Do you really choose men’s underwear?

I will share men’s underwear today. I can help my boyfriend and husband, or you can share it with him.

Pure dry goods, let’s take a look together ~


1. Broken trousers

The most traditional underwear style, better stability and support, less friction in underwear and thigh roots, suitable for people with thick legs, the design of reasonable design will be cooler.


2. Plastic trousers

The most common simple underwear style can be worn in all seasons, which can reduce the constraints and frictions of the body’s body. The gap between the legs is large, which is conducive to maintaining the body’s refreshing.

3. Circular trousers

The extended flat -angle underwear is suitable for people with a normal weight range. The fat crowd will have a thigh roots and sweltering.

4, Ara pants

Suitable for home as a shorts, loose pants and loose and non -elastic, most of the pants waist are loose bands, durable and comfortable, high to the waist circumference, and not tight squats.


Next, share the choice of the fabric:



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