DT SWISS PRC 1100 ultra -light highway disc brake group foreign media evaluation

DT SWISS PRC 1100 DICut Mon Chasseral is expensive, but it provides excellent quality and riding experience. The most intuitive advantage is that it has a very light weight and support the vacuum tire system. The disadvantage is price and conservative design. The maximum supports only support 25mm tires. Mon Chasseral is the highest peak of the Rulas Mountains outside the DT Switzerland headquarters and the factory, which means that this wheel group is suitable for climbing players.

DT SWISS PRC 1100 DICut Mon Chasseral Specifications and details: Use a 24mm frame high wheels with a width of 18mm. DT SWISS indicates that this is a width of 25mm tire optimization. DT SWISS does not optimize any pneumatic aspects of this wheel set, and the design and technical focus is on the weight. Like all DT SWISS highway series, Mon Chasseral supports vacuum tires. When some manufacturers have transferred to hookless rim design, DT SWISS still insists on hook wheels, which means that you can still use standard tires.

DT Swiss PRC 1100超轻公路碟刹轮组外媒评测

Mon Chasserals uses DT SWISS’s flagship 180 flower drum internal structure. This is the lightest flower drum in the brand series. It is installed with ceramic bearings and has a very low rolling resistance. Slender and minimalist design, and the mid -locking plate is installed. It is worth noting that some shimano lock rings cannot be installed on this flower drum. In this case, you need to match the lock ring in DT SWISS.

The rear flower drum uses DT’s latest EXP spiny wheel structure. DT claims that the iterative product is lighter, durable and rigid, and the new model is easier to maintain. However, comprehensive maintenance is still a bit complicated, and special flower keys need to disassemble the ring nuts on the bearing. You can refer to the latest official website explanation. The spoke bars adopt a T -head AERO COMP spoke bars and fix it with a hidden aluminum -spoke cap. This non -standard T head is used, which means that the spoke bars are not easy to rotate, but this dedicated component is slightly troublesome during emergency maintenance.

The weight of the Mon Chasserals wheel group is very close to the weight of the official nominal nominal. The weight of the tire pad is 1266g, and the gas mouth is about 8g.

During the test, use different tires to test, and the 28mm Schwalbe One TLE and Continental 32mm Grand PRIX 5000 TL. Although DT SWISS recommends supporting 25mm, in this era, the size of the tires will only become wider and wider. When installed, it is found that there is a slight “bulb” shape on the side, and this effect is more obvious on the 32 mm Continentals. There is no doubt that the weight of the wheel group is hundreds of grams. When you step on your upside, you feel very light and flexible.

When using the wheel set riding in the real pavement, foreign media used the Specialized Rlesbaix model as a long -term test vehicle. After matching the Mon Chasserals wheel group, as you want the road feel of the ultra -light wheel group, the fine -grained vibration of the road may disappear. When you start, you will find that the lightweight wheel set is easy and dynamic. Although the wheels are light, there is no feeling of lack of rigidity in the measured measurement.

For the rear flower drum, the dt SWISS’s spiny wheel structure produces a unique sound, making it recognizable when slipping. The use of vacuum tires with a vacuum tire, which is very low. Although the rim is not the design of the fat circle, when the 28mm tire and weigh 53kg, the front wheel 52PSI /rear wheel 58PSI is set. There is no problem to use.

Foreign media said that although this wheel group is very beautiful and the performance is good, it is suspected that who will really buy it because they only target a small part of the market, so it is difficult to arouse the desire of ordinary users to buy them. If you pay great attention to weight and want to enjoy the benefits of vacuum tire wheels, and you are not very concerned about pneumatic performance, then it is a good choice. Although it was just 200-300g lighter than the pneumatic wheel, even the recent newly launched ZIPP 303 Firecrest as an example. 303 is obviously wider (inner width of 25mm), more pneumatic, increased by less than 100g, and cheaper 1,000 pounds. The price left and right.

DT Swiss PRC 1100超轻公路碟刹轮组外媒评测

Finally, the DT Swiss PRC 1100 DICUT MON Chasserral is 2649.99 euros. If you do need it, you can pay attention.

DT Swiss PRC 1100超轻公路碟刹轮组外媒评测

Foreign media conclusion

Mon Chasserals is very expensive. Whether it is meaningful in terms of performance is still linked, but the excellent cycling quality it provides is indisputable.

DT Swiss PRC 1100超轻公路碟刹轮组外媒评测

Advantages: Advanced components, clues weight, simple vacuum tire installation, good all -round riding quality

Disadvantages: Price, optimized for only 25mm tires, conservative specifications

DT Swiss PRC 1100超轻公路碟刹轮组外媒评测

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