After the damping sound barrier is paved, the noise upstairs drops to 21DB?

Why is it always difficult to solve the noise upstairs?

Because whether it is our own or the police

It is very difficult to determine whether the noise upstairs belongs to the noise disturbing the people?

Walking, moving tables and chairs, children running …

These are the sounds of normal life


This leads to

Can’t stand downstairs, the police cannot be rely on, and the upstairs cannot be avoided

But can’t really solve this problem?

In our article, we have always given the plan

Scheme | Floor sound barrier vibration reduction

And the floor sound insulation measures


There is a key material


Sound insulation reduction pad

Usage diagram

What exactly is this shocking pad?

How does it work?


How to use it?

Let’s understand it from the principle

The characteristics of shock reduction pads



The micro -empty cavity closed and flexible material has the advantageous physical characteristics of high return elasticity, damping and adhesion, and produces excellent sound energy and vibration wave transmission of losses. (This characteristic comes from the product interpretation of Dr. Sound Dr. Vocal Outrippocious Sound Substitution Pad)

What does this sentence mean?

To understand the principle of weakening the low -frequency noise, we must know how sound waves spread in solids. Sound waves

Communication through the medium

, Different media will cause

Sound wave transmission speed



The speed of sound waves in the solid depends on the elastic modulus and density of the medium.

The smaller the elasticity, the faster the transmission speed.

Solid elasticity, high molecular density, sound wave transmission intermittent

The speed will naturally be faster.

Take the sound of walking upstairs, the sole and the floor are friction to produce sound waves. The sound waves can quickly spread to the downstairs and other places through the floor (solid). The speed of the sound waves is low, and the neighbor’s noise is obvious.

If it is processed in the dissemination of sound waves, it can solve this solid dissemination noise.

Instead of sound insulation pads:

Highness, damping, and adhesion.


These three points make the sound waves from the floor


The speed of communication is slowing down


, Sound waves inside the shock absorption pad

Converted to other energy is consumed


No longer passed downstairs or elsewhere.

Experimental data of damping sound barriers:

Before using the shock reduction pad, we need to understand a data, that is, the sound insulation standard of the slave sound of the floor:

Standard sound insulation standard:

Noun explanation: When there is a 100db impact sound noise upstairs, the noise should be heard downstairs below 75dB.


When there is difficulty, the impact sound and sound insulation single -value evaluation of the residential households can be allowed to be less than or equal to 85dB.

However, the possible conditions for improvement should be reserved in the floor structure. (That is to say, the standard of sound insulation in the actual floor of our country is ≦ 85DB)


The following is the data of 6mm sound insulation pads. The impact sound is only 21DB after laying.

Shock -reducing pad construction guidance

Graphic guidance

Detailed text description


1. First of all, cleaning the construction wall or ground. It is necessary to ensure the flat wall or ground, no sharp objects, and no protrusions (avoid damage to the shock reduction pad). If the flatness of the ground is poor, the cement mortar is used to flatten before laying the shock absorption rubber pad.

2. Put the sound -barrier shock -reducing glue pad. The connection can be connected in the connected place. The width of the overlap cannot be less than 50mm. The flat connection must be stuck with a dedicated glue. Paste the seal at the joints with tape to prevent the cement from entering the bridge from the seam. (After spreading the sound -barrier shock -reducing glue pad, it is better to lay a layer of damping sound insulation felt)


3. Fold the edge of the sound insulation pads on the side of the wall, keep 2 to 3 times the height of the thickness of the floating layer and stick to the wall with a glue adhesive. Paste the tapes tightly to prevent rigid connection.

Scope of use of shock absorption pads

Except for the sound insulation decoration of the floor

You can also buy it separately

In the future, there will be washing machines, air -conditioning aircraft, floor -to -ceiling fan, refrigerator, bass guns, etc. at home, you can buy it directly to pave the way. It will not disturb the people. You can also recommend it to your neighbors to disturb the people.


Linking sound barrier shocking pad

The above is the introduction of the characteristics and use of the shock reduction pad. It is mainly used in residential, hotels, business buildings, KTV, etc., which not only brings convenience to our lives, but also makes our neighborhood relationship more harmonious.

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