What artifacts are in the shopping cart of young people?

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“Artifact” originally refers to the instruments used by fairy in mythology and legends. Most of these artifacts have magical functions. Today, the magical concept is generalized, and there are more and more “artifacts” in young people’s lives.

For example, in the editorial group of DT Jun, the emoji package of the scratching penguin below can be called “office emoticon package artifact”. Whether it is the leader’s nail bombing or the chat between colleagues, this emoji can be calmly cope.

Whether it is opening Xiaohongshu, Douban, Zhihu, Station B, or Taobao, it is very common to recommend “artifacts”. For example, makeup has a plain artifact, there are travel artifacts when they go out, and at the end of the year, there are various anti -sky artifacts.

In order to find the most popular artifacts, and why everyone needs these artifacts, we use the “artifact” as the keywords. We have went to know with Taobao and found in more than 22,000 data. Pain point.

1. What are the artifacts for everyone most concerned?

In the old saying, if you want to be good at work, you must first benefit your instrument.

In order to open the pattern and accurately seize the needs of young people, we first collected the question of “artifacts” on Zhihu, and found that the top 5 of the most mentioned times were light leg artifacts, software artifacts, home furnishings, home furnishings, home furnishings, home furnishings, home furnishings, and home furnishings. , Storage, kitchen artifact.

In other words, the artifacts that everyone cares about most and most needs from the three major scenes:

Personal use/experience, home life, work.


Among all artifacts, light leg artifacts are top flow.

As a necessary life -saving leggings wearing skirts and shorts in winter, light -legged artifacts are not only asked the most times, but also have various angles. From which store can buy real light leg artifacts, how to wear light leg artifacts, and then whether boys can wear, which one should buy …

It can also be seen from the product keywords obtained from Taobao’s “Light Leg Artifacts” that a good light leg artifact must not only keep warm and thin, but also simulate naturally.

For example, the keywords “plus velvet” and “thickened” reflect the most basic self -cultivation of each light leg artifact; and keywords such as “meat color”, “naked”, “thin”, etc., which means that for light leg artifacts Real test. Those who wear fake white and change their prosthesis will be expelled from the “gods”.

2. Home artifact: Although the sparrows are small, the five internal organs are all available

As a product that meets the needs of consumers, the characteristics also represent the pain points of consumers. What pain points do people have in home life?

Our 4 major types of artifacts in the above life scenarios- ——

Home artifacts, storage artifacts, kitchen artifacts and dormitory artifacts

For keywords, search on Taobao and sort from high to the end according to sales, and get TOP5 keywords of different types of artifact products.

From these keywords, we have seen that it is not easy for contemporary workers to rent a house, but also everyone’s desire for low -cost transformation.

First of all, in addition to home artifacts, the other three types of artifacts have “exemption” and “multifunctional” keywords. Furnishing artifacts appear keywords such as “small department stores” and “Daquan”.

In this regard, no matter which type of artifact, a major premise is that it cannot destroy the original residence.

Whether it is a student living in a school dormitory or a worker who rents a house, punching on the walls, cabinets, and ceiling is the righteousness of the hostel and the landlord. And if it is a girl, there is no electric diamond tool, it is difficult to operate. Therefore, as long as you stick to one stick, the “non -punch -free” artifact is the most affordable worker and the student party.


On the other hand, keywords such as “multifunctional”, “Daquan” and “small department stores” indicate that everyone wants

The artifact can “use more things” and increase the cost -effectiveness of items in disguise.

After all, the monthly salary of ordinary workers, you and I know. Remove the big head expenditure of rent, hydropower, and transportation. If you want to save money every month, all consumption must be considered. How to spend money on the blade, and even a piece of money can solve multiple problems, every worker wants to do it.

In addition, the keywords of “drawers” also appear in storage artifacts and dormitory artifacts. The keywords of “wall -mounted” appear in the storage artifact. It shows that many home artifacts are concentrated in the storage of wardrobes and desks, and they must not only increase storage space in limited places, but also facilitate usual use in order to be called YYDS.

Judging from the above home artifacts, you can find it

“The house is rented, but life is not” although it is very old, but it is still established in the hearts of many migrant workers.

The house is small and the landlord’s rules are many, but it is still the residence of workers. Even if it is only temporary, the worker does not want to fool it casually. Therefore, the workers have a need for these “artifacts”, so that they can also “wear shackles and dance” in the rules and regulations. They have a small world with “sparrows small, but the five internal organs”.

3. Office artifact: The station is the second “home”

The workers who stayed in the office for more than 8 hours a day, in addition to home artifacts, also need work artifacts.

From the perspective of the 4 major working artifacts collected,

Working artifacts can be divided into two categories: offline and offline. Online artifacts are mainly software artifacts and PPT artifacts, while offline artifacts are office artifacts and stationery artifacts.

Although a considerable part of the software artifacts are specially used by micro -business drainage and accurately obtain customer sources, there are also some software artifacts to improve the efficiency of workers. For example, the CAD drawing artifact that is necessary for indoor designers can not only install it with one click, but also complete a variety of designs after installation.

PPT artifact is more

Primary school teachers are used in classroom courseware


Essence “Interaction”, “Lucky” and “Games” are keywords for PPT templates. “It is difficult to make elementary school students sitting obediently for 45 minutes. Their attention is easy to disperse, so they need to borrow a little game to attract them.” The autumn and autumn (pseudonym) who currently serves as a second -year teacher in elementary school tells us, “And 1 It can only be used 3 times in a game, and they are tired of playing a few times, so they need this packaged PPT game template collection, and it is easy to prepare lessons. “

In offline artifacts, the office artifacts and stationery artifacts reflect the decentness and exquisiteness of workers to work.

Even if people are in the office, they must be as comfortable at home. So we can see that the keywords of the “nap” in the office artifact are far ahead. As long as the price of less than 200 yuan, the migrant worker can buy an office to sleep on the pillow or a simple folding bed in an office. In the afternoon of the blood sugar rising, a perfect noon is harvested.

In addition to sleeping comfortably, the environment of work should also look good. As DT Jun’s table said,

“Although the work is very bitter, the working environment must be good.”

Therefore, the light people wanted a neat, interesting, high -value “station table”, and “dedicated”, “creativity”, “cute”, and these keywords were logically lined with TOP3.

From the blind box to the plant pot, from the placement of the placement to the color system, every inch desktop of the workers must be placed in a well -organized and scattered.

Especially now that it is almost New Year, a station with only mouse, keyboards and computers is very dangerous -it is easy to be mistaken by boss and colleagues, and it is still the one who runs the year -end award.

At the end


Regardless of life or work, young people want to solve the problem through “artifacts” and give themselves a better experience.

To use “artifact” at home to make good use of each space, those who can go to the wall will never take up the desktop position; in the company, use “artifact” to improve the efficiency of work, make the “bitterness” simpler, and make the mood of working at work too. Easy.

Although every time you look at the young people’s circle of friends, you smile (the next day when EMO wakes up to delete the next day), is everyone’s life really smooth? In fact, it may not be necessary.

It is just that young people are willing to suffer, and they are more willing to find ways to make themselves not so hard in their ability.

Life, the most important thing is happiness. What do you say?

This article comes from WeChat public account: DT Finance (ID: dtcaijing), author, data: Dong Daoli, editor: Zheng Xiaohui, Tang Yeqin, design: Qi Tongzheng

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