Pay attention to these points on the reversing camera, so that the wiring is reliable, otherwise the effect is not good

Yesterday, I was dark after the central control was installed, and the latter camera was not too late. Today, I will explain how the rear camera is installed.


After the first step, the camera is connected with the central control large screen

There are two lines that extend the camera after reversing, one is the video signal transmission line, and the other is the brake signal transmission line. The video signal transmission line is only directly inserted to the interface behind the large screen of the car, but the brakes are brake The signal transmission line needs to be connected with the signal receiving line on the central control large screen behind the car. After connected, the two connectors are tied with electrical tape to avoid loosening the car during driving, resulting in poor signal contact.

Step 2 wiring


Before the wiring, it is recommended that you estimate that the line is in length. There are two ways of wiring. One is to take the top shed and the other is to go to the ground. Brother Meow’s wiring this time is the way to take the ceiling. Now after the center console is drawn out, along the A -pillar in front of the left, then on the upper edge of the B -pillar, and finally wearing from the C -pillar to the trunk inside the trunk. Go, pay attention after you can’t cheat well. Each turning node needs to be fixed with the car body to prevent loosening and abnormal noise during driving.


Step 3 Install the camera

The camera is generally installed in the place where the license plate, or in the middle part of the trunk lid of the car, first remove the plastic baffle inside the trunk lid. When opening this cover Just drive, then remove the entire plastic baffle, squeeze the wire from the gap in the license plate light, and then fix the camera on the trunk cover of the car.

What needs to be noticed here is that we have to find the reversing light of the car, and then connect the red reversing light signal lines on the camera to the reversing light, so that it can be achieved. Starting, a display screen switched to the rear camera to the central control large screen was sent to the central control large screen to realize the function of reversing. If you don’t know which one is the reversing light, hang the car into the back gear to see the lights that are turned on.


After the camera is installed, then connect the camera line with the transmission signal line. The same connection part needs to be fixed with a black electrical tape to avoid loosening the car during driving.


Step 4 debug

After all the lines are connected, you can see that at this time, you can see that the picture of the back camera can be displayed on the large screen of the central control, but at this time, there may be water ripples or a lot of noise. This is because you The signal input method is caused by the error, so at this time we have to enter the engine mode of the vehicle, find the option of the camera, select the correct signal input method, and at the same time we can also adjust the reversing auxiliary line.


Step 5

After the debugging is completed, finally check if there is a naked part or a place where the entire wire part is exposed or there is no fixed place. Height, use the angle of the camera to fix the camera, so that the installation is complete.

Although the installation of the entire reverse camera looks simple, it is still difficult to operate in actual construction. Because there are still many places involved in the installation, its construction difficulty is actually higher than the installation of the central control screen. Therefore, for friends with strong hands -on ability, it is recommended that you go to a car repair shop outside to find others to install.

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