Polytechnic Men’s “Disassembly” artifact, WowStick SD dual -power lithium battery screwdriver

In recent years, the electronic product industry has developed rapidly, which has also made me who is obsessed with machinery. artwork.

During the disassembly process, you can not only experience the excitement of unknown, but also test your hands -on ability and memory. It also has a certain understanding of the structure inside the mobile phone. Although it is not as good as professionals, it is difficult to be replaced by other things.

理工男的"拆家"神器,WOWSTICK SD双动力锂电螺丝刀

In addition to the necessary disassembly techniques, there must be a screwdriver in addition to the necessary disassembly techniques. It is so -called that the work is good for good things, and the appropriate tools can often do more with less. At first, it was the old -fashioned screwdriver purchased by Taobao 19.9, but the quality was not guaranteed. Most of the time, the batch head was easy to break when disassembling large screws. Fortunately, I recently started the SD dual -power lithium electric screw knife from WOWSTICK.

In terms of appearance, traditional manual screw knives cannot be compared with it, but the common electric screwdriver has a huge body and has a great disadvantage in convenience. WOWSTICK This uses an all -aluminum alloy fuselage, with a screw on the surface, and is treated with anode oxidation technology to emit a metallic sense as a whole. The handle part is added to the short velvet anti -slip pad, which increases the friction and improves the texture

理工男的"拆家"神器,WOWSTICK SD双动力锂电螺丝刀

In the design, the diameter is 31mm and the length is 210mm. It is held in the hand like a marker, which makes daily use saving more time -saving. The treatment of the same special process is also resistant to dirt and corrosion.

理工男的"拆家"神器,WOWSTICK SD双动力锂电螺丝刀

In order to look at the appearance without screws, the “magazine” storage scheme similar to the left wheel pistol is created, saving space and taking care of the appearance. The maximum of 12 batch heads can be placed in a single number. Compared to the 36 batch comes with, we often use those who are often used.

理工男的"拆家"神器,WOWSTICK SD双动力锂电螺丝刀

36 S2 alloy steel manufacturing heads with a 67mm ultra -long output shaft are suitable for long -hole operations with slender and narrow stenosis. Whether it is bicycles, doors and windows or fine computers, and drones, it can be easily competent. S2 alloy steel is a high -hardness tool steel, with hardness reaching 60HRC, and most of the similar products are chromium -sircons with slightly worse.

理工男的"拆家"神器,WOWSTICK SD双动力锂电螺丝刀

In order to ensure that the surgery is not hindered by the dead angle of the surgery, the use of shadowless lamps is used to design 3 LED surgery without shadow lamps in the screwdriver Bingken.

There is a combination of manual and automatic operation in operation. The motor is not loser.

In terms of battery life, it relies on the 1300mAh lithium battery to provide power support. The durable speed can reach 230R/min. The battery life has also reached an amazing 180 days. Of course, the actual use time depends on different situations. The mainstream Type-C data cable is used at the rear, which avoids the messy data cables cause messy to the desktop.

理工男的"拆家"神器,WOWSTICK SD双动力锂电螺丝刀

WowStick SD dual -power lithium batteries screwdriver is exquisite but does not want to see it like vases. The sophisticated materials and careful LED lights add a lot of points to this screw knife, but after all, the volume is small. 3.6V cannot be compared with the 12V screwdriver. As a drilling hole, it is still a larger power equipment. It may be better if it can support fast charging and lighting. In general, if you are also a toss, this screw knife will be a good choice.

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