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A few days ago, she made a small vest key bag for her colleagues. When she talked to her granddaughter, she had been holding this cute key bag, letting her granddaughter, and telling me to give this to the granddaughter. I think this small bag is a bit inappropriate for the little girl. It happened that I also wanted to make a key bag with a small skirt. I asked her to see my creativity. She liked it very much.


This key bag is only as big as the palm of the palm, with a pocket on the front, a kitten face on it, and a kitten on the back. I do the back first. Draw the outline of the kitten first, and then find the suitable cloth for a little bit. Each piece is not much bigger than the lid of the nails. It is very patient for a long time. Because I only have such a small cloth, it must be saved and calculated well. After posting, sew it with a needle line. After finishing the back, make front. Because the cloth is too small, in order to prevent the hair edge, I fold the hair edges back with glue, and it is much easier to sew.

In the past, my friend gave birth to a child and sent a wedding bag containing melon seed peanuts. This hiped is red with red lace lace on it. I removed it and used it as a small skirt.

Friends’s happy bags, peanuts, melon seeds, and sugar have been eaten by me

The time I did today is a bit long and my neck is sore. Finally finished, show off. Give it to a colleague, she likes it very much.


This is positive. The red ribbon was not wasted, and it happened to be drawn. Two bows were made at the tail and sewed together with a red line.

This is the back


But I personally don’t satisfy this handicraft, it still seems a bit rough, and there is space that can be improved. I believe that through many exercises, it will be better and better.

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