The old licenseh is punished for a new car: Why do my car be punished?

On the morning of October 16, 2019, when the police on the Shiqiaopu Brigade of the Jiulongpo Patrol Patrol Patrol Patrol Patrol Police investigated and dealt with motor vehicles on the road section of the Yuzhou Trading City, Chaoyang Road, it was found that two red three -wheeled motorcycles were parked together, and the number of the two vehicles was numbered. The card is exactly the same. The police immediately took a photo of the certificate and contacted the owner to come to the scene to inquire.

After investigation, the two tricycles were owned by the owner Huang, and the two license plates also belonged to Huang. It turned out that Huang registered the old license plate in 2018. In September this year, the license plate screw light was loose, and Huang took it down. After a few days, Huang found the old license plate at home a few days later.

旧牌照挂新车被罚 男子:都是我的车为啥要处罚

In early October, Huang bought a new motorcycle. Because he was not registered, he was anxious to use it, thinking that both license plates were their own, so he hung the extra license plate on the new motorcycle. On the same day, Huang and his friends drove two motorcycles out of the house and parked the car on the side of the road. I did not expect to be hit by the police.

The police conducted a legal education on Huang’s illegal act. According to the “Road Traffic Safety Law”, Huang would face a fine of 5,000 yuan and remember 12 points. “Wonderful tricks”, after a few days of ride, was caught, and the newly bought motorcycle was also deducted. It was really “clever and clever.”

Police reminder

After applying for a motor vehicle transfer registration or cancellation registration, when the original motor vehicle owner applies to apply for a new motor vehicle registration, you can apply to the vehicle management office to use the original motor vehicle number plate number, but the old license plate cannot be hung by themselves. Friends consciously abide by traffic regulations.

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