What is the ghost of Athflow wind, can it be popular for a whole year?

This year’s ATHFlow wind is particularly hot, and it can see it frequently appeared on various social platforms. This is also the keywords of the trend trend of 2021 released by Pinterest earlier.



As a social platform that has been on the cutting -edge cutting -edge, 8 trends predicted by Pinterest last year have hit 8 trends, so this year’s prediction is also highly valuable. Seeing Athflow, I guess a lot of children’s shoes are a bit embarrassed, it is actually by Athleisure



And Flow


Coming from the combination.

Under the epidemic, more people are opened



Pay attention to wearing comfort, but at the same time, we must take into account both fashion

, To meet the needs of going out, this style has emerged, and many celebrities have already got up in advance!

Left: Ouyang Nana Right: Zhou Yutong

Simply put

You can go out at home


As for how to find the balance point, you can refer to the combination of the following basic items ~


1. Sweater/Guard Pants

ATHFlow’s essential items must have a place for sweaters. The easiest thing is to wear it directly. You can add sneakers and baseball caps when you go out.


If you feel monotonous, you can create some highlights on other accessories. Choose a bright color socks like Liu Wen to match it.


You can also wear it alone. When you wear the sweater, you can choose a comfortable riding pants. It looks very casual and casual, but it has a clean and delicate sense.

In this way, you can also put a suit jacket directly outside. This way of leisure and formally mixes can easily get the essence of the Athflow style.

In addition to ride pants, you can also match the sports shorts below. If the sweater is loose, the shorts do not need to choose too loose.

If the sweater is too long, it will look less energetic, it is completely possible

Roll the hem into the edge of the underwear


You can transform into short tops.

Zhou Yutong

You can also stack the sweaters and shirts on one piece, with small leather shoes, which is particularly suitable for commuting.

And the pants are more selective to wear more

, With T -shirts, knitted and various jackets.


Like the weather is not particularly hot now, you can use guards to match some jackets, and the sharp leather jacket adds a calm and calm aura.


The suit jacket and guard pants are also a universal formula. At first, some people think that this combination is strange. Now, if you look at it again, it is comfortable and fashionable. It has no reason not to fall in love.


Song Yanyi


In areas where the weather is hotter, you can choose a knitted cardigan to match it. Such a set of home clothes is completely OK.

Tight -sleeved long -sleeve T paired with guards,

Follow the principle of tightness and pine


, Leisure can also create a good proportion.

If you are hot, you can directly match the vest to TOP to reduce the weight of the body.


2. Knitting suit


The knitted set is also a good product used to create an Athflow style. It comes with its own lazy attributes makes people like spring breeze, and the combination of the suit can visually bring a sense of elegance.

The slightly slim knitted kit is particularly comfortable when wearing at home, but it will not be timid when encountering some formal occasions.

If it is paired with high heels, the full screen is the aura of the big woman, showing the temperament and uncomfortable.

Choosing a pointed high heels is the focus

, Used to deal with usual work, gatherings, and play.


The style attribute of the knitted skirt is more clear. The soft and glutinous texture, with a trace of artistic temperament, is just that this skirt will be more picky, and everyone will try it carefully.

More loose knitted tops+knitted pants suits are not very picky, and they can go out with double sneakers.

He Sui


When you encounter a knitted cardigan, you can use it directly to wear a coat. When you are so lazy, don’t forget to match a pair of delicate leather shoes.


Or work hard on the jewelry, the necklace ring bracelets are worn, and you can be trendy when you go out ~

3, baseball cap

Celine’s baseball cap contributed on the 2021 spring and summer show is the best interpretation of the ATHFlow style.


Celine Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear


The mixing and matching of the small fragrant breeze jacket and the baseball cap, the mixing of a suit jacket and the baseball cap, and the mix of sports shorts and suit jackets … All are lazy and delicate.

Therefore, baseball caps are also one of the important items for creating this style. Needless to say, the sweater set is a perfect match with the baseball cap.


Shen Mengchen

There is also a suit for the sweater+riding pants that I mentioned earlier, and it is also a good choice to match the hat. I feel more refined at once ~

At the beginning, ATHFlow is a combination of leisure and formal. If the following bag is formal, the baseball cap is undoubtedly the most suitable leisure item.

It is too suitable to choose a long knitting dress that disappears in the lower body during the season. Don’t forget to choose a pair of good -looking socks, which will add points to your fashion.

Still the knitted kit that I mentioned earlier, don’t match the baseball cap ~

And the coat with a more formal feeling outside the suit, plus the baseball cap, temperament!

In short, if you want to master the essence of this style, everyone only needs to remember:


Mix and formal in leisure, mix leisure in formal, and maintain a certain sense of elegance.


If you don’t know what you want to wear, try how to wear it today!

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