100 yuan price ceiling, vocal subwoofer, Reiden E9 maze wireless Bluetooth speaker evaluation


do you like to listen to music? I believe that most people’s answers are yes. As a music lovers, listening to music is one of my favorite leisure methods. After busy work, I am in the wonderful music and resonate with the musicians across time and space. It is also a pleasure. Bluetooth speakers are undoubtedly the most mainstream music carrier. It is small and portable, and the sound quality is remarkable. Whether it is outdoor scenes or listening to music at home, I have a good experience. Today, let’s talk about those things about Bluetooth speakers. Intersection In recent years, the domestic Bluetooth speakers brand has also emerged like mushrooms, but the quality is different, and the price ranges from tens to thousands. How can I choose a Bluetooth speaker that suits them?

I personally think that it can start with the three dimensions of appearance design, sound quality, and budget. In appearance design, Bluetooth speakers must not only satisfy personal hobbies, but also with home scenes, and sound quality can be focused on the choice of music I like. For example, I like to listen to Cai Qin’s old songs. The Ladden E9 vocal labyrinth wireless Bluetooth speakers are not the bigger the price, the more expensive the better, it needs to be in line with personal budget. In fact, domestic speakers on the market are very cost -effective, and you can compare more when choosing. For example, this Bluetooth Speakers, although not a big brand, Rayden has been farming the audio industry for many years. The strong quality and quality are more guaranteed. Its appearance design and sound quality are remarkable. Used, the price of hundreds of dollars is quite cost -effective, let’s take a look together!

Appearance and detail design


The Rayen E9 vocal labyrinth wireless Bluetooth speakers are packaged in environmentally friendly, sturdy corrugated paper, and the packaging style is simple and atmospheric.


In addition to the speaker body, accessories include instructions, charging cables and 3.5mm

The AUX audio cable is worth mentioning that it is equipped with a 3.5mm AUX audio cable, which provides more possibilities for the use of the speaker.


The size of the Ladden E9 Line -Tech Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is about 220*90*100mm and weighs 1200g. It is very convenient to put it at home or go out. There are two fashion colors: walnut wood and cherry wood. It feels close to nature and returning to Pu Gui. It uses edgesless design around the fuselage, which are carefully created by hand, and the round and smooth feel is comfortable. At any home, it is a decoration of the upper grade.


The Rayen E9 Sounds Labyrinth Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is covered with a layer of black mesh. The inside uses a 3 -inch full -frequency wool paper basin. The volume of 2 power 8W speakers is very explosive. The curved diameter speaker or transmission line speaker, because the bass channel is very long, can effectively improve the depth of low frequency submersible, thereby improving the sound effect of the speaker. This speaker is designed for human voice. Have a good experience.


Rayen E9 vocal labyrinth wireless Bluetooth speakers use imported walnut solid wood on the surface, so that it retains the unique color and texture of the logs after years, and the artistic atmosphere comes up. The smooth glass surface, or the wooden desktop can be placed firmly.

The main control switch of the Reiden E9 Line -Tech Wireless Bluetooth speaker is located on the top of the fuselage. It consists of four physical buttons. It can adjust the volume, switch speaker mode, selection, etc.


The Rayen E9 vocal maze -wiper Bluetooth speaker supports a variety of playback methods. The back of the fuselage is a power charging interface, AUX audio playback interface and USB playback interface in turn. A variety of playback methods can adapt to more use scenarios. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, Can keep music. It has a built -in 2500mAh power battery. The battery life is remarkable. It can achieve long battery life for 6 hours and standby for 72 hours of standby. It is enough to use it to listen to music when it is fully charged outdoors.


The Rayen E9 vocal labyrinth wireless Bluetooth speaker has a built -in USB sound card, supports DAC decoding, easily realizes local playback audio files, and has a maximum U disk playback of 64G capacity.


As a Bluetooth speaker, of course, the first choice is Bluetooth transmission. The Rayen E9 vocal labyrinth wireless Bluetooth speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The measured connection is fast and stable. There is no delay or stuttering phenomenon.

In order to test the sound field of the Rayen E9 vocal maze of the maze of the maze, I chose a few representative classic old songs. The old song is like alcohol wine, which makes people have an endless aftertaste. Perhaps thanks to the Double Maze Sound Design of Laiden E9, Cai Qin’s voice sounds clear and translucent.


Jiang Yuheng’s thick, magnetic voice shows vividly, and “Girl in Daban City”, which is dominated by human voices, is even more layered. It restores rich music details and is perfect.


Show the subtle changes in the sound, it is easy to immerse people in the wonderful music.

The sound quality of the Rayen E9 vocal maze of the maze, the sound quality of the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Usually at home, I prefer to use it in front of the computer as a desktop speaker. I only need to connect to the 3.5mm AUX audio cable to listen to music while working, so that the boring overtime is no longer difficult, and it can beautify the home. Why not be happy in one thing!

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