Good things are new have finally started. Are these artifacts that guarantee children’s daily life?

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I have to say the busiest these days

That must be parents and friends


Near the start of school

Buying stationery, checking homework, school registration …

Also worry about work


Ya! calendar! Mountain! Big!

Fortunately, “God Beasts” returned to campus one after another

Moms and dads can finally breathe

But the group mother wants to remind everyone

There are many things that need to be prepared after school.


Especially these artifacts that guarantee children’s daily life

Are you all matched?

The so -called “one day is in the morning”

Breakfast eats well

Children and parents will be full of vitality a day!

Therefore, the first thing for breakfast artifact


Is the frying, frying, breeding, steaming, and roasting

Multifunctional integration home automatic breakfast machine

BEAR Bear, this brand, I believe everyone is no stranger to

Their small home appliances are cheap

Cost -effective


It is a good helper for many mothers to cook

The function of the general breakfast machine is the same as


Mom Mom will not repeat them one by one

Mainly talk about the intimate details of this breakfast machine

Automatically disconnect the water, prevent drying when frying and steaming

Wide -mouth card slot, bread of different thickness can be baked

Pull the pull -up set below, easily extract


It can easily remove bread chips in time

Save the precious time in the morning for the busy mother

I also decorate a sense of ritual for delicate life

I will find it after having a child

The intention of being a mother is understanding

How can I eat it to make children grow taller? better?

have to say

Children who eat more pasta are usually strong

Coupled with a lot of family habits to eat pasta in the morning

Then there is a fool -style kneading machine

You can save the time and energy of hand -kneading noodles

Make a hurry morning

You can also have a variety of vitality breakfast!

5 liters exceed large capacity

You can evenly rub 5 pounds of flour

What is this concept?

You can make 100 buns or 20 steamed buns

Or 5 big toast bread!


Can set two programs at the same time and fermentation

There is no need to have any operations in the middle


You can quickly rub out the “Three Light” dough in 15 minutes

And even the cold winter


Inside is also 35-40 ℃ constant temperature

Short -facing time, very energetic

It is a family who like pasta

Do not miss the good kitchen things ~


Mother group has a habit since she was a child

Eat a boiled egg every morning

I used to cook it by my parents

Now I cook it by myself, I found it


Small boiled eggs are actually “troublesome”

A large pot of water from cold water to boil it takes a long time


Fire hard to master

I often don’t get familiar with it, or it is difficult to swallow

If you cook too much at a time

Eggs are inevitable to bump in the pot

Turn into a pot of egg flower soup …


This egg cooking egg


Fool -like operation, steam with one click

No need to worry about time at all

Electric power off at time


And not only can you cook eggs

Steamed corn, sweet potato, buns, dumplings

Not talking about it

Easily get your child’s breakfast!

High -quality nap

It is also important for children’s growth

But there is no bed in the classroom to lying flat

Lying on the table for a long time to sleep

It’s not good for breathing and it is particularly easy to numb


How can I make my child sleep comfortably in the noon?


Nap Emperor -lying on the pillow to understand


Hugging nap, in line with ergonomics

Memory Blind Fabric

Do not press the arm, trace the natural sleeping position

It can also make children sleep comfortably

Children’s & adult model, choose according to the height of the child

Half a nap for half an hour, spiritual afternoon!

Since the child is going to take the school

Portable light is also a major factor that parents need to consider

Different from the above lying pillow is


This folding lying sleeping pillow can be stored and folded

Plastic shell is equivalent to a protective cover for pillows


There is only one lunch box size to store

Don’t worry about falling on the ground or dirty

It does not occupy the position in the schoolbag

To ensure safety and hygiene

Many schools now ask children to bring their own lunch boxes

Go to school cafeteria


It is easy to prepare for the easy -to -use lunch box!


First, different from ordinary stainless steel lunch boxes

The material of this split lunch box

It is an antibacterial stainless steel studied invented by the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Anti -bacterial rate is as high as 99.9%

It is also resistant to high temperature, which can be heated

Second, a large capacity

Four grids can be filled with 1200ml of food

Also comes with embedded tableware box

With the original stainless steel chopstick spoon

Do not need public tableware, it also guarantees independent hygiene

Finally, silicone sealing ring+bilateral buckle

Double protection anti -drip leak


Don’t worry about the soup will be sprinkled in the schoolbag

Parents who are choosing a lunch box for their children

You can add it to the shopping cart ~

What are the most commonly prepared in the baby’s family?

Pencil, rubber, workbook


And … water cup!

The weather is getting colder, it’s time to choose the insured cup for the child

May wish to see this one

Children’s three -purpose insulation cup

316 stainless steel+imported silicone and other 7 layers of insulation technology


12 -hour long -term insulation

Hold down the opening key for 2-3 seconds

Can instantly exhaust and release the internal pressure of the cup

Preventing air pressure to cause burn and burn injury to children

The cup body is light, only 150g

Will not cause too much burden on children

The key cup is large, it is very convenient to clean it

There are three different cups to choose from

Plant cover/direct drink cover/inverted water cover

What kind of way of drinking water to drink when children are used to

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