Electric vehicles disable the windshield, parasol, owner: So easy to use, can you not ban? Get a reply

Electric vehicles refer to transportation by releasing electrical energy through batteries and using motors to drive. After 20 years of development, electric vehicles are already an important travel tool in my country. This is an indisputable fact. Electric vehicles are a “huge family”. Including electric vehicles, electric tricycles, low -speed electric vehicles, and two -wheeled electric vehicles, and currently maintain the highest amount in the field of travel is the two wheel electric vehicles.

my country’s two -wheeled electric vehicles have accumulated over 1 billion exported electric vehicles abroad. Not only that, as the largest country with electric vehicles, my country’s two -wheeled electric vehicles also have more than 300 million. The preservation of large transportation vehicles has become the first model in the domestic travel field, which also illustrates its highest preservation.

Electric vehicles are cheap, practical but poor comfortable

There are two important factors for electric vehicles. There are two important factors. The first point is that it is cheap enough. The small traveler has compared electric vehicles and cars and motorcycles many times. Among the mainstream transportation with driving devices, the cheapest one, and everyone can afford it is one of the most important reasons for its high preserved quantity.

The second point is the high practicality of the electric vehicle. If it is cheap, then the bicycle is undoubtedly the cheapest transportation. However The disadvantage of labor has greatly reduced its practicality, and electric vehicles can satisfy the daily travel of the people, and rely on the small body to shuttle on a congested road. Its practicality is “vividly” displayed.

Of course, although electric vehicles have the advantages of cheap and practicality, they also have the disadvantages of poor comfort. As a model without a closed space, the electric vehicle is distressed by the wind and the sun. “Frozen”, riding an electric car in the summer is to “expose”, and because of comfort, the economic conditions are unwilling to choose it.

Used to improve the comfort of the windshield, the parasol is prohibited from being used

It is an objective fact that electric vehicles have no comfort, but for many people, electric vehicles are the only dependent travel tools. When they encounter difficulties, they can only find ways to solve and overcome them. The earliest appearance was raincoat, and then the windshield used to “prevent cold” was connected to improve the uncomfortable feeling of riding electric vehicles.

However, whether it is an umbrella or a windshield, it is listed as a prohibited item for electric vehicles, and the use of these items is investigated and punished. Penalties are punished, and one penalty is found. In many places with strict investigation and punishment, many car owners are “useful, useless bold”, for fear that they will be punished.

The owner is confused: Why should the sunshade and rain in the summer be banned?

Of course, some car owners have questioned such regulations. As a Sichuan Suining, which has a lot of rainy weather, from March 2021, the city has banned the use of parasols from electric vehicles. Now there are nearly six months. The investigation and punishment of electric vehicles worked very well, but some owners made comments on the leadership board of the People’s Daily Online, expressing their claims.

The electric car owner of Suining said that he needs to use an electric car to pick up the child every day, but now in summer, Sichuan is particularly loved by rain, and it is not safe to ride on a raincoat.

There is no hidden safety hazard in the new parasol now, why should it be banned? And even if the parasol causes hidden safety hazards, it is actually a personal behavior. Can you allow electric vehicles to use parasol?



The official reply to the use of parasols and windshields for electric vehicles

For the question of the owner’s message, the Suining City Public Security Bureau responded, and the general content was:

Why do


: There are three major hazards in the use of “windshield” by electric vehicles;

1. Install the windshield and the sunburn (umbrella) easily to block the driver’s sight and increase the blind area of ​​the field of vision. The rain and fog are blurred, which seriously affects the observation of vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.

2. After the electric vehicle is modified, it affects the mobile flexibility of the vehicle; the center of gravity changes, the resistance of the wind has increased, and the situation of wind and wind is difficult to control, lose the direction, increase the incidence of the accident;

3. Once a traffic accident occurs, the installed windshield and sunshade (umbrella) are easily deformed by external forces. The support rods, umbrella skeleton and the corners of the tent top can easily stab the driver or other traffic participants, causing serious consequences.


Disable basis

: The “Measures for the Administration of Electric Bicycles in Suining” Article 23 of the electric bicycles that shall not drive assembly, installation, or modified on the road. Therefore, electric vehicle bicycles are equipped with windshields and sunshade (umbrellas) behaviors that violate relevant laws and regulations.

From the content of the reply,

In fact, the disabled windshield or parasol is also good attentive. The potential safety hazards that exist will occur in traffic accidents that cannot be estimated.

Therefore, the traffic management department has given up the practicality of its existence of improvement comfort and ensuring the safety of electric vehicles.

For potential security risks, it is not worth the reality of its practicality?

In fact, the original intention of ensuring the safety of electric vehicles was right. However, the phrase seeing the car owner was actually “intriguing”. The owner said: Even if the parasol causes hidden safety hazards, it is actually a personal behavior. In other words, I used it. I used it. Auxiliary tools with hidden safety hazards, even if a traffic accident has caused damage, it is my personal affairs. This is actually a topic of discussing windshields and umbrellas. The hidden safety hazards of small probability are worthless in the end.

Obviously this car owner who feeds on the Internet has the mentality of holding: it is unwilling to be for possible hidden dangers,

Give up its practicality, just like the plane may have “air crash”.


From this point of view, choosing a safety hazard travel may be the right of everyone, but the small walker believes that this understanding is a deviation. The safety hazards of electric vehicles are often not formed by a car. It will give other vehicles to other vehicles. Bringing “Flying Causes”, and a traffic accident on the road, it will also affect the traffic order and efficiency of the entire road. Therefore, the hidden safety hazards of “killing” are actually better than this car owner’s understanding. More serious, from this perspective, the practicality of giving up the auxiliary tools such as windshield and parasols is not worth it.

It is not worth it is actually a question that the benevolent sees the wisdom.


So, you think that giving up the practicality of the windshield and parasol to avoid hidden safety hazards. Is it necessary to do this? Everyone is welcome to comment and exchange, pay attention to small experts of electric vehicles, and share information and views of electric vehicles every day.

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