Below the sink platform, install a pull -up sealed locker, more than 10 cabinets account for only 1 square meters, real use

Regarding the storage of the kitchen, the most headache for every family has been the most headache. Small units want to install the cabinet but the space is not enough. Besides, the increase in storage, the more cabinets that are not installed, you can really solve the storage problem. In fact, there is still a small trick for the kitchen storage. It is better to install a pull -down sub -locker under the sink. More than 10 cabinets only occupy 1 square meters, and the kitchen items can be neatly put inside.

Maybe you haven’t understood it yet. Putting such a drawer cabinet is better than ordinary cabinets, don’t worry first, wait for the following analysis, you can understand the careful machine.


Classified storage is more convenient than installing a locker


From the design appearance, it can be seen that the locker installed under the kitchen sink is divided into small grids. Compared with separate cabinets, the most direct benefit is that it can be classified and stored in it. Essence In order to put the kitchen items in an orderly manner, some families will choose to buy another category to put it in the cabinet, and this design does not need to be this.

The cabinet can draw smooth hands, using hard work and worry


Each locker is made into a drawer, and the locker comes with a handle. When you rush to get the items, you can directly pull the drawer, which is very convenient to use. And things are classified in it. You don’t need to spend more time when looking for it. You can easily access items when the rice is busy. The volume of each drawer cabinet is relatively small. Even if it is placed inside, the drawers will be lighter, and it is not effortless to use.

Everyone should also see that the face value of this locker in the kitchen is actually lower than that of ordinary cabinets, but it is also a hidden reason. Because the cabinet is often installed next to the sink,

Therefore, in order to avoid water stains in the locker and cause the cabinet to corrode rust, it is recommended to choose stainless steel for the material of the storage cabinet.

And the cabinet made of stainless steel is relatively light, so the switch is more convenient.


Finally, it is recommended that when you install this pumping partition container,

The location must be selected, it is best to install it by the sink,

Instead of facing the sink, or installed in the stove area, it will be more troublesome when washing or cooking, and it will affect it when switching and turning into a chicken rib design.


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