The entrance is like a first kiss! Selling only one season of truffle chocolate for a year is smooth as silk. Who can hold it?

Remember the advertisement of Dove Chocolate

“Dove, enjoy silk”

The fragrant scene is matched with silky chocolate

How many boys and girls have been fascinated


And Dove Chocolate

Also known as “chocolate made with love”


And now the world that has become popular all over the world

Novans from France dew chocolate


Crossing time and space

Back to the Tang Dynasty 1300 years ago

With Tang Yuan Niangniang and her servant

Staged a story of love and hate

The story is like this


Our Nova Chocolate came to the Tang Dynasty in China

I saw the mother of Yuhuan crying and crying

Jiao Rong Luo Moon

God -like water

As we all know, the Tang Dynasty lied to life and romantic and unruly

Pay great attention to the body beauty control

Madam: Mother -in -law has lost appetite recently

Presumably, I am worried about my appetite’s desire

If you say it, let the royal dining room be prepared

Dark Chocolate and Cream

Catch with butter Rum

Made into this critical 23 -degree chocolate


I didn’t expect Yuhuan to be surprised after taste

Knowing that this palace is graceful and luxurious

Let the kitchen of the Royal Dianfang name for this

Kitchen said: Nova Chocolate

It is made with French truffle

The consumption is equipped with a Cuba rich Rum

Combining French elegance with the brutal pirate civilization of the Caribbean

Give people a chic taste experience

This chocolate cocoa powder in the form of sandy soil is

It is extremely sensitive to the environmental temperature

The chef puts chocolate in the palm of the hand

It turns into chocolate jelly instantly

This chocolate will melt at 23 degrees


So just listed on Christmas every year

The entrance is like the first kiss

Silk -like silk

Who can stand up?

Chocolate is called: aphrodisiac between men and women

When people are in love, they are easy to “love the brain”

I want to laugh inexplicably

This is the role of dopamine produced by the brain

And to get this kind of love -like satisfaction

Scientists have confirmed that a piece of chocolate is enough.

Chocolate with a strong healing function

When the mouth is quiet and melted


The brain will receive a pleasant signal …

So sometimes a piece of delicious chocolate

It is even more addictive than love.


It is said that chocolate and music are better

But the editor thinks: chocolate is the same as winter

In the winter of Shuofeng, make a cup of hot tea

With a rich piece of silky chocolate


Let you have a warm and sweet happiness instantly

What if you give a girlfriend this winter Christmas?

Nuo Fan Song Dew Chocolate

you deserve to have

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