When wearing a shirt in spring, take it like this! Four high -level “wearing color matching” schemes, each set is perfect

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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.


How to wear spring? What are the wardrobes in spring? How to wear spring shirts? This is a series of wearing series sharing.

The year of the year lies in spring, and the plan of the day lies in the morning; the plan of the family lies in peace, the whole life is diligent, and the 4 sentences write the true meaning of life. In the precious spring, it needs to be determined, diligent, and more beautiful.

Corresponding to fashion, you need to sort out simplifying the wardrobe. Please go out for the beautiful items of spring and summer to meet with the spring girl with a beautiful image.

So, what are the items that belong to spring? How to reconstruct the wardrobe? Luo Wei will share this theme in the form of a series, from selecting Spring and Summer items from selection to style to all analysis.


Today, let’s talk about the basic items


Essence If you want to learn more about all the basic models, you can learn Luowei’s column courses. ↓

When it comes to shirts, what color is the first time you have? Luo Wei thought it must be a white shirt, and its classics have long been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. However, in today’s sharing, not only white shirts, but also other classic colors and styles.


First: Classic lapel white shirt

No single item is like a white shirt, covering the sweet and lively girl to the elegant and wisdom of the mature women. Any temperament or age can find their own world in a white shirt.

If you haven’t found it yet, it must be trying too little


Essence Fabric, style, decoration, line

A little change is to open its magic key.


The style of the classic white shirt


In the rich white shirt territory, it is unique

Classic lapel white shirt

Essence Why is it classic? Because of the formal. The version, line contour, and fabrics are quite satisfactory, and it is not contaminated with any fashion.

However, it is a baby who is in the workplace temperament. The reason is that: excellent tailoring, exquisite workmanship, high -end fabrics and texture, and fitting, like customization, this is the source of classic, and live up to the original intention of it from the men’s wardrobe.

If you are a professional in the workplace, or if you love the white shirt, you must try the classic white shirt. As the king in the shirt, it gives everything you want: high -quality, sexy, wind bone, casual, clean, elegant, style, romance …

Classic white shirt match


Based on the handsome and handsome characteristics of the classic white shirt, you need to use it


To resolve and cooperate with different items, you can interpret it to the desired change style.

White shirt+jeans

: When you don’t know how to wear it, use a denim pants with a white shirt. Whether it is color or style, they are born with a pair. In the selection of jeans, there are some popular tide models, which can more reconcile the formal sense of white shirts and show fashion.

You can choose a beige sweater and put it on your shoulders at will to increase the casual atmosphere. The overall color is clean, which is refreshing. By the way, if you go to work, choose white pointed single shoes and square bags; if you are casual, replace it with small white shoes and casual bags. ↓


White shirt+brown pants


: Want to be elegant and advanced, brown pants or accessories must be available. As soon as brown appeared, the hustle and bustle of noise was quiet. White, it can reverse the brown atmosphere.

The same knit sweater is stacked, the color is close, it is not too exaggerated, and it can breed elegance. Leisure shoes are less delicate, more comfortable, and they are welcoming the bright spring.

White shirt+suit

: The white shirt and suit in the workplace are the “good brothers” of the liver and gallbladder. Formally mature, lack of femininity. Therefore, blend some delicate and leisure, so that fashion and advanced UP.

The embellishment of the rose purple knitted cardigan, the comfort of the brown casual shoes, and the romance of the pale purple pants. Who said that the strong woman has no tenderness?


White shirt+black sweater

: Change the suit with a black sweater, which is the best of the weather. The soft knitted fabric, with the hard cotton, just form a conflict and neutralization.

The focus of this set is shoe and bag, what style you want, and change it.

White shirt+denim jacket

: When wearing a white shirt, let the women’s charming charm in the lower body. The bright colors and personalities that I usually dare not try, despite their bold attempts. With a white base and blank, it is easier to grasp.


The leisure of the denim jacket makes the romantic flower skirt have a wind, soft but not weak, romantic but not free.

Change the flower skirt with green pants, it is difficult to match

Peacock green

In front of white, it is even more delicate and unforgettable. The denim jacket is randomly tied to the waist, both embellishment or romance. The neutralization of leisure wind came to the time.

Second: Classic blue shirt

Switch white to light blue, switch from pure cleanliness to a large and inclusive heart. From a piece of white paper, to understanding all openness. The transformation of small colors is a different portrayal of fashion mood.

Classic blue shirt style


Blue shirt, more than white shirt

Neutral personality

Style, this is a kind of men’s handsome and clear and sunny. A woman who likes blue shirts is a wide and inclusive big woman. They have a vast world hidden in their hearts, and they want to test higher than Tiandong.

Compared to the tolerance and change of white shirt, when wearing a blue shirt, what you want is


Neutral and handsome noble sense

Essence At this time, the gentleness and femininity were hidden in the eyebrows of the eyebrows, and it was unaware of it.

Blue shirt+windbreaker

: The blue shirt in the early spring is very suitable for stacking with the windbreaker, with a black round neck sweater and small black pants inside, expressing the formal neutrality of the trench coat to the fullest. Unclear gender matching, please use it


Demonstrate women’s charm.

The tangled necklaces are delicate only by women; age reduction canvas shoes, mixed with some girly atmosphere to reconcile, is it good? ↓


Blue shirt+suit

: In terms of expressing the gas field, suit and shirts have always been unreasonable. Black or dark blue suit and light blue shirt will be expressed in clean, handsome and neutral.

Choose the casual reconciliation of jeans, degrade some formal and majestic, and enhance fashion. The sweaty sweater is stacked on the shoulders and echoed the jeans. Not only showing the gas field, but also the playful vitality. The beauty of a woman is more than one side?


Removing the suit is equivalent to reducing one layer of formal. In the leisure style dominant combination, the comfort is quietly permeated. Anyway, the classic, anyway, is the chic and leisure.

Blue shirt+black formal pants


: As long as it is not black pants with denim fabrics, the formal calmness is strong. Let it combine with the blue shirt, plus leather shoes and bags, the proper neutral style is particularly handsome and easy.

Blue shirt+big shawl

: Want to dress gentle and feminine, try big shawl or cape. With some fashionable and fashionable blue shirts, coupled with the blessing of casual jeans, it is particularly beautiful.

Cute round -headed shoes are the playful manifestations of girls’ hearts. Think about it, what if you replace it with a pointed?

Third: Classic denim shirt

Ten years, no, or even twenty years, a denim shirt that will not be outdated. Its fashion function makes people feel pleasing. Luo Wei thinks that for it, the biggest contribution is


Intersection Of course, single wear is also very colorful.

Denim shirt style

Unlike the formal white and blue shirts, denim shirts are naturally born

Romantic enthusiasm, neutral handsome




It is its obvious style label. It can reconcile all items to create a variety of changes.

Denim shirt match

Classic denim blue is a rare blended color in color matching, and can get along with colorless, colorful, neutral colors. In terms of style, casual neutral handsomeness looks particularly free and easy.


Stack it to make denim shirts a limelight. Spring long knitted cardigan, cashmere wool jacket and other soft items require the vitality and enthusiasm of denim shirts.

With some gentle accessories, you can create the fashionable and high -level you want.

Blue same -colored system

: Many people like the same color, which requires light -colored denim shirts with dark blue jeans and jackets. The refreshing light -colored denim blue is not easy to wear colorful blue.

Denim material, resolve all mature and officially old -fashioned! By the way, round head shoes can be adjusted.

Blue shirt+suit

: Combining formal and leisure, you can deal with various occasions. This calm and fashionable buying people’s hearts. When wearing, pull up the cuffs, expose the blue -jelly blue, and be handsome!

Navy West Service+denim blue shirt

, The natural kind of similar atmosphere is harmonious, choose a pair of brown pants to increase warmth, inject the atmosphere, and get advanced. Canvas shoes, a mature killer, with it, youth is always there.

Denim shirt+beige cardigan

: The beige cardigan blooming in spring is warm in season. The same color of denim inside, compared to the bright atmosphere created by contrasting color, it is really favorite. For beige and brown, style is particularly important.

This set of shoes is very important. If you want to maximize the high level,

The same color echo

Never forget.

Denim shirt+skirt


: Elegant and dignified is more suitable for adding neutral handsomeness. In daily life, ladies who are pretending to be tired will make people tired, revealing some playful true temperament but more realistic. And the cowboy shirts are free and easy, which is suitable.

You don’t need to wear it, and it is randomly between black, and the fashionable tone naturally emerges.



Wearing a single

Spring flowers bloom and warm, and denim shirts are the most appropriate way. At this time, it is the protagonist, no need to meet other items. With dark blue jeans, freedom is more thorough.

But don’t forget, you need to add some soft elements to express tenderness is the key.

Denim shirt+gray wide -leg pants

: Light or dark gray can match the denim blue. The ambiguous gray is also more attitude given by the personality given by denim shirts. The denim shirt is more textured because of gray.

Fourth: checkered shirt


Finally, let’s take a look at the checkered shirt. It is a neutral leisure item with the elegant and gentleness of the British Academy. In more leisure occasions, with its blessing, it looks extremely fashionable.

Its style varies with the plaid pattern and color matching, but no matter how it changes, neutral leisure does not change.

The matching of a checkered shirt

The checkered pattern is the focus itself, and it is colorful in neutral color. When it is matched with elegant items, its neutral leisure is just right. In the figure below, beige coats and small black pants are wonderful because of a plaid shirt.


Checked shirt+white T -shirt

: Also casual items to create a comfortable leisure style together. The open wear with the white T -shirt makes the plaid shirt has the domineering of the eldest sister. But don’t forget to choose exquisite shoe bags to increase tenderness and femininity.


Elegant wind


In the creation, the handsomeness of the checkered shirt was warm. A black with no highlight, superimposed with a color plaid shirt embellishment, effortless fashion is so simple.

Suddenly the temperature changes, the plaid shirt can be tied to the waist and shoulders, which is intimate.

Speaking of the category of shirts, there are definitely more than above these styles. But the most classic and popular is the them.

White shirt, blue shirt, denim shirt, checkered shirt,


It is the most classic fashion landscape on the stage of spring and summer.

You can win when you can wear your shirt! I hope today’s sharing is a little helpful for you!


I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!


If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!



Classic white shirt match


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