What can I wear if I don’t want to wear a T -shirt in summer? Short -sleeved shirts this summer, simple and generous

What are the necessary fashion items for a hot summer day? So in addition to T -shirts, it is necessary to say a shirt, simple and fashionable. Different types of shirts can be paired with different effects. Here, the matching of several short -sleeved shirts that this summer is over -fire is compiled. Women who like to match can look at it.

Short -sleeved shirts are definitely a high -end appearance rate in early summer. The seemingly simple basic model can create a lot of fashionable Look. The loose version is full of casualness. There will be no restraint fabrics, which are not limited to most figures. The three -dimensional collar neckline is small and looks more neat.

The slightly falling shoulder lines to modify the shoulder lines, giving people a lazy and casual feeling. Below sneakers or canvas shoes are very beautiful. Basic white is necessary.


In addition to the basic loose shirts, there are many different styles of shirts, such as French shirts, Japanese shirts and so on. This year’s retro port is popular, and the effect of small V -neck long neck lines.


The length of the short version of the shirt is just the thinnest position of the waist, and the jeans can create a visual effect of long legs and tall. The shirt with jeans, the Hong Kong wind is very classic. You don’t need much skills to wear, you can make this ordinary short -sleeved shirt more accent.

White shirts are too common. Of course, fashionable people will not be satisfied with this. The bold and avant -garde Fan Er shirt is really bright. However, such colorful clothes are more picky, and the fashion driving power is not strong enough to wear earth and villages, but the matching is right, fashionable and advanced.


Chiffon fabric is light, suitable for summer wear, and it is not easy to wrinkle. Deep and shallow contrasting small grid, special personality, standard lapel single buckle, classic and durable.

The shirt has a strong sense of design. Both the figure and the drawing rope are special. The low -key and intellectual light -colored vertical stripes, with the beautiful and eye -catching lake blue drawers, are fashionable and spiritual at once.


The difference between it and the traditional shirt is that there are more plasticity. It can show different shapes by freely adjusting the loosening of the drawing rope. It can be easily switched with loose and slim -fit. same.

Put on a bubble sleeve shirt and immediately become Princess Disney, but this style of shirt is only suitable for narrow shoulders. If you try this style shirt with width, it is easy to make it clumsy and look more strong, but this kind of bubble sleeve sleeves It can cover the arm to worship the meat and visually to modify the arms lines.


The loose shirt version, the lower body is used to repair the body as much as possible, the overall line looks more coordinated and balanced. For example, wearing a straight skirt, a little more intellectual in the cuteness.

How can short -sleeved shirts stick to a style and boldly try other styles. Obviously it is a plaid shirt for French rural wind, but the ruffled side design is too fashionable. The combination of lotus leaf edges and contrasting colors collar has a wonderful chemical reaction, so that wearing more layered and sweetness, the shoulder pad can modify the shoulder shape.

Black and white shirts can also wear a sweet sense. If the shirt is dazzling enough, the other items of other mats are as simple as possible. As long as you wear one key point, too much will be cumbersome and complicated.

What can I wear if I don’t want to wear a T -shirt in summer? The short -sleeved shirt this summer is simple and generous. Short -sleeved shirt items are also very easy to wear in summer, so do n’t miss the wild items, so it is worth trying.

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