Zhang Dada has changed the right style, functional jacket+shorts transformed into a trendy man, with 100 yuan back force shoes, really eye -catching

I have to admit that there is a reason for Zhang Da to be talked about before, and the style of “five or five bodies” is indeed unacceptable. However, the change of Zhang Da’s image after changing the style is really large. Saying goodbye to the exaggerated version of items, choosing a refreshing and simple jacket and shorts, it looks quite handsome.


Zhang Dada did replace the style this time. The whole person seemed to have no sense of noise before, and the dressing position has improved a lot. Functional jackets and shorts are full of shorts. Shoes are more stylish.

In fact, when Zhang Da was put in front of him, he did work hard to make a mistake. In the past, he always wanted to create gorgeous and seniority, but it looked too hard. Now that leisure is casual, it is a lot of fashion trends. Loose jackets with shorts, people are also thinner.

1. Pure black match is not monotonous, Zhang is very eye -catching


Zhang Da’s body really achieves a bright fashion effect. Although he chose black tone to wear, it is not monotonous at all. The small area of ​​white as the embellishment makes the shape look richer, but at the same time, it does not lose it without losing it. Simple and stylish.


① The functional jacket is casual, the V -neck design has a personality

The pure black jacket does not look eye -catching, but it lays the tone of the overall casual wear. A loose silhouette jacket covers the body curve, has a strong tolerance for the body, and also achieves a thin effect through the empty sense of emptiness. At the same time, the long jacket can also bring the visual extension effect, so it will not make the shape look too short.


Zhang Da’s functional jacket also matched the V -neck design, which brought the visual extension effect to the neck, balanced the bloated feeling of the loose version, and the whole person looked a little capable. Basic white T is used as an inner match to make the shape more layered. At the same time, it also shows a refreshing and handsome feeling through the classic black and white color matching, and the strength interprets minimalist fashion.

② The casual of shorts is vibrant, and the connection of the upper and lower loads is smooth

Under the long jacket, Zhang Da cooperated with a piece of loose shorts of the same color, which naturally connected the upper and lower packets to make the shape look overall. Loose shorts are leisure and generous. The length of the straight version with the knee often adds a few exercise atmosphere, making Zhang Da look quite energetic.

③ The 100 -dollar board shoes are more eye -catching, and the shape of the shoes and socks is very unique


In the whole body of black, Zhang Da chose a pair of hundred -dollar back canal canvas shoes to improve the shape. I have to admit that the addition of canvas shoes makes the whole person look a lot of youth. The price of civilians ranging from 100 yuan is even more grounded. White socks with black canvas shoes not only fill the legs of the legs, but also make the shape look quite unique, and easily show the tide male wind.


Second, Zhang Da’s way of dressing, oversize version really personality


In fact, Zhang Da’s height is not superior, and his figure is not slim. Therefore, when choosing to match, you use the oversize version to cover up the figure line. Zhang Da’s way of dressing.

① The leather material creates a locomotive style, and the wide version is very casual


In many cases, leather materials will make the whole person look domineering, especially the addition of leather clothes, which will make the shape more sharp and capable. However, Zhang Da’s choice is different. He combines leather elements with a wide cardigan to create a full sexy and sexy. With the same material half pants, it also achieves the illusion between the elements, so that the matching looks particularly harmonious.

② T -shirt with shorts to create a sense of layering

In fact, Zhang Da is quite in place for the Oversize version. Various styles of items can be presented by him. The simplest ultra -wide T -shirt often pulls down height. In this case, Zhang Da cooperated with a short of shorts that are slightly longer than the jacket, which not only creates a sense of layering, but also relieves the dull effect. It is more avoided with large scalp shoes. The head is light and light, and the shape looks simple and generous without losing fashion.

③ The classic black and white is very fresh, and the length is more handsome


In addition to using a single color matching, Zhang Dada also got the black and white match of classic atmosphere. When choosing black as an inside, with the white coat, the whole person will look particularly fresh. At the same time, the combination of different lengths can add a sense of layering, making the shape look quite rich, and the whole person is more obvious. Handsome.

However, when choosing black and white color matching, it is best to cooperate with minimalist planning to create a fashionable shape. Although Zhang Da chose the white printed sweater with ripped pants, although it is also black and white, it looks a bit messy. The addition of high -top Martin boots makes the elements more obvious, but it is not conducive to showing a refreshing and handsome sense.


Zhang Da finally found the style of dressing for himself. Boys who are similar to Zhang Da’s figure can also use his dress as a template, cover up the shortcomings through the oversize version, and easily create a fashionable effect. But remember that the version and style should not be too exaggerated, otherwise the overall ratio will be out of control.

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