What pants are wearing short coats in winter? There are also them in addition to jeans, elegant and high -end and proper proportion

In addition to long coats, various short jackets in winter are also very popular. In addition to keeping warmth and comfort, short coats are more flexible in matching. Whether you are a woman in the workplace or the housewives who are busy with family trivial matters, the short jacket in winter is not lost. Short and practical.


How can I lack in winter short down jackets, cotton jackets, cotton jackets, small incense woolen jackets or lamb hair short jackets? However, the short coat is not asleep as long as a long coat. Everyone needs to pay attention to the selection of the next dress. What pants are wearing short jackets this winter? There are also them besides jeans, elegant and high -level and proper proportion!

1. Short coat+wide -leg pants

When most people wear short jackets, they are used to combining jeans. This combination comes with leisure tunes, but if wide -leg jeans are used, the material is easy to widen the horizontal width because of the tough material, and it is not friendly to a small and small people with low legs. Here It is recommended to replace it with soft -leg pants.

The biggest advantage of this wide -leg pants is more tolerant of the leg shape than the denim wide -leg pants. It is suitable for a middle -aged woman with a perfect body. The loose version can also create a lazy and casual sense of atmosphere.

In addition, the material of the wide -leg pants is smooth, and some polarized short jackets are combined. There is no need to worry about it on the upper and width. Instead, it can use the high waist design to raise the waistline and further adjust the proportion of the figure.

1. Short down jacket+high waist wide -leg pants

The down jacket is a comfortable handle in winter, and it is also an evergreen tree in the wardrobe. Among them, beige, cream, black, or cinnamon color are very atmosphere. In addition, such as Klein blue and jujube red pop -colored down jackets, also You can combine wide -leg pants.

Here is a detail to note that if it is a earth -colored down jacket, it is recommended to combine the same color wide -leg pants. The bright cold tone such as Kleinlan is more temperamental to replace white wide -leg pants.

2. Little incense woolen, short jacket+high waist wide -leg pants

Many sisters who are worried about down jackets are too bloated, might as well combine high -waisted wide -leg pants with small incense woolen jackets in winter, exquisite and romantic woolen jacket, and the combination of wide -leg pants can stretch the leg length and let you let you let you get three -seven ratio.


Secondly, the coat and wide -leg pants are exquisite and elegant. One is casual and free. After the combination, it will not be like a small black pants.

3. Lamb hair short jacket+high waist wide -leg pants


The lamb hair short jacket on the warmth is not inferior to the down jacket. The unique lamb wool fabric is soft and glutinous and warm. The winter is more recognizable than the down jacket. The short version resolves the bloated feeling.


When combining wide -leg pants, choose the same color of the same color to easily create a high -leg shape. However, it is not recommended to be too thick.

Second, short coat+high -waisted straight pants

Because the length of the short coat is near the waist or the crotch, it is not prominent on the lower body. For girls with not perfect figure, in addition to wide -leg pants in winter, they can also choose straight pants.

1. White straight pants

As the name suggests, the biggest feature of straight pants is that the pants can be straight and smooth, and will not be close to the skin. The legs are large, such as thick thighs, thick legs, or legs such as legs.

The first is white straight pants. This kind of straight pants can basically combine various winter short jackets, such as creamy cotton jackets, beige cardigan or black woolen coat.

Wearing black and white or gray color in winter, try using a haze blue woolen short jacket to combine white high -waisted straight pants. The blue and white color matching is clean and elegant, and the general public can use this pair to improve the temperament.

However, it is not recommended to choose a conventional model for white straight pants. Nine -point models or roll up their pants legs. Connecting short boots is more fashionable.

2. Army green straight pants


In winter, a type of earth color is easily ignored by middle -aged women, namely military green, olive green, pine stone green. These colors are handsome, elegant and retro, and can also wear a sense of high level.

Choose a military green high -waisted straight nine -point pants. Whether it is a creamy down jacket or a short coat, it will bring unexpected surprises.


3. Camel straight pants


The most short jacket in the wardrobe in winter, I believe it is still a variety of earth colors. At this time, a pair of camel straight pants need to be prepared in the wardrobe.


Camel is warm and elegant, combined with short jackets or inside, coordinated and soothing color matching is extra points.

Three, nine -point cigarette pants

The cigarette pants are between straight pants and small feet pants. The director of the two, such as it is narrower than straight pants, suitable for middle -aged women with slender legs.

When used to combine short coats, it can also be further settled by the slender legs by loosening and comparison. Like A version of the next worship, a version of the A -type waist down jacket or a short trench coat, it is very matched with it. In addition to the jeans this winter, there are wide -leg pants, straight pants and cigarette pants. If you like it, try it!

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