Fantasy Star and EVA Waterproof Bag? EVA co -branded is not yet rushing?

Today, Xiaobian introduced to the riders of the 25 -year -old anime IP co -branded product “New Century Evangelion” and Fantasy Star’s co -produced riding waterproof pockets. I believe that many 80, 90, and even after 00s, as long as they have been in contact with anime, they will definitely hear the names of EVA. As a co -branded high -production household, EVA has previously produced a series of products with many brands. Everything is available, but it can be said that it is the first! Intersection Intersection


In fact, the loyal fans of “Evangelion of the New Century” are all loyal fans. Basically, when you see the EVA co -branded, you will rush … Just like our colleagues in our bones, the Cherry keyboard has an EVA joint keyboard. This is a negative textbook. You can’t rush blindly. It depends on its quality. Let’s take a look at the details of this pocket ~

▲ Details in the waist bag

▲ Mountaineering deduction details


In the end, what Xiaobian and you are talking about! Because EVA official joint things are usually not cheap, but the price of this waterproof pocket is only more than 300, which is quite conscience among EVA’s many joint products! (I don’t say that other things are not conscience)

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