The winter jacket does not have to wear long models, there are these 4 “short jackets”, elegant and fashionable hands come to capture

In winter, maybe many people think that only long coats can take care of warmth and elegance, such as long coats, long down jackets, or long lamb hairy coats. Shang is more flexible than long models and is more friendly to young children.

So this time, let’s take a look at what short coats are suitable for winter. This winter coat does not have to wear long models. There are 4 “short coats”, elegant and stylish hands come!

1. Short coat


Winter coats are not only referring to long coats, but also short coats with various lengths below the waist and near the crotch. When most people are using long coats to create workplace OR out of the street, we may wish to choose a short coat to shape more. LOOK when it is neat and elegant.


First of all, the length of the short coat is near the crotch, and the body curve is not inferior to the long coat. Girls with thick thighs and width of the crotch do not have to worry about driving.

Small girls have chosen a short waist coat, which is also conducive to getting rid of the bloated feeling of the coat and avoiding stressing and being bloated. This is the advantage that the long coat does not have.

There are also a lot of short coats in terms of choice. This not only refers to color, but also styles, because many long coats have a large proportion in the shape, limited the choice of style or color.


The proportion of short coats is relatively small. It is not very difficult to choose a colorful coat or a low -saturated light -colored coat.

Girls who like to catch up with fashion can also start the popular item of winter -cape short coats. With the help of the cloak design, the dress is more fashionable.


Of course, short coats are not universal. For imperfect girls or small men with imperfect figures, they must also use matching skills to adjust their figures like wearing long coats, such as using high -waisted cropped pants combination short coats, or receiving with the help of the waist to bring to the waist. waist.

Second, short down jacket


Most of the coats are made of drooping materials, so long coats need to pay attention to matching, and they are not limited to the height, but the down jacket is different. The down jacket is polarized as a whole. The longer the length, the more difficult it is.

For Xiaobai or small girls, in winter, you may wish to abandon long down jackets and use short down jackets to create simple, neat, elegant and stylish shapes.


First of all, I recommend the short down jackets that are superimposed in the seam design above, which is warm and thin. It is matched with cone -shaped trousers or over -the -knee skirts to easily win good temperament.

When wearing a long down jacket, it is easy to cover the problem with the knee skirt to cover the skirt, but it does not need to be troubled to replace it.

For example, a short down jacket combined with straight skirts, hip skirts, umbrella skirts or pleated skirts, romantic and elegant mature women are full of flavor.

The young girls need to pay special attention to the creation of layering in dressing, especially the down types of down. It can be used to enrich the layers with the help of color changes. This is also a long down jacket that is not easy to achieve.

For example, with a rice white down jacket combined with coffee sweaters and trousers, the adjacent color method is gentle and soothing, but also shows a sense of layering.

Third, fur integrated jacket


The longer the weight of the heavy single product, the more unsuitable it is. In addition to down jackets, there is a fur integrated jacket.

The biggest feature of this type of jacket is that the surface uses leather fabrics, and the inner layer uses lamb hair material. One can isicolate the external cold air, and the other can also meet the pursuit of comfort for middle -aged women. The double -layer material is warmer.

However, this type of coat is not recommended to choose long models, which is easy to bring bloated bloated. Choosing a short -sized short model is more helpful.

When wearing such short jackets, small girls can also try multiple methods, such as combining small foot pants or straight skirts, and wearing a high and thin body with the help of the principle of looseness.


Or use the method of wearing a dress to enhance the sense of romance, sweet reduction and lightness.

Fourth, short environmental protection fur

When it comes to the cold and warm in winter, you must not help but mention environmental protection fur. Keeping warmth is not to mention, and the cost performance is also very high. Many 100 yuan fur can create a sense of fashion.

However, if you want to wear environmentally friendly fur daily and expensive, instead of the lady’s style that is incompatible with daily life, everyone must pay attention to style, color and matching.

It is best to choose the classic and generous classic color -based environmentally friendly fur, with some daily basic models. Although long coats are the most common in winter, everyone does not have to wear long models when choosing. The four short coats above are also fashionable and warm!

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