes in spring, many unique styles can be displayed well.




With the design of boots, with a neutralized shirt or sweater, it can show a particularly wonderful neutral gas field.

It’s handsome and lovely at the same time,

It has a general characteristic. Choose black

If the combination of color and white

And it will be more handsome.

▶ Long boots with shorts

Long boots are popular boots style in winter, but unfortunately in winter, you can’t


, Spring is different. If the lines on the legs are wearing boots, the gas field will be even more


Make spring brighter a lot.

Remember to choose a higher -level clothing with upper body,


The checkered vest or it is directly matched with the small incense wind

The costumes are good, and the temperament of a little sexy boots will be more charming.


▶ Advanced hip skirt+waist jacket

There will be a lot of people wearing skirts in winter, but there are many people who like to wear hip skirts in early spring. Everyone can try one more trial long time when matching.

More stable and more mature, set up

With the waist coat, it is also a feminine kind of feminine

Classic combination.

Just pay attention to the long skirt, even if the coat with obvious waist design is very fat, it is recommended that everyone in the match, choose

High heels are matching.

▶ Refreshing white pants

When you have a colorful sweater, you must try it with white pants. After with white pants, the gas field will become a lot refreshing

, Simple and gentle sweater,

It will even become handsome and advanced.

Wearing white pants with sneakers and boots are special



But the effect of with boots is more unique.


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