In the autumn and winter seasons, common knitted cardigans will be so fashionable and advanced


The cardigan is actually a item that people often wear in people’s lives. It can be said that everyone will wear it. But how do you wear fashionable essence? Only to wear the charm of a cardigan.

From today’s previous movies, Dawei has found beautiful and fashionable wear elements with the latest matching ways now, providing everyone, so that the cardigan becomes a fashionable prop.


Courtes of cardigan in classic old movies


Upper left: In the old movie, the well -known scene starred by Cartelina, the combination of the yellow cardigan and white shirt was also a dazzling style at the time, which is worthy of reference.

Below to the left: Similarly, in another movie, she wore a red knitted cardigan, and the half -hair ball hair was also very fashionable. ‘The 60s actress style leads fashion.

Upper right: This is also another famous old movie, wearing a blue cardigan with anchor pattern, a majestic and attractive style!

Next right: In the movie, Anna Calina’s style is very cool! Put on a cardigan and tied a wide belt, a V -neck cardigan, sexy and cool!

Indeed, in many films, the cardigan can be seen to become a fashionable prop. In life, the cardigan is also one of the practical clothing.

It is convenient to wear and take off, can be a shawl and towel, which is very random, and can improve the overall style and color at any time. Now in traditional wear, there is another fashion,


The cardigan has both retro classics


It’s fashionable and modern


And practical value




So, it is deeply liked by everyone.

Let’s look at various examples of matching for your reference!

Short cardigan wear

Look: 1 Put on the vest & shawl in the inside

Left: This is a relatively common way to wear. A lingerie coordinated with a cardigan inside, only a button on it. Using the characteristics of knitted sweater fabric characteristics to form an inverted triangle naturally. Essence


Right: This dress is more in line with commuting, adding a lot of colors to the color. On the outside of the beige suit, a orange -yellow cardigan is added to brighten the skin color and is also a good match for the office.


Gray cardigan × blue horn skirt dating match


The white top and the beautiful blue skirt are matched with a gray cardigan that gives a gentle impression. Add a naval blue window frame belt to the waist. This dress can make the dating more romantic. The gray cardigan is relaxed and balanced, intellectual and fashionable.


Black cardigan × ice blue lace skirt & pink wide -leg pants

Figure left: With a black cardigan on the ice -blue skirt, it leaves a more beautiful impression. With a V -neck T -shirt inside, the refreshing I line contour can improve the figure and also fashionable matching.

Right: The beautiful beautiful color pink wide underwear, with a black cardigan with a knit sweater. The prestigious and chic match has attracted much attention in the office.

Long cardigan wearing

Look: 4 Dadi color system three -piece suit & white skirt wear

Left: In recent years, the popularity of knitted fabrics has developed from a single cardigan to a complete set. From tops to pants, they are the same color and fabrics. In autumn with such knitted suits, it is very scenery and fashionable.

Right: A long cardigan and a sweater tube top skirt. It is very sexy from the boldness of the matching. In addition, it is more fashionable. On the streets of early autumn, there is no problem with this match, and it will also bring a bright spot to the dim autumn.

Look: 5 white sweater with black dress & white pants

Left: Black sleeveless dress with white long cardigan, trying to create a feeling of relaxation. The sleeves are eight points long, and they are very active and fashionable in the early autumn.

Right: The refreshing white pants are paired with a lemon yellow top, and a light gray long sweater, intellectual and elegant, also reflects femininity.


Look: 6 black dress × brown cardigan


Black dress with a seasonal brown cardigan, if the medium length can achieve the basic dressing mode, as long as you put on a coat, you can create a playful and fashionable feeling.


Army green dress × long cardigan

The same color cardigan overlaps with dresses and tight pants, showing a sense of layering. As long as it is paired with a brown bag, it can give all the olive green mix, adding the right sense of refinement and fashion.



Regardless of short or long sweater, the characteristics and softness of the fabrics are soft. Wearing a sweater is a good choice. Especially in the autumn, you can put the knitted sweater directly. As long as you add a coat or coat in winter, you can match it well.


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